Best 280mm AIO CPU Coolers (Radiator, Liquid, Air)

If you like playing games, then you must have a question. Do you need a best 280mm aio CPU cooler for gaming? Yeah, sure, you need a cooling system to keep your computer within operating limits of temperature, not just for playing games but also for alternative heavy operating of the computer.

Like every mechanic, the computer produces heat as a byproduct as the computer has many transistors. Usually, computers have two fans for cooling, but if they fail to remove heat, excessive heat leads to system failure. Therefore, your computer needs good ventilation. To perform this function, i9-12900k CPU coolers are available in the market.

They keep the CPU cool, and electrons flow rapidly. Computers operate at high speed because heat resistance is less. Choosing the best cooler is important, which is compatible with the thermal output of the PC. CPU coolers come in various sizes, models, and shapes.

There are three main CPU coolers categories: Air-base, Closed-loop or All-In-One coolers, Open-loop, or custom set-ups. Talking about the All-in-One or closed-loop CPU coolers, they coolers are a bit more well-regulated than air-based cooling systems.

This is due to the reason that the thermal conductivity of water is more than that of air. An All-In-One water cooler fan system impedes the demand for more fans because it is sufficient to cool down your CPU. As hardly any fans are attached, its system operates quietly without producing much noise to avoid any distraction.

AIOs do not require the complex fitting and cutting of custom tubes. AIOs have now become unsusceptible to leaks over the years. Manufacturing materials of nearly all AIOs are copper and aluminum; both are hard and strong, are good conductors, and are corrosion resistant.

They give your system a long lifespan. Regarding radiators, AIO liquid CPU coolers come with many capacities of the radiator. The radiator is obligatory for the transfer of heat from one medium to another one.

The capacities of radiators vary, but radiators with 280 to 420mm capacity are best in their function. Here are the features described of some best 280mm AIO CPU cooling systems. Have a look below to decide which cooling system suits you best.

List of Best 280mm aio cpu cooler

  1. Corsair ‎CW-9060044-WW iCUE H115i CPU Liquid Cooler
  2. NZXT Kraken 280mm AIO CPU Liquid Cooler
  3. Thermaltake Floe AIO Liquid Cooler
  4. EVGA CLC 280mm AIO LED Liquid CPU Cooler
  5. ARCTIC ‎ACFRE00066B Liquid Freezer All-in-One CPU AIO Water Cooler
  6. Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML280 AIO CPU Liquid Cooler
  7. DEEP COOL Castle 280EX AIO Liquid CPU Cooler

1- Corsair iCUE H115i CPU Liquid Cooler

Corsair ‎CW-9060044-WW iCUE H115i CPU Liquid Cooler

CPU works within certain limits of temperature. But while operating, it generates heat which hinders normal functioning. So for the best working of PC, the CPU cooler is required. CPU cooler. CPU coolers are devices designed to remove extra heat from your system. Corsair iCUE H115i Liquid CPU cooler is one of the best 280mm AIO CPU coolers due to its liquid-based cooler.

This CPU cooler is liquid-based. The liquid is far more reliable than air as it conducts the heat away from your computer more efficiently and fast. In addition, a liquid cooling system is more reliable as it reduces the noise up to 36db by lowering the need for fans.

A radiator is a gadget that disperses heat from a medium to the surrounding air using the convection method. The radiator of Corsair iCUE H115i Liquid CPU cooler is provided with a 280mm radiator which is large enough to remove extra heat from the computer.

This CPU Cooler is All-In-One and facilitated with two 140mm magnetic levitation fans, efficient enough to deliver utmost airflow for extreme cooling of the system to enhance performance. The pump head of this CPU cooler is coupled with 16 RGB LED lights to give a stunning light effect to your system.

The fans’ speeds can be adjusted with the help of pulse width modulation from 400 to 2800 RPM. When your system is not producing much heat, its fans can be stopped entirely to zero RPM. The stopping of the fan also reduces noise.

2- NZXT Kraken 280mm AIO CPU Liquid Cooler

NZXT Kraken 280mm AIO CPU Liquid Cooler

When you work a lot on a computer, it generates heat that is harmful to the system’s proper functioning. So, cooling your gaming CPU is very important if you are building a system. There are many choices, but NZXT Kraken AIO RGB CPU Liquid Cooler can be your best partner. This cooler is an AIO CPU liquid-based cooler to provide you with extreme cooling. 

liquid is a cooling medium in NZXT Kraken AIO CPU Liquid-based Cooler. The liquid-based cooling system is now preferred because of the best conductance of heat from the CPU to other mediums. In addition, a liquid-based cooling system reduces the need for fans to disperse heat, so less noise is produced.

