Best AMD Radeon RX 6650 XT Graphics Card

For the maximum resolution of 4k to quench the thirst of your gaming beast, the best AMD Radeon RX 6650 XT graphics cards should be looked into. This card is basically an overclocked version of RX 6600 XT with a slight price increase up to $400. There is a 7% increase in Tom Clancy’s rainbow six extraction in the 1440p category.

Being the lower mid-range GPU, AMD has packed a punch in this package making it approachable to its targeted audience. Through various tested games, you can see this card performing better than the 6600 XT and even RTX 3060 by Nvidia. Horizon Zero Dawn in 1080p resolution is known to be at 4% faster than 6600 XT and overall 12% increase on RTX 3060.

There are other games like watch dogs: Legion, Shadow of the tomb raider and Hitman 3 etc. that have shown  better performance than both of these cards. When the results are clear, the users should know that the rest of the specs are in line and ready to be bought. Looking at the cooling system, you will see different options.

Furthermore, dual ball bearings on dual and triple fans with 0db technology keeps them running without any noise. Keeping your eyes on the ports that give you various connectivity options with Gigabyte Eagle and gaming OC. They offer you dual HDMI 2.1 as the fastest and dual display ports 1.4a to hook up 4 monitors at a time.

The rest of the features like 8GB GDDR6 memory in 128 bit interface and base clock of 2055 MHz is not changed. Some of the brands like ASRock phantom gaming D OC have tweaked the base clock to be 2192 MHz, boost clock at 2694 MHz. 

List of Top Rated Best AMD Radeon RX 6650 XT Graphics Card

  2. ASRock RX 6650 XT Phantom Gaming D OC
  3. XFX Speedster QICK308  Radeon RX 6650XT Ultra Gaming Graphics Card
  4. PowerColor Red Devil AMD Radeon RX 6650 XT Graphics Card
  5. GIGABYTE Radeon RX 6650 XT Eagle 8G Graphics Card
  6. Sapphire Nitro+ AMD Radeon RX 6650 XT Gaming Graphics Card
  7. MSI Gaming Radeon RX 6650 XT graphics card


Based on AMD’s RDNA 2 architecture, you get to enjoy the purest form of entertainment through a card like this. ASUS ROG Strix makes RX 6650 XT hold the high stature of performance and advanced cooling. A well balanced component like this one is built on cutting edge gaming prowess.

It comes with a boost clock of 2689 MHz in the OC mode whereas the game clock resides at 2467 MHz. bringing down most of the enemies in one shot is truly a pacing scenario to watch when you have the new amd gpu installed in your PC. An 8Gb GDDR6 memory type is going to keep you busy for more hours.

After passing the game clock of 2523 MHz, this card enables users to keep up the pace with the rest of the system. Keep the axial tech fan design intact for the smaller fan hub to bring larger blades in action. There is a carrier ring which will increase the pressure of air downwards.

Heat dissipation is an important aspect that should not be ignored no matter what because this feature will keep your system active and healthy. Thanks to the dual ball bearings  which will act as a sleeve bearing to last the life of the fans twice as promised. Further, the auto extreme technology is the automation of enhanced reliability.

You need to prevent the trace damage and this is made possible with protective backplate. Enjoy a relatively silent performance and automatic fan start up so you do not have to worry about the temperature rise.

2- ASRock RX 6650 XT Phantom Gaming D OC

Many people are trying to get their hands on the 6650 XT GPU since it has a lower price than other refreshed versions and has its own perks. ASRock has also jumped in the market to keep its loyal users updated with the latest trend and products. It has made this lower end card some enhancements that are worth noticing.

A stunning graphics card like this is sure to give you maximum screen fluidity to keep it flowing with rich content. Once you attach it with the rest of the system, it takes away the worries of various components like cooling and great fluid performance. It is an ideal companion for 1080p gaming at higher frame rates through 2048 stream processors.

Phantom gaming D OC has 8GB of video memory with GDDR6 type in its range giving the opportunity to knock down multiple tasks at a time. Its 3x cooling system has a metal back plate and striped axial fans. They are designed to operate at 0db giving you superior cooling without making any disturbing noise.

