Best CPU for Graphic Design (AMD, Intel, Budget)

With the growing popularity of graphics designing the demands of the best processor for graphic design also has been increased. So making your decision can be daunting. We are here with the review of the top picks for a graphic design processor. 

The tech market is full of processors as AMD and Intel are 2 big names of manufacturers and they are continuously introducing new chips. You need to be very specific while buying your processor for graphic design as it works as the brain of your computer. 

For graphic designing you require specific workflow and time efficiency. The number of cores must be considered because they make your processor powerful, for the graphic design buy a 6 core processor. Mostly you have threads doubles of cores they make your processor efficient for multitasking. 

To work on multiple applications buy a multi core processor otherwise if you stick to a single software you can go for a single core processor. You can buy one of Intel or AMD processors. They are good on their own, but AMD processors are cheap and come with more cores. Check the specifications carefully then buy the best CPU for graphic design. 

Cache memory also plays an important role to improve your graphic experience because it reduces the loading time of your appplications. Buy a processor with a high clock speed because it computes fast instructions. Never compromise on the selection of the best gaming CPU for graphic design and save yourself from frustration.  

List of our lab trusted Best CPU for Graphic Design

  1. Intel® Core™ i7-11700K Desktop Processor
  2. AMD Ryzen 7 5700G 8-Core, 16-Thread Unlocked Desktop Processor
  3. Intel Core i9-10900K Desktop Processor
  4. AMD Ryzen 9 5900 X 12-core, 24-Thread Unlocked Desktop Processor
  5. Intel Core i7-12700KF Desktop Processor
  6. AMD Ryzen 5 5600X 6-core, 12-Thread Unlocked Desktop Processor

1- Intel Core i7-11700K Desktop Processor

Intel® Core™ i7-11700K Desktop Processor

If you are in search of such a processor that deals with anything that you throw at it, look no further than Intel Core i7-11700K, your research ends here. This is a 8 core CPU that can reach up to 5.0 GHz speed.

Due to its high speed it is an ideal choice for making intensive tasks such as gaming, video editing, and CAD design. As thi is unlocked which means you are able to overclock it to get your heart’s desire content. 

This brand-new and flagship Core i7-11700K processor by  Intel is the perfect choice for gamers, streamers, and power users and this is also perfect for Radeon RX 6950 XT CPU and AMD RX 6500 XT CPU. Designed with the amazing features set that enables it to deliver unbeatable performance. 

Plus, the unlocked multiplier enables easy overclocking so you will enjoy every beat of your hardware. Special thanks to its support for the newest Windows 10 operating system. You are ready to take all advantages that your selected motherboard provides. 

For the uncompromising power and performance never look other than this desktop processor. Tweak and optimise the performance of your cpu to achieve everything that you expect from your processor. You can use it for the motherboards that are based on Intel 400 series chipset. 

The Intel Core i7-11700K Desktop CPU is a state-of-the-art piece of technology that is capable of making your life easier. Plus, this CPU can transform your old machine into a lightning-fast workstation and will handle everything that you throw at it. 

Comes with the support of PCI Express Gen 4.0 you get connectivity like the sky’s the limit! Due to the support of Intel Optane Memory you no need to wait for long loading times. This powerhouse has Turbo Boost Max Technology 3.0 so you will have more power your require it the most. 

2- AMD Ryzen 7 5700G 8-Core, 16-Thread Unlocked Desktop Processor

AMD Ryzen 7 5700G 8-Core, 16-Thread Unlocked Desktop Processor

Do you want to buy a CPU that supports the most demanding games? Feel free to consider the AMD Ryzen 7 5700G Unlocked Desktop Processor. The most attractive feature of this processor is the integration of Radeon Graphics. 

This processor provides incredibly fast speeds and high quality graphics capabilities, that means you do not need to buy  a seperate graphics card. So whether you are playing your favourite game at 1080p or streaming your shows, the Ryzen 7 5700G delivers more than your expectations. 