280mm radiator is provided in this CPU cooler to ensure silent and reliable performance, which is large enough for a large system. The radiator is the gadget that dissipates energy and transfers it outside the CPU, cools down the liquid in the cooler, and lowers the CPU’s temperature.

this CPU cooler is coupled with a Mirror design with an LED ring. This feature makes this cooler eye-catching and unique to suit your build. In addition, this CPU Cooler is easy and simple to install as it has fine nylon mesh.

NZXT Kraken CPU cooler is very easy to control with the help of CAM software. It can control the LED lighting, speed of fans, and pump with precision. In addition, NZXT Kraken 280mm AIO CPU Liquid Cooler is compatible with intel sockets, so there is no need to spend extra money on these parts separately.

3- Thermaltake Floe AIO Liquid Cooling System

Thermaltake CL-W167-PL14SW-A Floe AIO Liquid Cooler

Thermaltake Floe Dual Ring RGB AIO Liquid Cooler is the best 280mm AIO CPU Cooler. It can be your reliable choice and helping hand. It helps to dissipate energy more efficiently and fast because it is a water-based system.  to enhance the lifetime and performance of the CPU, it is necessary to keep it in the permissible temperature range.

The liquid is much more efficient in conducting heat out of the system than air, and it enables your computer to work well all the time. If you are a gamer, then your CPU can release much heat and may create a disturbance. In this scenario, a liquid-based AIO cooling system is the best cooler for your computer.

Talking about its looks, it is a unique and eye-catching model. RGB LED lights are featured on its pump head and its fans. These lights give a vibrant and beautiful effect to your system. 

This cooling system provides the best cooling performance due to its 280mm radiator to conduct heat out of the system into the air. This cooler is amongst the best AIO water cooler 280mm radiator. In addition, it helps reduce noise levels up to 27.2db.

Copper and rubber is its manufacturing material. Copper is a good conductor of heat and is temperature resistant. Due to copper, small conductors are required, and thus, little space is required for installation. Copper is also corrosion-resistant and increases the lifetime of your cooling system.

All the functioning of this cooler can be controlled accurately with software. It can control the speed of fans, pumps, and light colors. It is compatible with Intel sockets.

4- EVGA CLC 280mm AIO LED Liquid CPU Cooler

EVGA CLC 280mm AIO LED Liquid CPU Cooler

Heat is the byproduct of machines and cannot be avoided. But it also impairs the proper performance of the system. To avoid the performance issue, you can rely on one of the best 280mm AIO CPU coolers, EVGA CLC AIO CPU Liquid Cooler. Installation of the best 280mm radiator can absorb excess heat and disperse it away from the system.

Electronic devices tend to get hot. Liquid coolers are efficient as compared to air-based coolers To maintain CPUs at a specific temperature. This is an affordable yet powerful AIO liquid cooler.

A radiator is responsible for the dispersion of heat from the CPU. It cools down the liquid in the system and, in turn, your system. Its radiator is powerful enough to enhance the performance of the CPU.

One of the benefits of the liquid cooling system is that it reduces the need for more fans. The speed of fans can be increased up to 2200 RPM and lowered to 600 RPM. The lower speed of fans also gives a noise-free and quieter performance by lowering the noise level to 39.5db. 

This cooling system gives beautiful and unique LED lights to suit your computer. The body of the cooler is made of copper. Copper decreases the requirements of large conductors, as it is a good conductor of heat. So, the cooler occupies less space.

The LED lights and speed of the fan and pump noise level can be easily monitored and managed with the help of software. This cooling system is compatible with Intel sockets and upcoming variants.

5- ARCTIC Liquid Freezer All-in-One CPU AIO Water Cooler

ARCTIC ‎ACFRE00066B Liquid Freezer All-in-One CPU AIO Water Cooler

Different machines and computers produce heat as a subsidiary product. If excessive heat is produced from the CPU working, it can slow down your system, affect different parts of the computer, and lessen the lifespan of computers.

ARCTIC Liquid Freezer II AIO Water Cooler is your best companion to nail down this problem. It is one of the best 280mm AIO CPU coolers, best for heavy systems.

The liquid cooler is made of copper. Copper is highly conductive to remove heat. Copper is lightweight and corrosion-resistant. Its tubes are coated to prevent leaking. This cooler is painted in black, and its different features make it unique and eye-catching. The liquid cooler provides extreme cooling due to its large cool plate, 280mm radiator, fans, and pump.

This cooler scatters heat away from your system because it is water based and water conducts heat fast. In addition, using water as a cooling medium reduces the need for more fans. Thus, ARCTIC Liquid Freezer II helps lower the noise and is trustworthy for silent performance. 

