Top 15 Best Dive Computers for Beginners

Here is out list of best best dive computers for beginners 2021 and best dive computers under 500. The top rated dive computers is also the easiest to use.

List of Best Dive Computers for Beginners

What is the best dive computers for a beginner? Check out the list given below.

  1. Aqua Lung I470TC Scuba Dive Computer
  2. Cressi Cartesio Scuba Diving Computers
  3. Cressi Michelangelo
  4. Garmin Descent MK1 Stainless Steel
  5. Garmin Descent MK1 Titanium
  6. Genesis Centauri Dive Computer With Compass
  7. Mares Genius
  8. Mares Quad Air

Best Air Integrated Dive Computers

#1. Aqua Lung I470TC

Best Air Integrated Dive Computer

With wireless air-integration and Bluetooth for downloading and sharing via the free Diverlog+ app, the i470TC offers a wealth of features in an ergonomic, watch-sized computer.

For increased safety, it features programmable audible alarms (including a user-selectable deep stop) and an additional high-visibility LED warning light.

It’s powered by a user-replaceable battery.

Air integrated, watch sized dive computer pairs with up to three transmitters.

#2. Cressi Cartesio

Best Dive Computer for Beginners

The Cartesio combines user friendly operation and a bold legible screen. The two but ton interface allows intuitive navigation; the screen is compact, but display data clearly, thanks to it bold characters.

The dive computer features a back light to further enhance visibility.

The enriched air capable Cartesio can handle two nitrox mixes and includes a free-diving mode.

Watch sized dive computer is stylish and easy to use.

Best Dive Computers Under 500

#3. Cressi Michelangelo

best dive computer under 500

This robust computer features a high contrast display and one button operation. It has two tank switching and it nitrox compatible, best dive computers under 300.

The clearly separates data and makes it easy to check at a glance; a back-light boosts visibility.

The dive computer is powered by a user replaceable battery and can connect to Macs, PCs and smartphones with optional interface cables.

Single button operation is well suited for newer divers.

#4. Garmin Descent MK1 Stainless Steel

Garmin Descent MK1 Stainless Steel

The Descent features multi-gas, trimix, apnea and CCR modes in a full color smart watch.

It also features a three axis compass, surface GPS tracking, 200-dive onboard log and a heart rate monitor.

In addition, It touts several multi-sports functions for tracking everything from running and swimming to playing golf and skydiving.

Smart watch capability with advanced diving features and surface GPS.

#5. Garmin Descent MK1 Titanium

best dive computers under 300

Outfitted with a sapphire crystal lens and titanium band, this computer is nitrox compatible and has modes for multigas, trimix, CCR and freediving.

The three-axis compass can be accessed by double tapping the display while diving. Clearly a dive computers for advanced divers and specialists.

Underwater alerts and alarms can be customized, and the computer operates for 40 hours in dive mode on a single charge.

Heart rate monitor with multi-sport functionality and performance metrics.

#6. Genesis Centauri

This new multi mode wrist dive computer can handle air, nitrox or free diving duties and is comfortable and stylish enough for daily wear as a watch.

Running the Buhlmann ZHL-16C algorithm with a choice of 3 conservative settings. It has audible and vibrating alarms and adjustable font size display.

It’s powered by a convenient rechargeable battery.

Simplified setting and function navigation for intuitive operation.

#7. Mares Genius Dive Computer With Transmitter

This flagship dive computer features a full color display in a platform that’s surprisingly easy to operate.

The high resolution LCD display screen, nearly 2.7 inches diagonally, lets you absorb data at a glance.

It’s the best option if you are looking for a dive computer under 1000 dollars.

Its highly customizable deco algorithm has gradient factors and predictive multi-gas functions. It pairs with up to 5 transmitters and operates for 40 hours on a full charge.

Customizes to your physical condition and dive conditions.

#8. Mares Quad Air Dive Computer

The generous 11/2 by 21/7 inch screen lets the Quad Air display data in a layout that makes all the info easy to see at a glance, with large characters and clear titles.

The four button operation and intuitive menu make it simple to navigate, and its powered by a user replaceable battery.

Despite its screen size, its ergonomic design makes it comfortable even on smaller wrists.

Large format screen with air integration at an affordable price.

Choosing the Dive Computers

Our computer testing is designed to evaluate two aspects of performance: how the computer’s decompression algorithm compares to others, and how easily and effectively the computer interfaces with a potential new user in terms of intuitive operation, clarity of data and ease of reading.

To gauge algorithm performance, we conduct a series of four test dives, designed to simulate a full day of diving, at the University of Southern California Catalina Hyperbaric Chamber, recording no-decompression times at multiple stages during each dive.

We use this data to gauge their performance as liberal, conservative or average among the test group.

Test divers evaluate each computer in nine categories including intuitiveness of operation, ease of reading underwater and at the surface, ease of navigating menus, and effectiveness of other features such as digital compass and alternate screen data.

Divers also rate the effectiveness of a computer’s controls as well as its overall ergonomics. We also conduct simulated dives in a small pressure chamber to evaluate each computer’s performance in situations not suitable for test dives, such as warnings, alarms and instructions displayed during rapid ascents or missed decompression.

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