Best CPU Cooler For i9-12900K (Gaming, RGB, 240mm, 360mm)

If you are a gamer and want to play games for a long time then you need the best CPU Cooler for i9-12900K, which helps in-play games smoothly without any disturbance. All CPUs below are specially made of the i9-12900k, these all products are manufactured with high quality. If you are confused to choose between an air cooler or a water cooler then you can find the best companion. Finding the right product is not an easy task.

Some important things that you keep in your mind while buying a new CPU cooler, you must have a view about the type of the cooler. The main part is the socket check that the socket in the i9-12900k compatible motherboard Intel & AMD is compatible with your cooler. Mostly, the liquid cooler has a fully integrated copper cold plate, which makes it up to 15°C cooler by removing heat directly from CPU cores. 

Moreover, These all products have an integrated fan controller which controls the fan speed automatically for reduced noise levels. Normally, the fan speed lies between 200-1700 RPM, which allows the heat to pass through it. The higher fan speeds have low noise levels. The people who are working in the damp rooms need low noise levels which do not disturb their companions. 

With an incredible 120 mm dual ball bearing fan, the innovative XFAN fan blade design makes the Radiator Edition Radiators offer impeccable performance to complement your gaming rig. The water cooler features a variable speed pump with a range of 210 to 800 rpm with its 120 mm fans.

The pump can be rotated within its frame to allow for easy orientation without affecting the direction of the logo. Thus, in this article, we explain all the main features and buyer guide which helps you in buying the most demanded product.

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List of the Best CPU Cooler For i9-12900K

  1. ARCTIC Liquid Freezer II 280
  2. Thermaltake Floe RC360 ARGB
  3. Noctua NH-D15
  4. NZXT Kraken Z53 24
  5. Thermaltake TH240 ARGB
  6. NZXT Kraken X63 280mm

1. ARCTIC Liquid Freezer II 280 All-in-One CPU Cooler

The CORSAIR Hydro Series H100i GTR liquid CPU cooler is designed to deliver extreme performance with high reliability. It’s the first liquid CPU cooler to feature a fully integrated copper cold plate, which makes it up to 15°C cooler by removing heat directly from the CPU cores. With hydro-tunnel technology, the cooler produces 15% more cooling surface area than other leading AIO liquid coolers.

This allows it to dissipate heat rapidly, making it ideal for overclocking. The H100i features CORSAIR’s award-winning CX series pump with high-performance dual fans, ensuring silence and great airflow for improved cooling performance.

It also has customizable LED lighting, which provides superior illumination for system components and can be synced with CORSAIR’s CUE utility to synchronize lighting effects across all your desktop components.

The cooler is very slim with high-density fins. It also has a high-quality base that won’t deform even when the fins are stacked on top of each other. The fin design with 2 slots per side is to ensure adequate cooling, but without placing too much stress on the voltage regulator.

The fan features rubber rings to reduce vibration and improve noise levels. With its slim design, the cooler can fit into almost any case with ease. With this AIO water cooler, you’ll enjoy the convenience of having all your liquids right there in one place.

Designed to run at full load on your CPU even when your computer is idle you can expect this product to be on average 15°C cooler than the competition. This product has an integrated cable management system with holes on the front of the cooler.

This product has an integrated fan controller which controls the fan speed automatically for reduced noise levels. This product is compatible with all Intel and AMD CPUs that have a backplate.

The Liquid Freezer II 280 is equipped with a 280mm radiator with an intelligent fan control system. The unit has the most innovative cooling technology, which ensures the best performance. The integrated cable management provides easy installation of water cooling components.

It is also equipped with a high-performance military-grade PWM fan that can be adjusted to achieve the optimal noise level according to the application.

2. Thermaltake Floe RC360 ARGB Motherboard Sync 360mm All-in-One CPU Cooler

Thermaltake Floe RC360 ARGB Motherboard Sync 360mm All-in-One CPU Cooler

Floe series by Thermaltake is engineered to be the most effective and quiet cooling solution, with a minimalist aesthetic to drive system performance. Floe series has been awarded by E3 in Tokyo, Malta in Tokyo, and in Humble War in Malta.