This is a 8 core and 16 thread desktop processor that is capable of providing you blistering speeds of up to 4.6 GHz. This speed is enough to make it perfect to play the newest games at 1080p resolution without an investment in a graphics card because this processor comes with the AMD Radeon Graph that deals with all graphics processing and this graphics is also supported by RTX 3050 cards.

This amazing desktop processor is responsible for running the most popular and intensive games. This is such a processor that it is perfect for the gamer but still on a budget.  Plus, with its 4.6 GHz speed you can handle everything like a breeze like the most demanding games and heavy applications. 

Comes with AMD Wraith Stealth cooler that makes sure you get an optimal performance and makes running of your gaming system smooth.  Plus, this is unlocked for overclocking that means you can get more performance out of your hardware. 

If you are a gamers, creators or enthusiasts and demands the best then is processor is for you. With all its amazing features it is ready for multitasking. Order now and get your creative project to the next level. 

3- Intel Core i9-10900K Desktop Processor

Intel Core i9-10900K Desktop Processor

Here is an Intel Core i9-10900K Desktop Processor that is capable of handling anything you throw at it.  This processor is designed with 10 cores and its speed is up to 5.3 GHz that shows its high performance. This is a perfect choice for gaming, video editing, or any other demanding task.

Plus, the unlocked clock multiplier enables you to overclock the processor so you can meet your specific needs. The Intel Core i9-10900K is one the best desktop processors that is perfect for multitasking, CPU programming,gaming, and productivity. 

Plus, this CPU has 125 watt thermal design power to deliver efficient cooling performance. So don’t wait and order yours today! Supports Intel Turbo Boost Max Technology 3.0 and Intel Optane Memory you have the best performance that is technically possible. 

With the Intel Core i9-10900K Desktop CPU, get ready yourself to experience gaming and streaming simultaneously like never before. this cpu is also compatible with the 6650 XT CPU , RTX 3090 Ti.

This processor is an amazing innovation from the Intel experts. So if you want a powerful and versatile CPU then this is a worthy product for you. This powerful desktop CPU is built with 20 threads that makes it perfect for gamers, creative professionals.

If you want to get the most out of your computer system then you must give this processor a chance. You can use it for those motherboards that are based on the Intel 400 series chipset.

Buy this processor and enjoy the next level experience. The compatible socket is LGA 1200 that helps to install it on PCB so check the socket compatibility before buying it. 

4- AMD Ryzen 9 5900 X 12-core, 24-Thread Unlocked Desktop Processor

AMD Ryzen 9 5900 X 12-core, 24-Thread Unlocked Desktop Processor

To enhance your performance in gaming competition with AMD Ryzen 9 5900X that is one of the fastest gaming desktop processors. This has 12 cores and 24 processing threads that make you have the power that outshine your gaming. 

The speed of this unlocked desktop processor goes up to 4.8 GHz, that is enough for intensive gaming. This 12-core desktop CPU is ready to level up your gaming experience. The supported CPU Socket is AM4 that makes your processor compatible virtually with any current motherboard available on the market. 

You can say that the AMD Ryzen 9 5900X Processor is the beast for gamers. Never compromise on cores and threads of your processor if elite FPS performance is your requirement. Then buy this 12 core CPU and deliver elite 100-plus FPS performance in your favourite games.

But the downside of this processor is there is no CPU in this package, which means you need to buy it separately and its maximum temperature is 90 degree celsius that is you need a high end processor. Supports PCIe 4.0 on motherboards that are based on X570 and B550 chipsets.

Also this processor outperforms even the fast 8-core processors of the tech market. Order it now and enjoy unbeatable performance in gaming and extreme overclocking potential. Plus, this CPU has DDR-3200 support.

Additionally, it comes with 70 MB of cache space so you never miss abt beat and the required wattages are 105 watts. Neand run your heavy games and applications smoothly. 

5- Intel Core i7-12700KF Desktop Processor

Intel Core i7-12700KF Desktop Processor

Do you want a processor that can deal with your most demanding applications? look no further than the Intel Core i7-12700KF that has enough power for any demanding task.This CPU has the speeds of 3 GHz that is preferable from the gamers and power users. 

