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We’ve have found top rated best air fryer for consumer in 2021 for you. One of the biggest challenges for me when changing my type of diet was to stop all the frying, I must admit that fried food is delicious, but, if you think about all the damage that this generates to health, the best thing will always be to avoid it.

Saturated fat, excess calories and even the mess that frying any food in the conventional way leaves in the kitchen, all are things that I try to avoid, so I started looking for alternatives and I have found the best fryer without oil, a total pass.

Air fryers are an excellent option to prepare much healthier recipes, without fat and in a totally delicious way. So get ready to meet this appliance that will surely make you freak out.

A hot air fryer is a kitchen equipment that allows you to cook food with little or even no oil, with a little more cooking time than a traditional fryer, but thanks to its benefits it is worth the wait and the investment. .

Choosing between the different models on the market does not have to become a complicated task, by looking at their main characteristics such as: power, capacity, temperature control and frying time, they will take you in the best direction. On the contrary, if you prefer to fry with oil, you can always choose a conventional fryer .

Of course, a little help never hurts, so in the following comparison we will show you incredible options, both in price and in good quality.

List of Best Air Fryers for Consumer with Ratings

  1. Philips Air Fryer HD9220 / 20
  2. Tefal Actifry 2 in 1 Deep Fryer Yv9601 1550w LCD Timer
  3. Philips Premium Airfryer XXL with Fat Removal Technology
  4. COSORI Air Fryer 1700-Watt Electric Hot Air Fryers
  5. Innsky Air Fryer, 5.8 Quart, 1700-Watt Electric Stainless Steel Air Fryers
  6. VPCOK 3.7-Quart XL Power Air Fryer
  7. Ninja Air Fryer that Cooks, Crisps and Dehydrates

1. Philips Air Fryer HD9220 / 20

Philips Air Fryer HD9220 - 20

Like all appliances of this type, the Philips Air Fryer HD9220 / 20 goes far beyond a simple healthy fryer, allowing you to grill, bake and toast a wide variety of dishes.

The bowl can be divided into two by one piece, to cook certain foods separately.

It has time and temperature control in the form of a thread : up to 30 minutes and 200 degrees. When the timer skips the fryer emits an audible warning and shuts off automatically.

The food basket is very ergonomic and comfortable to hold . If food needs to be stirred, simply remove the bucket and flick your wrist to shake the basket. No need to smear a spoon or fork.

A small detail that will make your life much easier is the cable reel . As in most appliances of this type, the cable is not very long (0.8 m) but it is not really intended for use and storage, but rather to keep it fixed in a corner of the kitchen.

Precisely for this reason, it is appreciated that they have taken care of the design, much more beautiful and clean than the typical oil fryer .

It includes a recipe book and the possibility to download the free Philips Airfryer application , with more than two hundred step-by-step guided recipes, ranging from the most basic to the advanced level; as well as tips and tricks for cleaning and maintaining your appliance.


  • The price, less than one hundred euros.
  • There are eight pre-programmed settings depending on the food.
  • The rack allows cooking on two levels.


  • Although dishwasher safe, washing parts by hand lengthens their useful life.
  • It does not include a recipe book, but on the manufacturer’s website there is a section with ideas.

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2. Tefal Actifry 2 in 1 Deep Fryer Yv9601 1550w LCD Timer

Tefal Actifry 2 in 1 Deep Fryer Yv9601 1550w LCD Timer

The name itself already gives us the clue: the Tefal ActiFry 2 in 1 allows you to cook two dishes at the same time almost independently.

For this, the lower part works like a frying pan , for example to make the typical garnish fries, while the upper tray allows you to prepare steaks, fish or roast meat.

The two cooking zones are controlled by the digital LCD screen , which also includes four pre-programmed menus to start the engine even faster.

With a surprisingly low weight, the bucket has a large capacity and allows cooking for up to six people at a time.

The lower tray has a rotating scoop that avoids us having to open the bucket in the middle of preparation to stir the food , since being continuously rotating it guarantees a good distribution of heat and a homogeneous cooking. The upper tray does not have a scoop, but it also rotates so that the cooking reaches all parts of the food.

It also includes a spoon to dose the oil , calculating just enough to guarantee a rich and healthy cooking.

It is a very similar model to the Tefal Actifry Express Snacking , but the two-tray system is much more versatile, which justifies the price difference.


  • You can cook two different dishes at the same time.
  • You don’t have to open the bowl halfway through to stir, as the food is turning all the time.
  • The transparent lid allows you to monitor the state of the food without having to open it.


