Best Deck Cleaner Consumer Reports

Best Deck Cleaner Consumer Reports 2020

Find out what is the best deck cleaners consumer reports reviews 2020. These best composite deck cleaner brightener are selected after testing more than 2 dozen products.

The best wood deck cleaner will change a tired-looking deck to the original beauty of the wood. It is important to use only the top rated cleaner for decking, but not just any outdoor cleaning product, as you want to be caring the wood as you remove any stains and/or algae.

Best Deck Cleaners

  1. Best Deck Brightener: Simple Green 18201 Deck Cleaner
    Versatile and safe to use. Easy to use. No pressure washer needed.
  2. Best Deck Cleaner before Staining: Woodrich Heavy-Duty Wood & Desk Cleaner
    Affordable. Excellent coverage. Safe for any outdoor surface.
  3. Best Mold & Algae Stain Remover: Wet and Forget 10587 Deck Cleaner
    No scrubbing or power washing needed. No bleach and phosphorous. Removes mold and algae stains.
  4. Best Biodegradable: Wet and Forget 800003 Deck Cleaner
    No power washer needed. Easy to use. Long-lasting results.
  5. Best Deck Cleaner For Mold and Mildew: Star Brite Non-Skid Deck Cleaner
    Effective results on various hard surfaces. used to remove green mold from wood deck. Also to remove green mildew from deck.
  6. Best Cleaner for Tiles and Grout: RMR-86 Deck Cleaner
    Quick results. Simple and easy to use. Cost-effective.
  7. Best Deck Cleaner For Pressure Washer: SIMPLE GREEN Pressure Washer Concentrate
    Multi-purpose deck cleaner. Eliminate bacterial odors. Suitable for carpet cleaning.
  8. Best Eco-Friendly: Spray & Forget SF1G-J Deck Cleaner
    Economical. No rinsing required. Non-corrosive and eco-friendly.
  9. Best Hardwood: Spray & Forget SFHD64OZ Deck Cleaner
    No rinsing or scrubbing needed. Affordable. Environmentally safe.
  10. Best Spray: Scotts Plus OxiClean Outdoor Deck Cleaner
    Works great for cement, stone, vinyl, brick, patio furniture. Safe to use around plants and fabrics. No chlorine bleach and phosphate.
  11. Best Cleaner for Hard Surfaces: DEFY Exterior Desk Cleaner
    Easy to use. Suitable for various types of wood surfaces. Prevents regrowth.
  12. Best Cleaner with a Hose: Mr. Clean FG411 Deck Cleaner
    Ergonomic hose-end sprayer. No scrubbing needed. Safe to use around plants and fabric.
  13. Best Deck Cleaning Solution: Sun Joe SPX-HDC1G Deck Cleaner
    Biodegradable and non-toxic. Versatile. Easy to use.
  14. Best Cleaner for Wooden Furniture: 30 Seconds Outdoor Deck Cleaner
    No pressure washing. Safe to use around plants and lawn. Versatile.
  15. Best Cleaner for Fencing and Wood Sidings: WM BARR FG505 Deck Cleaner
    Restore natural wood color. No scrubbing needed. Versatile.

Types of Deck Cleaners

Deck cleaners are designed to remove a host of eyesores, including grime, grease, stains, mold, and mildew from different types of decks, so choose one specifically suited to both the decking material and the type of stain or debris.

  • Best for dirty wood decks, choose an all-purpose wood deck cleaner.
  • For dull or weathered wood decks, choose a “brightening” or restorative cleaner.
  • For mold and mildew, choose a cleaner with mildewcide, resist mist composite deck cleaner.
  • Suitable for composite decking, don’t use a wood deck cleaner. Choose one specialized for composite lumber.
  • For painted decks, use a gentle all-purpose cleaner without ammonia.


The high quality deck cleaning product for composite decks is the Star Brite Non-Skid Deck Cleaner. Also sodium percarbonate deck cleaners can be really useful. It reliably cleans surfaces without too much effort, is biodegradable, and seals the deck with a wax-like protective finish. At under $30, it also costs considerably less than its popular compositions deck cleaning competitors.

For wooden decks, the SIMPLE GREEN Oxy Solve Deck and Fence Pressure Washer Cleaner ranks most highly. It is affordable, environmentally friendly, and has a better success rate at effectively cleaning heavily soiled decks, though it may take several applications.

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