Moreover, a truly immersive game is possible with the support of DirectX 12 ultimate along allowing you to see dynamic realism. Keep the strong set of visuals active with AMD fidelityFX feature as Radeon image sharpening is enabled too. Not to forget about the clock speeds, this capable video card gives off 2192 MHz as the base speed.

On top of this, 2694 MHz and 2523 MHz is the boost and game clock respectively showing you the power dynamics of this GPU. using a total TDP of 175W, a 450W of PSU is recommended to fulfill the needs of the rest of the system and this device both. Speaking of outputs takes you to have HDMI 2.1 and 3 display port 1.4a lets you connect multiple monitors and other devices.

3- XFX Speedster QICK308  Radeon RX 6650XT Ultra Gaming Graphics Card

In all black packaging, your next graphics card should look like the refreshed version of amd 6000 series. When you see a product like this in the market, you instantly think of a better PC usage that you have been seeing before. XFX Speedster QICK308 has also released its version of RX 6650 XT.

To kick things off with a jolt, this card comes in all black structure and a thick construction showing its ruggedness. There is a significant amount of increase in the clock speeds up to 5% in base clocks of 2153 MHz. On the other hand, boost clock rises up to 2689 MHz of 2% increase from the original version.

An 8GB of GDDR6 memory will be giving you all the gamer realness in 128 bit of bus width. Beginning with dual slot board design, the length goes to 274mm 10.8 inches with a height of 50mm 2 inches for an easy fit in most PC cases and boards. Thankfully, only 450W of power supply will be enough and compatible since this card uses 176W.

There are 3 fans to be seen on the chassis that are programmed to run on alternate speeds and directions to push the pressure down and out from the system.

When it comes to talk about the chassis, it should involve 1 HDMI 2.1 with 3x display ports 1.4a. This feature will help you connect various devices and even expand your viewing space by increasing the number of screens.

4- PowerColor Red Devil AMD Radeon RX 6650 XT Graphics Card

Several competitors in the market are ready to crush down any opportunity that comes their way to beat every other brand. PowerColor red Devil takes the stand to prove that it will stay in business for a long time. With its release of the new refreshed version of amd graphics cards list, RX 6650 XT has its own benefits.

This is a Navi 23 based GPU which is manufactured on a 7nm base and connected through a 128 bit memory interface. Its 8GB GDDR6 memory is something that is not tweaked with and is the same as the original but there are things that have been enhanced. You get to see the game clock thriving at 2523 MHz in overclocking whereas silent mode turns it in with 2447 MHz.

In addition to this, 2694 MHz is the boost clock in OC version while the silent mode gives in 2669 MHz. The memory runs at 17.5 Gbps and with that note, you are required to get a 650W of power supply unit. When the chassis are raging with fire, you look at the connectors to see what more you can get in this package.

The ports you see on modern monitors include 1 HDMI 2.1 and 3 display ports that collectively allow you to attach up to 4 monitors. Plus the 3 fans equipped on the sturdy construction takes away extra heat so you do not have to worry about extra heat slowing down your performance.

5- GIGABYTE Radeon RX 6650 XT Eagle 8G Graphics Card

A clean construction with less mess and more features to offer is what most people with high end graphics demand. The Gigabyte Radeon RX 6650 XT eagle is powered by AMD’s infamous RDNA 2 architecture. Being integrated with 8GB GDDR6 memory is not going anywhere so you can keep the same type of VRAM as you are used to.

It is only a matter of time that Gigabyte makes it to the top of the list as it is already on the list of most liked video cards in this category. Connected through the 128 bit interface, you cannot beat its WindForce 3X cooling system. This is programmed to spin with alternate fans, dissipating the heat quicker than expected.

Graphene nano lubricant is also added to the construction which will therefore be an essential screen cooling component. This product is another reason to be loved and demanded with RGB Fusion 2.0. Anyone who is into the change and looking for appealing graphics cards, this is it.

A protective metal backplate will keep your card’s back safe while it hustles and brings you what is best for you. There are 2 HDMI 2.1 ports and dual display ports can be seen on the chassis for you to connect Radeon RX 6650 xt monitors and multiple monitors or other devices.

