Best RAM for i9-11900K CPUs

Best RAM for i9 11900K

We all know how RAM makes a big difference in performing tasks and other functions. Not only the memory kit will save your data temporarily on your, but it also helps the computer to read and write. If you are reading this article, you must be in search of the Best RAMs for the i9 … Read more

Best Motherboards with Thunderbolt 4 (Cheapest, Gaming, Budget)

Best Motherboard with Thunderbolt 4

The most integral part of a computer is its motherboard, as it is a point where all the components are attached. Here we are presenting you the Best Motherboards with Thunderbolt 4, which Intel recently launched. We can focus on the main things while getting a motherboard: its formation size, its chipset, its socket limit, and the … Read more

Corsair K65 Mini Cherry MX Keyboard Review

Corsair K65 Mini Cherry MX Keyboard

Corsair is the latest tech firm to get into the mini gaming keyboard trend, launching its first ever 60 per cent mechanical keyboard. The K65 RGB Mini eschews the dedicated number pad, F keys, cursor keys and so on in favor of a design that just keeps the core keys. There’s a choice of Cherry … Read more