Thermaltake Floe RC360 ARGB Motherboard Sync CPU cooler offers a stable platform to achieve stable overclocking. And color accents of this cooler are different from the old design.

The Floe RC360 is designed to cool both the CPU and RAM, while color-changing LEDs accentuate the pump, fans, and memory cover. Engineered to cool both the CPU and RAM, this premium-grade base plate helps keep your overclocked system running at optimal performance.

This specially designed premium-grade base plate has been specifically designed for TOUGHRAM RC memory modules. The TOUGHRAM RC series is a series of memory modules that feature innovative patented technology. These modules are the world’s first memory modules to utilize a highly conductive, patented Copper base plate directly bonded with a solid aluminum top plate.

Coupled with a patent-pending heatsink, these modules provide exceptional performance without compromising reliability. this is also compatible with i7-12700K Cooler.

The result is lower system temperatures, reduced component wear, longer component lifespan, and overall better cooling performance. TOUGHRAM RC Memory Modules are designed to allow users to control color and lighting effects across the pump, fans, and memory cover.

Take control of color and lighting effects across the pump, fans, and memory cover. Designed to quickly expel heat. This universal CPU cooler is designed for TOUGHRAM RC Memory Modules and incorporates a full color and lighting control system. The pump and fan can be individually controlled by the color and lighting effects on the covers, for a personalized look.

3. Noctua NH-D15 Premium CPU Cooler 2X NF-A15 140mm Fans

Noctua NH-D15 Premium

Noctua’s NH-D15 is a dual tower CPU cooler that features a cornerstone of its design, the patented NF-A15 premium fan with quiet, near-silent bearings and PWM support. This high-performance fan features Noctua’s famed NT-H1 thermal compound and is already available in a 120mm version, but this time it comes with a second set of fans and the new NF-A15 140mm version.

The premium model also enables the use of Noctua’s NT-H1 thermal compound. The introduction of the NF-A15s into the NH-D15 ranges gives enthusiasts what they’ve been waiting for the best cooling performance and compatibility on the market.

With its striking looks, this premium cooler is the perfect choice for today’s performance-hungry users. It features class-leading airflow with 6 high-performance nickel-plated heat pipes for maximum cooling performance. Two high-performance 140mm NF-A15 fans, help to cool the system without raising noise levels or significantly reducing airflow.

This dual-tower cooler provides unmatched cooling performance with its 150W TDP. Its great design makes it compatible with almost every modern motherboard on the market today. This premium cooler features 2 NF-A15 140mm fan blades and is constructed using heat pipes for maximum heat dissipation. The use of PWM technology allows the fans to run at different speeds according to the needs of the system.

 With over 45 awards and many years in the market, Noctua continues to lead the quiet PC cooling segment with its comprehensive product range for fans and CPU coolers and it has also supported by Ryzen 7 5700X. The flagship model of the new generation, the NH-D15 is a dual-tower cooler for use with LGA 2011/1366/1156/1155/1150/2011 sockets.

Based on the award-winning NH-U12 heatsink, it features an advanced dual fan design that maximizes airflow and guarantees silent operation at any speed. The wide case allows for enormous compatibility with standard-sized RAM modules.

4. NZXT Kraken Z53 240mm – RL-KRZ53-01 – AIO RGB CPU Liquid Coole

NZXT Kraken Z53 240mm CPU Cooler

NZXT is a leading manufacturer of premium gaming computers and peripherals. The Kraken is NZXT’s flagship, unmatched performance liquid cooler. With a 240mm radiator and a wide range of fan options including LED, the Kraken cools your CPU and GPU at up to 25% faster than the competition.

This NZXT CAM is a comprehensive software that allows users to monitor and configure all aspects of their computer. With CAM, system performance and management is easy and convenient. CAM’s user-friendly interface makes it easy for anyone to work with their computer. The intuitive software makes system configuration and management easy and convenient.

The NZXT Kraken Z53 series AIO Liquid CPU Cooler is the industry’s first-ever 240mm AIO liquid CPU cooler designed with cooling performance in mind. Using a newly developed 240mm wide radiator, the Kraken Z Series allows the installation of larger fans, at lower RPM to provide up to 30% cooler CPU temperatures than traditional AIOs.