  • The price is higher than a standard fryer, but in return it offers much more performance than normal.
  • When using both trays at the same time, the food on the bottom takes a little longer to cook.

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3. Philips Premium Airfryer XXL with Fat Removal Technology

Philips Premium Airfryer XXL with Fat Removal Technology

Living up to its name, the Philips Airfryer XXL is a high capacity deep fryer , designed for large families or to organize meals with guests . For example, the bucket holds a whole chicken, or almost a kilo and a half of potatoes.

The display is digital, with 5 predetermined programs to facilitate cooking depending on the specific food. Among them is the “keep warm” function, which keeps food warm for thirty minutes, with minimal energy consumption.

But its strong point is the Twin TurboStar technology, exclusive to the brand, which turns hot air into a small tornado, making the most of the heat and achieving a crunchy texture very similar to that of an air fryer.

However, the most interesting thing is that it extracts up to 40% more fat from food than a normal oil-free fryer, achieving a much lighter and healthier kitchen. Fat is stored in the lower tray, which is embossed in a spiral shape to help move air and collect excess oil.

In addition to the quick-clean frying basket, it also includes a grill pan for vegetables, fish and meat.

In the box we find a book of simple recipes , which helps you become familiar with the machine in a very short time, and the free app provides more recipes, tricks and tutorials to get the most out of this investment.


  • Up to 40% less fat than with normal cooking.
  • Engine power speeds up your run time.
  • The Phillips Air dryer app is full of tips and tricks to get the most out of this appliance.


  • Although the operation is impeccable, for that price you miss extras such as a rack to cook on two levels.
  • If there are not many of you at home, the size may be excessive.

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4. COSORI Air Fryer 1700-Watt Electric Hot Air Fryers

COSORI Air Fryer 1700-Watt Electric Hot Air Fryers

It is an air fryer, without oil, with a capacity of up to 5.5 liters, with 11 different programs so that you can prepare loads of dishes at home.

COSORI Air Fryer has a square design that allows you to make the most of the space to cook many more food in your basket, in addition to the fact that, thanks to the great power of this fryer, it is able to heat up in seconds.

It is excellent value for money, although it is not the most affordable on the list, its large capacity, preset programs and uniform cooking make it a great investment.

It also has a timer , temperature control and a large LED technology touch screen to view the selected options.


  • 2 years warranty
  • Temperatures from 75 ° C to 205 ° C
  • Preset cooking programs
  • Dishwasher compatible

5. Innsky Air Fryer, 5.8 Quart, 1700-Watt Electric Stainless Steel Air Fryers

Innsky Air Fryer, 5.8 Quart, 1700-Watt Electric Stainless Steel Air Fryers

It is one of the air fryers with the highest capacity on the list, with 5.5 liters that will be enough to cook up to 10 servings of your favorite dishes at the same time, making it ideal for parties or family gatherings.

It has 8 preset programs, in addition to being able to set the time and temperature freely for other foods.

This air fryer has a power of 1700W, making the air heat up quickly, while other fryers require much more time.

It does not produce any type of smoke or residue, making it a great option for frying in closed spaces.


  • Cook up to 10 servings at a time
  • No need to preheat
  • Suitable for 4 to 6 people

6. VPCOK 3.7-Quart XL Power Air Fryer

VPCOK 3.7-Quart XL Power Air Fryer

Even without oil, do you consider that the use of a deep fryer should remain occasional? If you especially want to get a reliable appliance, which will allow you to prepare classic dishes, the VPCOK oil-free fryer should convince you.

The capacity may seem limited. It is also true that it is a little lower than the average for this price range. But the same cannot be said for the build quality of the machine, which compensates.

Indeed, here you have an oil-free fryer with an excellent lifespan. The manufacturer offers you a 12-month warranty. Safety has been well taken into account. Thus, the handle allows you to easily remove the drawer, without the risk of burns. The complete structure is also heat resistant.

Nice crispy texture of French fries with a healthy cooking method. The fryer is large and very easy to clean. The buttons on the screen are easy to select. I can cook healthily and above all quickly.

The appliance is black, quite pretty, and should fit well in a modern kitchen.

In the box you will find a modest booklet, containing about ten recipes: you can try them out to learn how to use the product.

However, even without it, you should be able to cook your dishes instinctively. Difficult, in fact, to find a simpler handling. Arrows allow you to set the temperature and the timer.

