Best Drawing Tablets for Kids (10 Year Old, iPad, Android, Cheapest)

Find out the best drawing tablets for kids 10 year old, beginners, teenager, iPad and android tablets.

Kids love doodling, right? Almost every kid has the urge o drawing their favorite characters, cartoons or simply doodling. They usually draw on note books or drawing books but then forget to complete or improve the drawings.

The drawings left unpolished and then they got vanished or were lost in old notebooks. To save the creativity of your kid you surely need drawing tablets. Drawing tablets are such devices on which you can draw or sketch through a linked pen or stylus.

Those ideas which cannot be translated to some graphic designers of cannot be made on the computer software can be transmitted to the gaming Pc’s with these drawing tablets by drawing the idea od your mind on to the drawing area. There are many types of drawing tablets available in the market.

Some are very basic in nature and only servers the purpose of kids drawing or cartoon and video playing. Whereas some of the tablets are advanced and multipurpose and they serve different professions too. These are the connectable graphic tablets which gets connected with PCs to draw your idea in reality.

Graphic designers or animators use such tablets for sketching and shading, teachers use them for lectures and college students or kids use them for their art assignments or diagrams.

We have researched the whole market and pulled out the best drawing tablets for kids to save you from the hassle of searching. These tablets are not only good for kids but also serve adults too. Have a look at the details below and choose the one which suits you the best!

List of Best Drawing Tablets for Kids

  1. Huion Inspiroy H1060P Graphics Drawing Tablet
  2. All-new Fire HD 10 Kids tablet
  3. Apple iPad Mini
  4. XP-PEN Artist12 SML FHD Drawing Monitor
  5. Wacom Intuos Graphics Drawing Tablet for Mac
  6. XP-PEN Deco 01 V2 Graphics Tablet
  7. HUION HS64 Digital Graphics Drawing Tablet

1- Huion Inspiroy H1060P Graphics Drawing Tablet

Huion Inspiroy H1060P Graphics Drawing Tablet

Huion Inspiroy H1060P graphic drawing tablet with a battery-free stylus is very convenient and easy to use. With the display or work area size of 10 x 6.25 inches, any user even kids can draw very easily.

Now draw any tangled lines or curved drawings Projects as creative as you think.  The tilt recognition function can detect up to 60 levels and the stylus works with hive pressure sensitivity of 8192 levels.

This Huion Inspiroy tablet provide you with very accurate cursor positioning having different angles up to 60 levels tilt recognition. Equipped with PW100 handy and battery-free stylus which enables you with 233PPS report rate. The stylus is of 10mm height, very lightweight and eco-friendly design and on top it does not needs charging. 

This Huion Inspiroy graphic tablet comes with 8192 levels of high-pressure sensitivity and 5080LPI screen resolution making every stroke easy and more fluent. The pressure sensitivity is 4X times higher than other similar tablets available in the market.

With up to 16 Customized Soft Keys this Huion Inspiroy tablet gives you maximum control over the drawing preferences. These keys enable a variety of different shortcut combinations which you can easily set any function you required for those keys according to your usage or choice.

2- All-new Fire HD 10 Kids tablet

Amazon All-new Fire HD kids tablet is full of all the hot demanding features in the market. You can draw on this tablet, do school or work assignments, drone, watch movie and cartoon and much more with this 10.1 inches Ultra HD display amazon tablet.

Amazon offers parent control panel, customized settings, conditions and restrictions and 2 years warranty of this tablet. Dual HD cameras, USB-C (2.0) port for charging, and up to 1 TB of expandable storage are also the noticeable features. 

This All-new fire tablet for kids by amazon is the easiest tablet to use by the children. They can easily select icons or items to play with. Easy to read and view icon and titles, compatible with Chromecast, single click or swipe operations and fast response on tapping is the key factors of this tablet.

Moreover, parental controls and settings are also enabled so that the parents can restrict or give access to the programs to their kids.

This tablet for kids by amazon is equipped with multiple high demanding features and advanced technologies. Tis tablet features octa core processors for the fastest operations.

