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If you spend a large part of the day working on your computer, the best computer chair for long hours is something you must consider buying. If there’s something you can alter and make it easy and spend eight hours a day in a workplace, that’s your chair.

There is no lack of evidence to suggest that being trapped in a chair for too long increases the risk of heart disease and exacerbates back pain. In reality, sitting too long is worse than smoking.

Most individuals who have office work suffer symptoms such as numbness, spinal imbalance, hip pain, neck pain, and hernia — usually from sitting too long in a low-quality chair without assistance.

Although you probably wouldn’t want to spend too much money on a chair, a high-quality office chair is an investment in your health, convenience and efficiency.

Two independent types of research, published in 1990 and 2003, showed that efficiency rises by more than 17% as individuals operate in an ergonomic environment with an adjustable chair. 

The best chair, coupled with ergonomic practice, will also minimize injury at the workplace. And if you don’t have issues with your wrist or spine, an ergonomic chair will help you maintain the correct stance to prevent discomfort, carpal tunnel syndrome, lower back pain, and spinal disc damage.

The National Institute of Health advises that a chair should be selected with all the necessary modifications to maintain correct posture.

This includes a chair with casters and a five-point base; a seat pan with thick foam padding or coils; a backrest that is either curved or small enough to match the small backrest; soft armrests with adjustable height and width; a hydraulic seat heat adjustment feature; and a tilting adjustment to move some body-weight to the backrest of the chair.

List of best computer chairs for long hours

These are the best computer chairs for long hours of working, and under $100 dollars for consumers in 2021.

  1. Serta Mid Back Office Chair
  2. AmazonBasics High-Back Executive
  3. HON H5703.GA10.T Volt Task Chair
  4. Ikea Markus Executive Office Chair
  5. Songmics UOBG21B Office Chair

1. Serta Mid Back Office Chair

While Serta’s company is mainly recognized for its mattresses, it has nevertheless created an ergonomic office chair that has indeed drawn our interest. Though best known for its mattresses, Serta switched to ergonomics with the Serta Back in Motion Health and Wellness Office Chair. This moderately priced chair has the look and sound of a high-end brand with deep, ergo-coated body pillows that provide the right balance of comfort and support.


Serta Mid-Back Office Chair is equipped with some high-quality cushioned ergo-coated body pillows that guarantee maximum support and comfort. The structure of this chair is. It is made of eco-safe leathers that are fitted with a BIM active lumbar pivot for lumbar support.

Easily Customizable

This lumbar support is required while you’re rotating your body. The armrest is also easily padded. You will change the height of the armrest by clicking the button. The tilting technology that it uses is used to correct postures.


The chair is made of eco-friendly bonded leather with a BIM Dynamic lumbar that rotates as you travel for consistent lumbar support. Change the height of the padded armrests by clicking the button and use the handy cable actuated levers to control the rise and lock-out functions.

Latest Tilt Technology

 It allows your pelvis to tilt as you tilt forward. It also holds the back in a neutral posture avoiding the build-up of strain in sensitive areas of the body. Thus, the decrease in the development of friction avoids the transport of fluids from the discs and helps to maintain the spinal movement moving. Within a few days, you can begin to enjoy the advantages of a cosy and welcoming seat that will take you through your long working day.


  • High-class eco-friendly leather that gives the touch of some exclusive brands.
  • Soft pillow ensures maximum comfort.
  • Latest tilt technology that keeps the body in a perfect posture
  • Great adjustability
  • Easily customizable


  • Pneumatic cylinders are a little tall for anyone under five feet, four inches tall.
  • Only one year guarantee

2. AmazonBasics High-Back Executive

If this article were to recognize the most comfortable chair at a reasonable price, this chair would win hands down. It’s a padded high back made of high-quality fabric, giving it both a relaxed feel and a striking appearance.

The Amazon Simple Office Chair is a regular mid-back office chair. From the get-go, it doesn’t seem like something you’d want to have for your home office. And you might not be able to tilt or lie down on the chair. Yet you’re going to be shocked how comfortable it is.

