Best Dash Cam Under $100 (Front and Rear, Uber, Dual)

We used to think that to be totally secure, you need to pay extra dollars. Well that is not the case anymore since the best dash cam Under 100 dollars has arrived on the market. You have the control and power to investigate, monitor and follow your car’s trail in extreme clear vision.

First of all, they come in 1080p and 4k resolution support in single and dual camera setups. Achieve this clarity through front and rear cameras under 24 to 30FPS. Make this more of a habit to connect your dash cam with the apps provided with the device to monitor the activities going on.

A machine that will help you claim your insurance with a winning smile has definitely won you over with all these features. The LCD present on them can be of 3 inches size and more along with F1.8 wider aperture.

On top of this, night vision will allow you to see better in low light conditions so that you never miss a spot. Thanks to the 140 to 170 degree wide angle that covers every inch and aspect of the road you are traveling. It is equal to 4 traffic lanes far from you and the frame catches every aspect of the situation.

Keep the motion detection on in G Sensor mode that will lock the video to avoid tampering with it in case a shock or vibration is detected. These compact yet efficient dash cams are more than what they appear to be.

In addition, loop video recording will smartly overwrite the older unused videos so that you never get out of space. Speaking of storage, you can add a dash cam compatible MircoSD card to keep your videos alive in them. A wi-fi connection also lets you post or file a report with live footage as proof and evidence in case of vandalism.

List of Best Dash Cam Under $100

  1. Garmin Dash Cam Mini
  2. Dash Cam for Cars 1080P FHD Car Dash Camera
  3. AKASO V1 WiFi Dash Cam with GPS
  4. Z-Edge WiFi Dash Cam
  5. AVISIGHT 3 Channel Dash Cam Front and Rear
  6. Rexing V1 – 4K Ultra HD Car Dash Cam
  7. GILAYGROW 4K Dual Dash Cam Front and Rear

1- Garmin Dash Cam Mini

Garmin Dash Cam Mini

Safety is one of the key elements when you are out on the road. Even when in the parking area, you think your vehicle is safe, this is where most of the vandalism happens. You need to get something for your car that will give you access especially when you are not around it.

Garmin has brought a mini dash cam so that it can keep your car safe and lets you monitor what is going on around. This tiny device can also record videos on your road trip while you focus on driving more. It contains an ear view angle of 140 degrees to get a wide view of its surroundings.

The video and image quality is a solid 1080p resolution where each pixel is responsible for keeping the clarity intact in every frame. Such HD footage gives you the ease of automatic recording and saves it in the quality microSD card as this cam has a slot present for it. Make sure it is class 10 or faster so that there is no hassle while saving it.

Thanks to the built-in Wi-Fi connection that keeps uploading the footage wherever you want. In case you capture a really fun or scary scene behind or in front of your car, you do not want the internet world to miss it. You can get it under your control by downloading the Garmin drive app.

This app is used in all of your smartphones so that you can control and play back from the 4 cameras that are present. You can mount the camera with an adhesive so that it sticks to its base.

2- Dash Cam for Cars 1080P FHD Car Dash Camera

Dash Cam for Cars 1080P FHD Car Dash Camera

With a suction mount system, your dash cam will get you an incredible change of pace while you drive like you dreamed. Used by the lithium ion batteries, keep the Chortau 2022 newest version of dash cams ready for your trip. It gets you 1080p full HD resolution that is clear and vivid in its approach.

Let there be all coverage of the road from 178 degrees wide angle and can be put on all car types no matter if you drive an SUV or a prius. A dash cam is proof and evidence especially when you want to claim your insurance money. There are many features that comes with this efficient recording device to get you start your day with a little fun.

You get to take loop recording, that is when your storage runs out of space, it prevents the footage from overwriting. Thanks to the G sensor that starts recording and saves it even when it detects a shake or pressure on the car. In case of accidents and ungrateful events, you can keep the footage safe in the card whenever you need to see it.