3GB RAM is enabled for delay free videos and drawings, HD display for colorful and clear graphics and 10.1’’ fully HD display. Further more this tablet comes with a break free kids proof case with it which protects the tablet and its display screen. 

With this tablet you will get access of Amazon Kids+ for 1 whole year. Moreover, you can access over 20,000 books, apps and popular games, songs, audio books, videos and much more. 

3- Apple iPad Mini

Apple iPad Mini

Apple mini-iPad features iPad OS 14 which have many custom design features and ease of usage. This iPad comes with 7.9 inches HD retina display having true and natural tones and colors, Touch ID fingerprint sensor and dual cameras.

The stereo speakers give clear voice and music notes. Moreover, this iPad have a good battery life of up to 10 hours. This iPad supports 1st generation Apply pencil too. You can use this iPad to draw, to play games, to watch videos or to jo your daily routine work assignments. Choice is yours!

This mini-Apple iPad comes with the power of retina display which is a patented technology of Apple. Retina display is basically a HD display having more denser pixels in much quantity that a naked human eye cannot differentiate those pixels. The images appear on such screen are more merged, beautiful, HD and alive. 

This Mini bomb is full of many amazing features. One of them is Touch ID or fingerprint sensor. You can lock the iPad and can only lock with your fingerprint scan only. This saves a lot of time by excluding password typing and remembering. 

Apply mini-iPad has 8MP back and 7MP front camera embedded in it. You can click photos, talk on face time or just click your selfie with the iPad and you will be amazed by the results. Additionally, this device has a long battery life of up to 10 hours, so take it anywhere with you and stay connected with our friends and family. 

4- XP-PEN Artist12 SML FHD Drawing Monitor

XP-PEN Artist12 SML FHD Drawing Monitor

This XP-Pen Artist12 drawing tablet is a new sweet spot in the market. Especially for designers and artists this device is like a must have. You can draw do digital drawing, creative animation, personalized sketching, photo/image editing, 3D Modeling and what’s Not! With the pressure sensitivity of 8192 levels the battery free stylus and the tablet combo can do wonders for you.!

XP-PEN give you the liberty to draw your ideas through your hands. If you are a creative artist, you really need this drawing monitor. Just connect it with your computer and start drawing with the pen and voila!

The sketches you draw on this monitor will be shown up on the computer screen which is connected. I support Windows 7 or above and in IOs it supports Mac 10.10 or above. This drawing monitor is fully compatible with Photoshop, Illustrator, SAI, Painter, MediBang, Clip Studio, and more. 

XP-Pen Artist12 artistic drawing tablet is the latest 1920×1080 High-definition display equipped with 72% NTSC (100%SRGB) Color Gamut, which provides you with ultra-HD vivid images, vibrant and alive colors, and extreme detailing for a stunning display of your creative artwork.

It comes with an anti-reflective screen protector which is pre-installed in it. There are 6 customizable shortcut keys and a sleek touch bar to scroll up or down or zoom in or out. 

XP-PEN has the most advanced P06 passive drawing pen which gives you the feel of a traditional pencil. With its unique hexagon shape design, non-slip flexible glue grip, a partially transparent tip, and an eraser end at the back, this stylus is a symbol of high efficiency and performance revolution. 

5- Wacom Intuos Graphics Drawing Tablet for Mac

Wacom Intuos Graphics Drawing Tablet for Mac (CTL4100)

Wacom Intuos Graphic drawing tablet provides you with the freedom of drawing by your hand to create the imaginative ideas in reality. This drawing tablet is compatible with MAC, Windows and Android and can be connected to any of these to start the creative work.

Having 6.0 x 3.7 active working area, Battey free high pressure sensitivity pen, and customizable shortcut keys, this tablet can be used for drawing, writing, teaching and other artistic purposes.

This Wacom Intuos Graphic designing tablet is compatible with almost all of the PCs and devices you have. It is compatible with Mac 10.10 and above, Windows 7 and all later versions.