Without running out of space to connect the wires etc, this will be your long term companion. Through the boost clock speed of 2635 MHz, you ought to get the kind of performance you want.

6- Sapphire Nitro+ AMD Radeon RX 6650 XT Gaming Graphics Card

The users who are keen into 1440p gaming and lower graphics than this can rely on this card that is from the refreshed amd graphics cards list. There are other retailers that have filled the gaps that AMD might have left in the making. When brands like Sapphire Nitro+ get into the game, RX 6650 XT gets more exciting on the buying list.

Some of the features that have not changed one bit are the 8GB memory, 128 bit interface and GDDR6 memory type. This card then comes in a 2.5 slot and ATX form factor so it fits into most of the PCs that are latest in the industry. Unfortunately, Sapphire only adds 2 fans which is not as bad as it sounds.

The cooling is something that should not be compromised over, and yet you will be receiving the right type of compensation from this brand as well. So the axial fans are made to keep the temperature optimal of your system while running at its best. Once the overheating is under control, you can worry less and focus more on your game.

Its dual ball bearings make no noise while the fans spin at their best speed and also increase the life of these fans. Look at the base clock speed with 2192 MHz whereas the boost can rise up to 2695 MHz in triple slot design. Not to forget about the single HDMI 2.1 and display ports 1.4a present on the chassis of this card completing its final look.

7- MSI Gaming Radeon RX 6650 XT graphics card

Another competitor of dual fan design is the MSI version of RX 6650 XT with the same VRAM and 128 bit interface. This card makes you lean into the benefits of DirectX 12 ultra realistic graphics through this powerhouse. Being the Overclockable is another plus point of this card being back in the business.

The market might be overflowing with AMD’s new release and it is these features that will help differentiate between other brands and this one. So looking at the clock speeds, you will be happy to know that it has a significant change from the original one. You can also benefit from 3x display ports 1.4a and HDMI 2.1.

Do not let anything fool you unless you see dual Torx 4.0 fans that are programmed to spin at maximum speed. Overheating will never be a problem when all the extra heat is drifted away. Other features include DirectX 12 and VR ready so you can enjoy all the games in a new digital world with endless possibilities.

 Best AMD Radeon RX 6650 XT Graphics Card Buying Guide

There happens to be numerous graphics cards present in the market and to choose one from the latest refreshed series can become a tough job. When you are unaware of what to look for when searching for a lower mid range card like 6650 XT, chances are you will be regretting a decision later. So these features will help you decide what is best for you:

Clock speeds:

Keeping in mind the type of card you have in the list, it can support various resolutions like 1080p 1440p and even 4K. But it shines the most in lower resolutions with higher frame rates and smooth transitions. So there are brands which will tweak with the base clock speed and boost clock also.

They include ASRock phantom gaming D OC which makes boost at 2694 and the base clock at 2192 MHz.


Some manufacturers will offer you triple fans while others can be giving 2 fans which does not mean the latter is bad at its job. It is technology that will keep you busy for hours and not let heat disrupt your ranking. Like MSI has dual Torx 4.0 in dual fan system while other brands mentioned above have all 3 fans.

They spin at alternate speed and directions which results in putting the pressure down and further away from the system. Offering dual ball bearings and 0db technology keeps it noise free and longer spinning life.


Retailers like Gigabyte eagle serve dual HDMI 2.1 and dual display ports while others like asus ROG Strix can offer 3 display ports and 1 HDMI 2.1. If ports are something you are looking for, then look at these retailers which will let you increase the viewing space and connect other devices.

Board design:

ASRock Phantom gaming D OC has made a 305mm in 12 inches whereas the smallest one is given by PowerColor hellhound. It manages to make 220mm and 8.7 inches to fit in tight spaces boards and PC cases without compromising on performance.


There is a reason why ASRock is among the top 2 cards in this category because it also focuses on the appearance of the card. There is a transparent fan in the middle which is illuminated when the RGB Fusion 2.0 makes its way to shine the rest of the card.

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