As for the six available programs, they can be started by pressing one of the icons. These are well chosen, there is no ambiguity.

Same thing for maintenance: it’s both quick and easy. First, you just have to remove the drawer and put water in it. Then, after leaving it to soak for a few minutes, you just have to empty and rinse: there should be no residue, or very little.

We would definitely recommend the VPCOK Oil Free Deep Fryer to couples who are not limited on the budget. Its capacity-price ratio is not the best, but it is particularly robust, very safe thanks to its good resistance to heat, and chooses a pleasant no-frills approach, which saves time.


  • One of the most intuitive models
  • Protects you well from the heat
  • Ease of maintenance


  • Capacity-price ratio

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7. Ninja Air Fryer that Cooks, Crisps and Dehydrates

Ninja Air Fryer that Cooks, Crisps and Dehydrates

You don’t want to be trapped by the programs on the device, and you prefer a less intuitive model, but which will prove more versatile in the hands of a real cord blue? The Ninja AF101 focuses on the essentials, while offering a lot of possibilities to those who learn to master it.

Instead, you have four buttons, all linked to a specific function: convection fryer, roast, reheat, or dehydrate. That’s a good idea, since it actually gives this model quite a bit of versatility.

For example, you can make strawberry or vegetable chips. Or, on the way home from work, buy your meal at a fast-food restaurant and have it reheated when you get home.

I have made chicken, pork, steak, fries and shrimp and the taste is amazing. The basket is large and easy to clean. Food is cooked quickly with little oil. Since I have this fryer I no longer use the oven at all.

Ninja has made sure that the available temperatures are suitable for this type of use. You thus benefit from a particularly marked amplitude, since you can go from 40 to 204 ° C, or 105 to 400 ° F. It is rather rare on this type of device, and extremely pleasant to vary the pleasures.

The temperatures and the timer are displayed on a mini-screen.

This product will appeal to creative people, who want to experiment and like to invent their own recipes. However, you have to admit that you will sometimes have to grope and make some mistakes. It’s up to you to see if you think the performance and freedom offered by the Ninja AF101 is worth the concession.

Here you benefit from a substantial capacity, 3.7 L, or 4 Qt, and a power of 1550 watts: you can quickly prepare a snack for a family.

Thanks to the removable and dishwasher-safe parts, cleaning is quick and presents no particular difficulty. Even if you don’t have a dishwasher, the ceramic non-stick coating on the drawer will allow you to quickly remove food scraps, just using water.


  • Reheating and dehydration
  • Rather fast, good capacity
  • Easy cleaning


  • A little longer to learn

Air frying vs. With Oil

Deep frying in large quantities of oil has become quite popular in the world of gastronomy, especially in fast food. This method, known as Deep frying, consists of introducing the food in a large quantity of boiling oil, which gives it a golden and crispy coating.

Of course, this is not the healthiest option, so alternatives have emerged to be able to enjoy this delicious food and texture, without having to face health problems.

Oil fryers provide a healthy option, they are fast, they give the same texture as frying a food and there are endless recipes that you can create to experiment with, so, with these devices, everything is to win and benefits.

What are the best foods to make in an air fryer?

The best thing about air fryers is their versatility, being able to create all kinds of dishes with the press of a button, but there are some that stand out among the preparations, being the following:


The efficiency of air fryers allows you to cook the perfect steak, with only 9 minutes at 200 ° C, you will have a piece of meat cooked without losing its juices, nor will it become too dry.


These nice pieces of toast are a classic in salads, which you can make at home by having an air fryer. These will give you the perfect and delicious crunchy touch, without having to add oils.


To be honest, what most appealed to me to buy an air fryer was the fact that I was able to prepare french fries in a healthy way and without them being dry, which had happened to me when I put them in the oven.

With these machines, it is totally possible to prepare French fries without oil, they give them the golden touch that I like so much and I can eat them without feeling guilty.


A fun touch for your children to be interested in vegetables is to make them in different ways, where these fryers will help you to make them totally delicious.


Investing in an air fryer is a good way to make fish in a healthy and delicious way, without taking away its freshness and in just minutes thanks to the high temperatures of the appliance.

Chicken wings:

Another classic dish to make fried is chicken wings, but if you do not want to suffer from the high amounts of oil that must be used, you can migrate to the use of air fryers, which will leave them just as delicious, crunchy and succulent.

Guide to buying the Best Air Fryer

What is an air fryer?

A deep fryer that fries without frying? What wonder is that? Let’s clarify some basic concepts from now on.