Comfort Level

The armrests are made of dense padding to allow your muscles a well-deserved break while you begin to grind at work. The included vinyl upholstery and its prominent height give this chair impressive neck support. And while you’re waiting longer, you’re not going to look forward to anything too fancy. You just need and want an office chair that’s going to be relaxed. And that’s what the mid-back chair of Amazon Basics is all about. Comfort without a fancy career.


It’s short, simple, and easy to install. You will benefit from supporting your hands, however. It’s so easy to set up that it will take just 15 minutes. Plus, it’s loaded with all the stuff you’re going to need for the assembly.

Cushioned Seat

The seat is cushioned correctly and has a mesh back to make it more breathable. It also features five caster wheels and a T-shaped armrest. So the features are simple, so the name of the chair. In terms of customizable functionality, this might be a little missing. Yet you can also enjoy adjustable seat height, and you can tilt the chair back and forth. Plus, the chairs still sound sturdy and well-built.

Taller users might not find it that comfortable because of the lack of adjustable features, but we can’t argue enough that if you happen to fit into the chair, it’s comfortable.

All in all, it’s a basic no-frills office chair that can be extremely comfortable if you fit into it. So if you don’t have any special requirements for an office chair, you can consider the AmazonBasics mid back mesh chair. It’s a real bang for your back.


  • Strong built
  • Elegant  design
  • Easy Assembly
  • Exceedingly Comfortable


  • Not ideal for tall users

3. HON H5703.GA10.T Volt Task Chair

For the ergonomically designed office chair in the armless category, our list goes to the Hon Volt Job Chair. The stress here is on the term “ergonomics” – unlike most armless chairs with minimal adjustability, significantly when tilting the backrest, the Hon Volt job is more like a complete ergonomic chair, without arms.

I love the backrest on the Hon’s Volt, which is quite large to support my back fully and comes with sync tilting. The backrest tilts at a higher rate than the seat as you lean back, allowing your feet to remain on the ground throughout. Many tasks chairs do not even recline at all, which is a necessary ergonomic feature to enable micro-movements and to release back tension.

Comfort Level

The size of the Hon’s seat is more accommodating than that of other armless stools, measuring around 20 “wide and 18” tall. The more extensive profile means that you won’t have the feeling that you’re capable of falling off the stool, particularly if you’re taller.

Syncro Tilt

While several armless chairs are not reclining at all, the Hon Volt backrest features a sync tilt that encourages movement and helps relieve tension.

The nylon upholstery is soft and smooth and often resistant to staining.


The Hon Volt is very high for an armless stool, weighing more than 29 pounds, 20 “w by 18” in diameter. Contrast that with our 2nd preference of best armless office chair, the AmazonBasics Low Back Task Chair below. Later weights around 26.5 pounds, with measurements 18.7 “x 16.”

If you’re searching for a prolonged sitting armless office chair or one you don’t need to shift around a lot, then the Hon’s Volt is your best choice in 2021.


  • Syncro Tilt to ease backache
  • Ideal for tall sighted people
  • Remarkable Life Time Guarantee


  • Not as portable as other armchairs due to big frame and heavyweight
  • Some find the seat too deep and uncomfortable from thighs

4. Ikea Markus Executive Office Chair

If you’re taller, IKEA Markus is one of the cheapest but most convenient office seats. High back configuration accommodates broader people. And the top has enough padding, which may act as a collar or a headrest. And we love how big the backrest is, so there’s no pinching on your shoulder.

You’ll even see the mesh that protects the back seat comfortably. It gives a chic touch to the chair, as well. And the padded seat, too, is very cosy. We didn’t feel any compression on our legs.

Comfort Level

It’s also incredible how a low-cost office chair will still be comfortable even after five years. You might find that after five years, the cushion is beginning to wear. It might have a few wrinkles by then. We still find the seating cosy, however. But the level of comfort is beginning to go downhill at this stage. But we haven’t complained because it’s been for five years. Ikea Markus will also be comfortable even though the pillow is no longer that aesthetically appealing.

Easily Adjustable

In terms of customizable functionality, IKEA Markus can be missing compared to other mid-range ergonomic office chairs. While it provides certain flexible features, such as seat height adjustment and good tilting options, it cannot be comparable to the flexible features of other luxury office chairs.


