List of Best 8K Monitors (Gaming, Computer, Office, Dell, Samsung, Asus, LG) in

There are only few best 8K monitors available in the market in 2021. 8K monitor for gaming, computer and office use. 8K resolution is a new proposition for image quality.

Since 4K offers 4 times more quality compared to previous resolutions, 8K therefore offers even more. However, since 8K has just been released, media compatible with it are still very rare and expensive.

By the time these media can properly adopt this new resolution, the price will have fallen and this model will be easily accessible, like the current 4K. It is therefore necessary to replace 4K by 8K high resolution monitors for more quality, but the best is to wait for all media to adopt it.

Do you want to buy an 8K screen? Choosing which 8K display monitor to buy is not an easy task, since a large number of factors and technical characteristics influence this choice. We are in 2020 and the perfect time has come to start using an 8K computer monitor to jump to a higher resolution (if you come from a FullHD one).

Most of the population still has FullHD screens, ideal for watching YouTube videos or Netflix series in this resolution, and for many it is the ideal resolution to play games. But if you are already thinking of buying a new monitor, it is time to take a leap forward, for this I have selected the  best 8K monitors  that you can buy at this precise moment.

To make the choice of your new 8K monitor easier, I have divided the ranking into different sections, this way you can buy the best cheap 8K monitor, focus on the design instead of the price, or go for the best ones for Gaming.

List of Best 8K Monitor

These are the best 8k monitors available in the market to buy. Dell 8K monitor, Samsung, Asus and LG 8K Displays.

  1. DELL UltraSharp UP3218K LED Display
  2. Samsung QP82R-8K
  3. Samsung QP98R-8K

1. DELL UltraSharp UP3218K 8K LED Display

DELL UltraSharp UP3218K 8K LED Display

The Dell UltraSharp UP3218K Monitor is the industry’s first 8K Ultra HD ultrawide monitor. It arouses curiosity, but also some questions as to the interest of such a definition on a screen of only 32 inches. This is the opportunity to answer questions.

The Dell UltraSharp UP3218K monitor has a 32-inch (≈82 cm) IPS panel displaying an 8K Ultra HD definition of 7680 x 4320 px at 60 Hz. It uses an Edge Led backlighting system using a single bar of LEDs located at the base of the slab. This monitor displays a whopping 33.2 Mpx, four times more than an Ultra HD (8.3 Mpx) monitor, and the resolution thus reaches 275 ppi.

The UltraSharp UP3218K monitor doesn’t really have a direct competitor in the market. Regarding connectivity, the Dell UP3218K is satisfied with two DisplayPort inputs used simultaneously to display an 8K Ultra HD image of 7680 x 4320px.

There are also four USB 3.0 ports and a mini-jack audio output. There are no built-in speakers. We would have liked HDMI inputs so that we could display multiple Ultra HD sources at the same time.

Like many manufacturers, Dell has chosen a series of buttons placed on the lower edge to make the settings. The menus are clear, but the placement of the buttons still requires a real brain gymnastics to access the various settings. We still prefer the joystick present at Asus, Philips or AOC, which is much more intuitive.


As with the 4K and 4K Ultra HD definitions, we distinguish between the 8K Ultra HD definition, which results in a display of 7,680 x 4,320 px, and the 8K definition (four times the 4K Cinema definition), which displays an 8,192 x 4,320px image.

The Dell UP3218K monitor does indeed display 8K Ultra HD definition. We have tried to play in 8K, but it is of little interest, especially on a diagonal of only 32 inches. Second problematic point, a GeForce GTX 1080 Ti – which handles 4K / UHD gaming very well – is not yet powerful enough for 8K / UHD gaming.

This screen is therefore reserved for image professionals. 4K editing enthusiasts can display four videos in native definition simultaneously, and photo enthusiasts will enjoy a resolution close to that of printing on paper (300 dpi).

2. Samsung QP82R-8K Screen

Samsung QP82R-8K Screen

Samsung QLED 8K QPR series displays deliver content in exceptional quality.

Artificial intelligence upscalling technology enables accurate and realistic images to be broadcast, revolutionizing the spectator experience.

Samsung QLED 8K offers exceptional resolution 4 times greater than 4K UHD content and 16 times greater than that in FHD format.

With more than 33 million pixels, the QLED 8K guarantees a detailed and deep image and offers an immersive experience whatever the environment. Slim and Sleek Design The slim and sleek design of the Samsung QLED 8K blends seamlessly into customer environments.

Its finesse and the slim design of its edges allow the QPR to be mounted very close to the wall, thus ensuring a clean installation that will adapt to the layout you want to give to your space.

The built-in MagicINFO S7 player, supported by the powerful TIZEN system, enhances the overall power of the screen and supports scaling of 8K content.

3. Samsung QP98R-8K

Samsung QP98R-8K

Samsung is offering two new 82 “and 98” QLED displays with spectacular 8K resolution . These are 33 million pixels that offer a quality 4 times higher than a 4K UHD monitor.

The QPR series guarantees a detailed and deep image thanks to the 8K resolution (7680 x 4320 pixels) . 16 times greater than FHD, 8K offers 33 million pixels .

The Quantum 8K processor features scaling to further improve display quality. This artificial intelligence upscaling technology is a machine that compares thousands of images to correct details on the images presented.

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