With an incredible 120 mm dual ball bearing fan, the innovative XFAN fan blade design makes the Radiator Edition Radiators offer impeccable performance to complement your gaming rig. Stunning aerodynamics and an all-aluminum frame create an astonishing performance for an unbeatable combination of silence and beauty. The Radiator Edition Radiators are also compatible with the revolutionary XFAN fan.

Cooling system, which offers the very best in performance, noise reduction, and cooling effectiveness. This 240mm liquid cooler has a high-performance, high-efficiency design that provides enhanced fan speed control with user-friendly features.

Built with an extremely quiet operation in mind, this 240mm liquid cooler has excellent thermal performance. Featuring a chamfered intake and fluid dynamic bearings, they deliver silent operation – perfect for any build.

5. Thermaltake TH240 ARGB Snow Edition 240mm High Efficiency Radiator CPU Coole

Thermaltake TH240 Cooler

The TH240 ARGB Snow Edition heatsink is the latest and greatest from the Thermaltake family. It offers a large surface area for cooling with lighting through the specially designed copper baseplate and water block. The performance-driven water block is constructed to maximize heat transfer.

The large surface radiator enables optimum cooling with low noise levels. A full suite of compatible thermal paste and accessories helps offer enhanced thermal performance. The TH240 ARGB Snow Edition is built to handle the demanding benchmarks and applications that enthusiasts demand. Available in a variety of colors, it can be upgraded to fit your hardware and style perfectly and this is also perfect for RX 6500 XT Cooler.

It comes with the preinstalled Thermaltake Water Block, which provides water cooling performance with stunning lighting through specially designed reverse light technology. It is compatible with the latest AMD platform, including the FM2+ and AM3+.

The ARGB technology lowers the operating temperature of the system by increasing the convection surface so that the heat is conducted efficiently to the copper base plate. The water block has two ports that can be connected to two radiators with different flow rates to customize cooling performance.

It is compatible with either 120mm or 140mm fans to fit different necessities of users. The high-quality base plate is coated with insulative material that lowers friction between cooling fins and metal plate, resulting in faster fan rotation speed.

This is a great solution for gamers to reduce the temperature of their gaming CPU. This cooler comes with a water block that allows you to adjust the temperature from 43 C to 52 C. It has high compatibility with AMD and Intel processors, making it a dual-purpose dual-fan cooler.

The fans are independently controlled by the i9-12900K motherboard’s speed control software allowing them to rotate at a faster speed in low load situations. With a low noise level, this cooler has a balanced airflow design that delivers smooth performance and steady cooling performance.

6. NZXT Kraken X63 280mm – RL-KRX63-01 – AIO RGB CPU Liquid Cooler

NZXT Kraken X63 280mm

The new Kraken X63 280mm. AIO CPU Liquid Cooler is a re-designed all-in-one CPU Liquid Cooler with a 280mm radiator. With a 40% increase in radiator size, the X63 is a beast of a cooler, delivering the highest performance and best compatibility in the industry.

Designed from the ground up by NZXT to deliver increased performance from the increased cooling surface area. This leads to higher temperatures for CPU and GPU when compared with many other AIOs on the market.

To compensate for this increased surface area, the X63 utilizes a unique ring-shaped radiator cap that allows for more vivid RGB LED lighting and greater compatibility with current RGB LED products without compromising the aesthetic appeal of its sleek design.

The most unique feature of the Kraken X63 is its pump assembly. Designed to remove the hassle of accessing and replacing the pump itself, they can separate from the pump body and be installed in any direction, allowing for extreme customization. At the same time, they are also disassembled for ease of maintenance.

The Kraken X63 features an all-new 120mm performance radiator that is built for superior cooling performance with minimal noise. The new Infinity Mirror Ring LED system produces more lighting effects than previous models. With 10% more lighting output than previous models, you’re sure to impress friends and opponents in any setting.

Lightning-fast 240mm EKWB radiator allows for an incredible 120mm fan with 2x 30mm fans or 3x15mm fans to push additional air through the radiators. The new Kraken X63 will produce some of the best overall performance on any AIO water cooling system.