There is no width of the seat. And although it has lumbar support, it is not flexible. And the armrests are not the most significant aspects of it. It’s not padded, although most people moan over how uncomfortable it is. But if it gets in the way, you can still delete it.

IKEA Markus isn’t a cup of tea for everyone. If you dislike it, or you love it. While it may be comfortable with your back, you’ve got to fit perfectly into the chair to make it comfortable. Since you can’t change the lumbar support and the headrest, it’s either a yes or a no for you.

Technically, the Markus is seated upright. And not all of them will love that, particularly those who have lingering back problems.

Overall Performance

Overall, the IKEA MARKUS is a gold mine if it fits you. The lack of adjustable features may be a turnoff for some. But if you happen to fit into the chair, you won’t look for anything else.


  • Elegant and sleek design
  • Neck support to enhance the comfort level
  • Tilt options with tilt controller
  • Comfortable cushioned seat
  • Caster wheels with stopping feature


  • Adjustable lumbar support and armrests.
  • Lacks seat depth

5. Songmics UOBG21B Office Chair

According to the manufacturer, the Songmics UOBG21B office chair with its soft backrest promises a high level of seating comfort and at the same time stabilizes the back. This chair from our comparison has a high-quality surface made of polyurethane and an extra thick, difficult to deform padding. The seat height can be continuously adjusted in a range from 46 to 56 centimeters. High quality rollers with a coating made of abrasion-resistant give the office chair a quiet walking comfort and a safe rolling away. The wide cushions should ensure comfortable seating. The armrests are permanently mounted and do not offer any scope for height adjustment.

The maximum load on the chair is 150 kilograms. A separate adjustment of the seat inclination of the back is missing. Thanks to the polyurethane coating on the castors, the office chair is suitable for hard floors such as laminate, linoleum, screed, parquet or tiles. The base has a diameter of 70 centimeters, the seat measures 55 centimeters in width. The scope of delivery of the office chair includes additional rollers and screws for assembly.

Buying Guide For The Best Computer Chair for Long Hours

After defining your needs and requirements, you need to objectively assess the different chairs. We offer you some criteria to which you should pay particular attention.

The price

You can find ergonomic office chairs starting at around $ 170 or $ 180. Under this barrier, be particularly careful about the quality of the products. Many mid-size models are then available, often around $ 200 to $ 300. The high end can fetch prices up to $ 700.

The dimensions of the seat

You need to consider the width and depth of the seat. Here the goal is simple: to know if you are going to feel comfortable. The taller and more imposing you are, the more you will have to aim for a high width. Conversely, if you are rather small, prefer products that are narrower, to better benefit from the armrests.

Height adjustments

All ergonomic chairs can be adjusted in height. The values ​​are expressed in centimeters, meters or inches. This is most often done with a gas spring, which allows you to raise the seat. There are two different things you need to pay attention to.

First, the maximum and minimum heights of the seat, i.e. the part where you are sitting, allow you to assess how far your legs will be from the ground. Look for a product suitable for your height: avoid chairs that would require you to curl up or with which you could not put your feet on the ground.

Then the maximum and minimum height of the chair, that is, the object as a whole, lets you know how well your back will be supported in the backrest. Today, most chairs are suitable for people of all sizes, thanks to accessories that are often adjustable.

The maximum weight supported

Most often, the maximum weight supported by an ergonomic chair is 136 kg or 300 lbs. We recommend that you always look for a chair that supports a significantly heavier weight than yours: this ensures increased resistance and therefore increased durability.

Elements of comfort

Headrests and removable lumbar cushions now equip the vast majority of ergonomic chairs. These are sometimes associated with a USB massage support, the presence of which is more or less anecdotal depending on the model. Some slightly more expensive references are also equipped with footrests.

For the armrests, you will sometimes find the names “2D, 3D, or 4D armrests”. This is the number of directions in which adjustment is possible. A 4D armrest is rotatable in addition to being adjustable laterally and in height.