It really isn’t a deep fryer like the ones you’re used to, with its of recycled oil and dripping grid. The truth is that these appliances are a kind of mini ovens capable of browning food to give it the appearance of fried.

Because the truth is that frying is a culinary technique that is difficult to replace, if not impossible.

As you know, frying is cooking a food submerged in a high temperature fat, which gives the outside that pleasant golden tone that we find so attractive. Our air fryer is capable of reproducing that super palatable look. It is not a small thing, we all know to what extent it is “eaten with the eyes”, valuing food for its appearance.

It must be recognized that our “frying” without oil does not have exactly the same taste as the original, but in return it enhances that of the food in question much more . With the advantage that it eliminates all fat . If you put everything on a scale, you will see that it is worth it, and a lot, to have an air fryer for day to day.

Frying without oil … how do you do it?

Okay, here’s the catch: with air. Although there are variants between some models and others, the technology used has been more or less the same. They emit high temperature air that is distributed throughout the receptacle, a system similar to that of ovens with fans. A good appliance will keep the air circulating constantly and quickly.

Food cooks evenly and – theoretically – there is no need to flip it to get it done all over the place. In practice, our recommendation is that you give it a turn in the middle of cooking, thus ensuring that the heat is distributed throughout the food . There are some deep fryers that already stir food on their own, but if yours doesn’t, set an alarm every 10/15 minutes and do it by hand.

Take, for example, how the most typical food is prepared, which you are surely thinking of: French fries.

As we have remembered, frying, in its traditional sense, is to submerge a food in a hot fat, while what these fryers do is to cook with hot air a food that you have previously impregnated with a little oil, in a very superficial way. Thus, the characteristic golden appearance is achieved without the need to soak the food in fat.

In other words, you can use some oil, in your hand is how much you want to add or if you want to do without it completely, although that will reduce the golden color and the crunchy texture a lot. One teaspoon is enough for most dishes . Another option is to buy a spray and spray the surface of the food . We don’t have to say what you save on fat. It is up to you to limit the oil you use by more than 80%. Not bad, huh?

Things to keep in mind to choose well

All models have some peculiarity or add interesting extras, but there are a few basic things that you have to take into account to ensure a good purchase. Think carefully about your purchase so as not to pay for what you do not need and not fall short by not adding features that you are going to miss later . Attention to these points:


Take a good look at the list of functions. You have to specify that you can fry, roast, grill, bake gratin .


Be careful with this point. The more power, generally, the more charge on the electricity bill . Most models usually fluctuate between 1,100 and 1,650W.

However, there are models of a lot of power with high energy efficiency . This means that, although they spend more, they need less time to cook, so the account is balanced.


Virtually all oilless fryers have a main bucket and a traditional fryer-style basket or rack . That way, the little oil that may be left runs off into the large, easier-to-clean compartment.

When we talk about sizes, the normal thing is to refer to the large bucket , but if you use the rack, think that this capacity will be reduced a little. Between 1.5 and 3 liters is the usual measure , although for large families there are models up to 7 liters. The logical thing is to look at the volume that it supports, but there are models that give you the reference in grams: 600/800 grams of capacity could be considered suitable for two people.

Calculate according to your needs. Do not buy something huge if then you are not going to take advantage of its possibilities , it will end up being a hulk in a corner. And if you fall short you will also end up not using it. It is important that at this point you hit the nail on the head.

Easy to use

Easy to disassemble is essential, because this way you will be less lazy to disassemble it to clean it well . The tray has to be separated in a couple of steps to be comfortable. You should also check if the parts of your model are suitable for putting in the dishwasher. More comfort to keep it clean.

Virtually all oilless fryers have a very intuitive operation , either with a digital display or with screw and button mechanisms. And many have presets so you only have to hit a button.

Overall dimensions

It does not hurt to calculate how much it will occupy in the kitchen, whether you are going to have it on the counter or keep it in a closet, so you can check if it fits in the available space . Some are very compact, easy to store in small spaces, but others are quite large. Don’t be scared when I get home, like now where do I keep this? You wouldn’t be the first to get confused with this.


We have made the final, not because it is unimportant, but because it will be defined with what size and features you need. Keep in mind that this will give you a lot of joy and that it is destined to last. So you should choose a good model even if it is a little more expensive. That if your pocket allows it, of course.

Best Air Fryers Black Friday Deals 2021

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We do our best to offer you a comparison allowing you to choose the best air fryer possible. If we missed any information or new models, please feel free to leave a comment below.

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