This premium AIO liquid cooler combines performance and quiet. This water cooler features a variable speed pump with a range of 210 to 800 rpm with its 120 mm fans. The pump can be rotated within its frame to allow for easy orientation without affecting the direction of the logo.3D curved tubing is used for a smoother flow of fluid and a 15%-30% increase in efficiency vs. flat tubing.

Additionally, this cooler features a 10% larger infinity mirror ring LED lighting system allowing for adjusting the orientation of the pump head to fit without affecting the direction of the logo. The Kraken X63 280mm is a premium AIO liquid cooler that combines performance and quiet.

This water cooler features a variable speed pump with a range of 210 to 800 rpm with its 120 mm fans. The pump can be rotated within its frame to allow for easy orientation without affecting the direction of the logo.3D curved tubing is used for a smoother flow of fluid and a 15%.

7. MSI MAG Series CORELIQUID 240R, aRGB CPU Liquid Cooler


The CORELIQUID 240R, aRGB CPU Liquid Cooler (AIO) is designed to quickly cool down high-end CPUs. The Rotatable Cap allows the output pressure to be changed by 90 degrees. The RGB radiator provides total control over the brightness of all included RGB LEDs for brighter, better-looking effects. The MSI MAG Series CORELIQUID 240R, aRGB CPU Liquid Cooler (AIO) is compatible with virtually any socket or CPU on the market.

This the smallest, most compact CORELIQUID yet. It’s designed to fit into tight-area cooling applications. To keep it small, CORELIQUID 240R uses an all-in-one pump design. The core of the pump is a three-phase motor with a very low vibration level to avoid acoustic noise.

It also features a rotatable cap so users can change the direction of the fan blades. This technology allows the CORELIQUID to be put into tight-area cooling applications, giving users an opportunity to get the most out of their system while still having enough space for other components.

This high-performance liquid cooling system can be used for all CPU sockets. It is compatible with all socket types, including LGA 1151, LGA 2066, and the new AMD AM4. The CORELIQUID 240R is at the forefront of liquid cooling technology and comes with multiple features that ensure maximum performance.

The pump design ensures greater reliability and longer life. Push-pull technology ensures even cooling through efficient magnetic flow. A 120mm air cooler, four included RGB fans and memory compatibility ensure greater customization. With the CORELIQUID 240R, MSI MAG Series delivers innovative performance at an affordable price.

The CORELIQUID 240R is a complete upgrade for your computer with no additional i9-12900K power supply needed. This cooler includes RGB headers that can be used with ASUS Aura Sync lighting. It is compatible with all modern processors and is equipped with three 6mm heat pipes to efficiently cool down the CPU.

With total RGB fan control, you can adjust the brightness of the fans, so you can experience endless customization. The CORELIQUID 240R integrates a rotatable cap, allowing users to choose which color options they wish to use.

The uni-body design enables easy mounting on most motherboards and chassis which are compatible with the screw mounting holes in the pump. The CORELIQUID 240R supports all sockets from LGA 1150, 1366, 1151 up to the latest X299 and LGA 2066 for Skylake-X CPUs.

Recommended CPU Cooler For i9-11900K Buyer Guide:


Firstly, you just want to know about the size of the CPU cooler larger size coolers are best for the use larger size has larger heatsink which excused a large amount of heat, large capacity, large efficiency, and large fans rotate easily. 

Noise level:

The noise level of the larger fan is less than smaller fans. Liquid cooling, specifically whereas the usage of associate All-in-One (AIO), features a tendency to be quieter than the fan on a CPU heatsink. Again, this can vary, therein their area unit air coolers with fanatics particularly designed to reduce noise, and fan settings or fan selection will impact the amount of noise generated.

Speed of the fan:

Another part that may have a control on the cooling overall performance of your mainframe cooler is the fan pace that’s given in rate. As a result of a faster spinning fan offering a larger flow of air and consequently higher cooling, a 2500 rate fan is beyond a 1500 rate in most cases. Although, Associate in Nursing, excessive fan pace can also bring forth higher fan noise which can be pretty frustrating.


Affordability is the main factor in buying any product. You have already invested a lot of money in buying a computer system. So you just find out desired CPU cooler according to your budget.

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