Ergonomic chairs can be reclined. The most common configuration is to offer four tilt levels ranging from 90 to 180 °. Although this is very common, there are still a few entry-level products that only offer three levels of tilt, usually 90-160 or 170 °.

Durability and materials

The upholstery of ergonomic chairs is almost always in polyurethane leather, a material that has the particularity of not staining, being easy to clean and resistant to water or dust. It is not real leather, but plastic artificial leather. The frame of the chairs is often steel.

It is more often the quality of the accessories that can be problematic, or of the gas spring, which can malfunction which will result in a systematic and unpleasant sagging. Casters should also be watched: if they are of poor quality, they can quickly create a very stressful feeling of instability.


Finally, the last point to consider in your purchase concerns the aesthetics of the chair. Here, there is no precise rule: simply choose a model that you like, or that appeals to the person to whom you wish to give it. However, favor discretion and elegance if the chair is to equip a professional environment.

How to choose a computer chair?

We offer you some criteria to which you should pay particular attention.

  1. The Price: You can find ergonomic office chairs starting at around $170 or $180. Many intermediate models are then available at around $200 to $300. The high end can fetch prices up to $700.
  2. The dimensions of the seat: The taller and more imposing you are, the more it will be necessary to aim for a high width. Conversely, if you are rather small, prefer products that are narrower, to better benefit from the armrests.
  3. Height adjustments: Avoid chairs that require you to curl up or that you can’t put your feet on the ground. Today, most chairs are suitable for people of all sizes, thanks to accessories that are often adjustable.
  4. Maximum weight supported: Most often, the maximum weight supported by an ergonomic chair is 136 kg or 300 lbs. We recommend that you always look for a chair that supports a significantly heavier weight than your own.
  5. Elements of comfort: Headrests and removable lumbar cushions now equip the vast majority of ergonomic chairs. Some slightly more expensive references are also equipped with footrests. For the armrests, you will sometimes find the names “2D, 3D, or 4D armrests”. This is the number of directions in which adjustment is possible.
  6. Tilt: The most common configuration is to offer four levels of tilt ranging from 90 to 180 °. At the entry level, there are still a few entry-level products that only offer three tilt levels, generally from 90 to 160 or 170 °. More details in our detailed buying guide.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) :

Which office chair to choose for back pain?

The choice depends on how many hours you spend sitting per day, but also your preference. It is therefore essential that you try out several ergonomic seats yourself before deciding. Do you like the headrest? Do you feel cramped on a seat of this size?

In addition, it may be necessary to discuss this with your doctor or osteopath, as they will allow you to know precisely where the source of your pain is located. So a professional eye will see if lumbar support is essential or if you need a synchronous tilt instead.

How to stand in front of a computer?

A good position in front of a computer is possible after improving the ergonomics of the workstation. That is to say that the height of the seat and that of the desk, the position of the desk lamp, the distance from the keyboard and the position of the screen in relation to your gaze must be taken into account.

You must first position yourself correctly and then change the position of the computer. The eyes should be facing the screen, without straining the neck. Your hands should be positioned correctly on the keyboard, with the elbows forming a 90 ° angle. Finally, don’t forget to take a break at least every two hours.

How to adjust your ergonomic office chair?

Adjusting the ergonomic chair is an essential step to make the most of the qualities of the seat. Indeed, the seat will not be able to do anything if you yourself do not adapt it to your morphology.

It starts with the height of the seat, which changes by standing in front of the seat. The top of the seat should reach the back of your knees. From there, you must then adjust the height of the desk to have a good position. Then you have to position the backrest so that it gently supports your back when you are sitting upright. The last items to adjust are the armrests.

How much does an ergonomic chair cost?

It is quite possible to buy an ergonomic computer chair from 20 dollars. It will be a simple swivel chair with wheels. You probably won’t have armrests, which are important in supporting your back.

It is necessary to have a budget of at least 80 dollars to buy an ergonomic chair, that is to say a comfortable seat, adapted and well studied in relation to the morphology and the time spent sitting at your workstation . If you’re on a budget, wait an extra month to save a little more or look for a promo. With your health, you might as well plan for the best right away!

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