This cooler works efficiently as less power is consumed. When the computer is not producing enough heat, ARCTIC Liquid Freezer II runs at less voltage by switching off its extra fans. When the CPU releases excess heat, it still works at lower power because an extra 40mm fan is also available to provide extreme cooling. All the cables are integrated into one tube to avoids unusual mess.

6- Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML280 AIO CPU Liquid Cooler

Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML280 AIO CPU Liquid Cooler

Talking about the maintenance of computer health, removing extra heat is an important factor for the proper functioning of the CPU. Computers and PC release heat while operating; to remove this extra heat, Cooler Master AIO CPU Liquid Cooler can nail it down because of its liquid-based cooling system. It can be your best choice because it works efficiently to dissipate heat and allow the system to work fast.

If you like playing games, your GPU and CPU must be at lowered temperature regardless of the workload. The radiator scatters the heat out of the CPU and lowers the temperature of the system. Cooler Master has the best 280mm radiator with more surface area due to fins to remove heat. 

Cooler Master cooler is liquid-based to provide a noise-free operation because its extreme cooling system reduces the need for extra fans. So, you are not disturbed by the loud noises of coolers while working.This cpu is perfect for i7-12700K cooler.

Cooler Master is equipped with a dual-chamber pump to increase performance and efficiency. The exterior design of the cooler has a 140mm sickle flow 2-tier fan which is anti-dust to give the quiet and perfect performance.

This cooler is made of high industrial-grade aluminum. Aluminum is well known for its conducting and corrosion-resistant property to prolong the life of your system. The installation of the Master Cooler is painless and occupies less space. The pump heads with the infinity mirror look beautiful. RGB lights give a vibrant and eye-catching lightening effect.

7- DEEP COOL Castle 280EX AIO Liquid CPU Cooler

DEEP COOL Castle 280EX AIO Liquid CPU Cooler

The brain of the computer is the CPU. CPU does not work properly if it is overheated. Therefore, the CPU must have a trustworthy cooler to avoid permanent failure and performance issues.

CPU cooler drains the extra heat of the system and maintains its temperature to ensure the stable performance of your system. To solve this problem, you can consider DEEP COOL Castle Liquid CPU Cooler as one of the best 280mm AIO coolers. 

Radiators are the mean of heat exchange from CPU to air by convection. This liquid CPU cooler is liquid-based to provide efficient heat removal and noise-free performance. The cooler’s radiator is 280mm with a large surface area provided by its fins for fast removal of heat outside the CPU.

The stuff used in the making of this cooler is copper, which increases the lifespan of your system due to its corrosion-resistant property. Moreover, tubes are also coated to prevent leakage. 

Anti-leak technology helps to minimize leakage and regulate the pressure of coolant for safe operation. In addition, DEEP COOL Castle Liquid CPU Cooler provides extreme cooling due to its two 140mm PWM fans to deliver improved cooling.

The cooler looks more unique and suites your system because of the RGB lights on the pump head and features the swappable logo for a unique look. Talking about performance, the DEEP COOL Castle 280EX cooler is a trustworthy companion. The cooler is compatible with different sockets, including Intel. This cooler is a good choice because it supports all AMD processors.

Best 280mm AIO CPU Coolers Buying Guide:

There are some quick buying tips to choose the best 280mm AIO CPU cooler, which will work best for your computer, suits your computer build-up, and is compatible with the thermal output of the computer.

High Efficiency of System: 

If you are thinking about installing a cooling system on your gaming PC, you should consider the high efficiency of the cooling system. Water is more efficient because it is a good conductor of heat and transfers heat faster than any other medium. It also gives you extra edges such as reliability, lifespan, and finer performance as AIOs CPU cooling systems dispel heat rapidly. 

A Noise-free cooling system: 

Suppose you are a gamer or work in an office and have a huge operating system. In that case, you should install an AIO water cooling system to avoid disturbance because water is more effective in heat dispersion, so extra fans are not essential for effective functioning. In addition, this may lessen noise and give you a quieter cooling system. 


You must think about your budget before buying a cooling system. For example, if your computer system is compact and has low thermal output, you should have a low radiator capacity with the AIO water cooling system. Radiators are programmed to increase the performance as they remove extra heat released by your PC. 

Less Space:

Some of the cooling systems have large capacity radiators, requiring more space for their installation. If you have a large enough system in a larger space, you can use 280mm or higher radiator capacity. But if you are operating your system at home, you can buy an AIOs cooling system with smaller radiators and a powerful cooling plate.

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