Plus, manufactured with the 12 cores so you can handle multitasking and heavy workloads. And also comes with a plenty of cache memory so do not need to wait for computing. 12-core powerhousei s also supported by Geforce RTX 4080 and Radeon RX 6950 XT CPU.

The Intel Core i7-12700KF Desktop Processor has 12 cores  (8 processing cores and 4 enhanced cores) that make it perfect for power users and demanding gamers so they can enjoy any heavy application easily. 

And another attractive feature is its clock speed of up to 5.0 GHz that is the fastest of the processors available in the tech market.  The unlocked multiplier enables easy overclocking so you can get every bit of potential of your processor. 

The i7-12700KF CPU is a perfect choice for those who want to enjoy better graphics and faster turbo boost speeds. Bring this desktop processor and experience the ultimate performance. This 12-core powerhouse is unlocked which means you can overclock it and take its performances to its limits. 

Plus, this processor is incredibly power efficient for that you should thanks to its revolutionary Intel 7 Architecture. You are able to daisy chain multiple devices without worrying about performance. 

The CPU supported socket is LGA-1700 that allows the CPU to install on the PCB without soldering. And it has 11 MB L2 and 25 MB L3 cache space that means you have  supreme performance for any computation intensive game and apps.

6- AMD Ryzen 5 5600X 6-core, 12-Thread Unlocked Desktop Processor

AMD Ryzen 5 5600X 6-core, 12-Thread Unlocked Desktop Processor

If you want to buy a 6 core processor without breaking the bank, Look no further than the AMD Ryzen 5 5600X. This unlocked desktop CPU by AMD reaches speeds of up to 4.6 GHz that is enough for mainstream gaming and other demanding tasks. 

Plus, bundled with the quiet and capable AMD Wraith Stealth cooler that gives optimal performance without making noise even while fans run at its full blast. AMD Ryzen 5 5600X is designed with 6-core and 12-thread has more power for productivity. This processor is capable of giving an elite 100+ FPS performance in the popular games and also you will have  powerful features that are liked by gamers and creators.

If you want to build a powerful desktop on a budget, the AMD Ryzen 5 5600X is ready to serve you. This 6 cores and 12 processing threads unlocked desktop is an ideal choice for mainstream gaming and productivity tasks.

This desktop CPU is perfect for anybody who is looking to get the most from a workstation PC and this is also perfect for RX 6900 XT CPU. with this processor you have all features that makes it a powerhouse for multitasking. Supports DDR4-3200 you can do anything with gaming and applications without any trouble.

And the support of PCIe 4.0 on X570 and B550 chipset motherboards make it future-proof. Plus this CPU has 35 MB of cache. You do not need to wait long for loading of programs. Due to its TDP of just 65 W your power usage stays low. Compatible with CPU Socket AM4 with that you can install it. 

Best CPU for Graphic Design Buying Guide 

Whenever you think about designing your upcoming computer system the selection of your processor is never a simple drive. You need to research, define your requirements, set your budget then find the best CPU for graphic design. 

Here we are to help you, below are some features that you must look at for buying a desktop processor. Let’s check them out!

Clock Speed 

Speed of a CPU is necessary to check before buying it, measured in GHz that defines the operation speed of the chip. You must go for a high speed that is possible, it will give you a better graphic design experience. 


Cache refers to a small amount of memory which is closer to the CPU as compared to the RAM. The purpose of cache space is similar to the  RAM, like it holds data and instructions temporarily. But as much cache you have as fast and quick computation you will have. 

Core Count

While choosing a CPU for graphic design and rendering you must check its core count as it is a very important feature. you must consider it because these cores are the base of any processor.

Because more cores splits the workload with them and decreases the computing time and in result you have an efficient performance. Buy a 6 to 8 cores processor, enough for graphic design, and programing. 


The number of threads is another important consideration because they directly affect the computing of encoding files and give better previews of visuals.

Threads define  how many processes a chip can handle at the same time. A multithreading ability creates 2 threads from a single core. Do buy a processor with more threads so you can enjoy better multitasking. 

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