There is no hassle of starting the camera since this cam can automatically start and can record for 24 hours in parking as well. It also locks the video in case of a collision so that it can be verified whenever the authorities try to check it. Being the eye for your car and Truck or pickup, Garmin has put a strong battery suggestion for this camera to get you the best protection possible.

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3- AKASO V1 WiFi Dash Cam with GPS

AKASO V1 WiFi Dash Cam with GPS

There is a plus point in the product investment that can give you live location support and more under 100 dollars. Akaso V1 is known to be one of those first devices that are built for more than one purpose. A dash cam that is integrated with Sony IMX323 sensor will capture everything in impressive detail.

Since Sony is known for the cameras it has been making, this dash cam has the pinch of it that is still quite enough to do the job. You get 6G nano carbon coating to sustain the image quality. Through the course of 170 degrees wide angle, you can get a view of 4 traffic lanes equally and in vivid clarity.

A F/1.8 massive aperture will give you delightful footage even in dark conditions through the HDR technology. Your journey will be easy with the GPS tracker so there is no chance of you getting lost in the wilderness. You can keep track of the location, time and speed in record and connect it to your phone as well to pin it.

After getting your hands on the Akaso car app for your smartphone, a slot present for your micro SD card. The 24 hour parking monitor will also save the coverage and will keep it in a 128Gb card supported by the dash cam.

Its automatic on and on feature will save time and worry in case you forget about turning it on and miss out an important detail of the day.

4- Z-Edge WiFi Dash Cam

Z-Edge WiFi Dash Cam

A suction mount system will get your dash cam stick to its grounds no matter how bumpy the road is. No need to worry about ruining the interior or exterior of the car because this is safe to put and use.

Z-Edge dash cam comes with a Wi-Fi feature to send or file a report immediately with the live footage evidence. You can also keep it fun and light when you see something funny happening around you to the social media accounts you have.

Besides all fun and games, your car’s safety has been the priority of this brand which is why they built this amazing device.

It contains 1080p and full HD 2k resolution support when covering its surroundings. At only 30FPS speed, this clear and precise footage you get will solve a lot of your problem if you are always worried bout your expensive car.

You get to see magnificent details in your surroundings and your vehicle when you are not around. The wide dynamic range technology will balance out any light or dark exposures you get in the frame that blurs over exposing the footage.

A sony’s sensor is present to boost the low light conditions and give you an improved version of image or video during night time. To connect your smartphone with the dash cam for access over it all the time, you need to get a Z-dashcam application from the app store.

In addition to this, a 256Gb microSD card slot is supported in this camera to give you premium yet sophisticated storage. Manage your footage through loop recording that safely secures the recording and can give you 40 hours of continuous work. In case of any vibration or shock, the videos are locked with the help of a G sensor so that no one can tamper with it.

5- AVISIGHT 3 Channel Dash Cam Front and Rear

AVISIGHT 3 Channel Dash Cam Front and Rear

Operating on lithium ion batteries, Avisight is a 3 channel dash cam for the front and back of your car. To give you all rounded and 360 protection from theft, vandalism and property damage, this dash cam is super affordable.

A full HD video supports 1080p resolution on the front and 720 pixels in the rear camera. Having the support of 170 degrees wide angle captures most of the road’s width and moving objects on the farthest end of the frame.

Moreover, loop recording keeps the footage to be in constant working but it avoids overwriting the same or oldest ones. Get a dash cam that serves you G sensor which helps in locking the video in case it detects shock, vibration or collision.

Even in a parked zone, it can sense gravity and you need to turn on this feature in order for it to work properly. Worry not since you have the on hand control of your dash cam, this will not be a problem anymore.

Inside the car, you can see a 4 inches IPS screen that not only presents colors in their best form, but it also serves you extra clean cut vision during the night time. It is all possible with HDR support on this device that has the capabilities of the best dash cameras in this price tag.

Further, this device can work in tough conditions like in -4 degrees to 158 degree fahrenheit hot climate. Not only this, Avisight made this camera easy to install without any expert’s help. So the next time anyone tells you to do this job of putting this dash cam up, know that they are a scam.

6- Rexing V1 – 4K Ultra HD Car Dash Cam

Rexing V1 - 4K Ultra HD Car Dash Cam

Rexing V1 has changed the pace of Dash cameras and brought revolution to the game. Like this device comes with 4k resolution in ultra high definition clarity on its 2.4 inches LCD screen. Drive safe and keep an eye on the surroundings seems like the brand’s motto behind creating this genius.

Not only safety but it will capture all the beautiful sceneries in 2160p resolution at best. On the other hand, you get to see 7 layer glass lenses that are known to present the best lighting situation. The wide dynamic range is responsible for adjusting the overly exposing or under exposing parts and serve you the right lighting in dim environments.

For keeping the camera working in harsh conditions, this cam can withstand up to -21 to 175 degrees F. These temperatures cannot decrease the life of the cam instead it allows you to get the all round protection you deserve.

With an attractive price tag, the brand focuses on 24/7 recording features in parking mode too. There will be 20 second video recording in case of vibration detection in this mode. On the side note, loop recording will make your videos recorded in intervals of a minute and stored automatically in the SD card that it contains.

In case you do not use the old recordings and the storage is full, this loop recording feature will overwrite the older videos to keep you unbothered on your road trip. A g-sensor is also present that detects gravity or collision and will lock the video so that no one can get their hands on it.

7- GILAYGROW 4K Dual Dash Cam Front and Rear

GILAYGROW 4K Dual Dash Cam Front and Rear

What if you can record the scenery on your way to your favorite place for less than $100? There is a solution for that which made Gilaygrow create such a device. A dash cam that can record stunning details of mother nature in stable 4K resolution.

This dual camera setup has it both ways in 4k and in 1080p recording modes with HD content ready at hand. You can capture the former in 24FPS and the latter in 30FPS speed. Good dash cams are important these days when you want to protect your assets and these can help you in great ways.

As the technology advances, built-in GPS is now a thing that will coordinate with you in real time. You can reach your destination sooner than you think without wandering into the wrong streets and addresses. This cam is able to play your ground track in its downloadable and customized player so you do not have to look at the screen again and again.

Having night vision in the system will give you clear footage of the road and the surrounding areas. No blurry vision will stop you from going to your destination and in case of a failed mishap like theft, even the night cannot hide it.

Its massive F1.8 aperture with true WDR technology enables low light conditions to become bright and vivid through sharp imagery.

Furthermore, loop recording will help your old videos overwrite when storage runs out whereas the G sensor will lock them in case vibration or collision is detected.

Keep the parking mode set when you are away from your vehicle so that it can function well without you worrying about it.A backup camera is also present to assist you with backup parking safely.

Best Dash Cam Under $100 Buying Guide

Any user who is worried about their car’s security will understand the importance of dash cams. These machines are designed to work your way through tough situations and on beautiful roads while you drive worry free. When getting yourself a dash cam under $100 category, there are few things that you should know that there is no compromise on protection and security.


Getting a clear image and video is the main goal of the dash cam when it is placed in your car. You can get 1080p and even 4K recording or both in some models at different frames per second speed. Choose a dual camera setup for your front and back to give all round protection 360.


Some cameras come in LCDs of more than 3 inches that allows you to see what the cameras are capturing. They also let you park safely onto the points without colliding with anything.l

Loop recording:

You usually have an SD card slot in your dash cam’s chassis which can hold up to 256Gb storage and even more if you put the right card. The videos that are automatically started and recorded are stored into this card. When you run out of space, this feature will be overwritten on the older videos to keep the protection intact.


When you have this sensor, your dash cam will lock the video so no tampering is possible. In case of a collision, shock or vibration, you can investigate later and find the real culprit of the situation.

Night vision:

You can achieve great brightness and clarity through a wide F1.8 aperture. This feature will make low light conditions brighter in the footage to give you the precise details in every frame.

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