Chromebook with latest Chrome OS and Android smartphones or tablets having OS version 6.0 or above. Get this tablet connected easily with the USB port allotted and start sketching!

This Wacom graphic designing tablet is small and compact size having 7.8 x 6.3 inches size in total and pretty large active display of 6.0 x 3.7 inches. It has four Express Keys which are fully customizable and you can put all of your favorite shortcuts on these keys like copy or paste and undo or redo.

With the pressure sensitivity level of 4096 you are fully in charge of making drawings, sketches, painting and any kind of photo editing.

Wacom Intuos drawing tablet comes with 3-month free trials of EdTech software specially designed for teachers. Just register your tablet to enjoy multiple apps including Kami App, Explain Everything, Limnu, Pear Deck and Collaboard. 

6- XP-PEN Deco 01 V2 Graphics Tablet

XP-PEN Deco 01 V2 Graphics Tablet

With wider compatibility, increased usability and freedom of customization this XP-Pen’s Deco 01 V2 graphic designing tablet is ruling the industry. The tablet has the wider screen of 10 x 6.25 inches which is considered a good space to work on structures or sketches.

This is also good for teachers to give visual presentations while lectures. Providing you 8 shortcut keys and battery free stylus to work on the creative ideas.

The Deco 01 V2 by XP-Pen is an expansive tablet which is not only big but also brilliant. It is thoughtfully designed to literally push out the limits of shortcut keys and drawing space or area.

With a10 x 6.25-inches of working area, artists get ample space to create their imaginary on to the screens. It encourages up to 60 degrees of tilt brush effect and ensure the perfectly smooth and natural lines and strokes delivery along with the ability to add light or dark shading or highlighting in your sketches. 

With the levels of 8192 instant pen pressure increased sensitivity, this tablet provides you with limitless control and flexibility for your creativity. No charging is required for the stylus to work.

Eight customizable round shortcut keys are available to fit your preferences and fingertips. The blind spot reduction design of this tablet let’s you find the Express keys positions efficiently.

The Deco 01 V2 by XP-Pen is fully compatible with Windows 7/8/10 and above, MAC OS X 10.10 and later versions and Android 6.0 and all next versions and Chrome OS 88.0.4324.109 or later versions. This tablet fully supports also Photoshop, SAI, Illustrator, Painter, Clip Studio, and many moreThis Drawing Tablet is Compatible with Mac.

7- HUION HS64 Digital Graphics Drawing Tablet

HUION HS64 Digital Graphics Drawing Tablet

HUION HS64 artistic digital graphic drawing tablet is thoughtfully designed with slim, sleek and compact size having the active drawing area of 6.3x4inches. This device is portable and easy to carry anywhere with you.

You can use it for the teaching lectures, drawing assignments, creative animation tasks and other drawing works too. The battery free pen has switching buttons to change between pen and eraser mode and high-pressure sensitivity od 8192 levels.

This Huion HS64 graphic designing tablet is not only compatible with Windows and Mac but also supports Android 6.0 or later versions through included OTG adapters.

So, with this tablet, turn your phones into drawing canvases. This tablet is easy to use that’s why it is ideal for kids and beginners for animation, drawing, photo-editing or design tasks in all compatible software including Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, SAI, corel draw and Corel painter, sketchbook, clip studio painter, manga studio and many more.

The PW100 digital pen comes with 8192 levels of ultra-pressure sensitivity,5080LPI resolution and no-lag virtually, enables you the ultimate performance, precision and control.

This pen needs no charging and its totally battery free. The side buttons on the pen help you to switch between pen mode and eraser mode instantly.

You can set up four programmable express keys for your preferred shortcuts to optimize your work flow. It is also equally beneficial for left and right-handed users both. The Micro USB interface in the tablet helps you transmit the drawing data more quickly and effectively.

Best Drawing Tablets for Kids Buying Guide:

The following guideline will help you in choosing a right tablet for you. Have a look!

Easy to use:

The tablets must be easy to use with basic operations so that the kids can use them without any problem or confusion. Parent controls must be there for the restrictions and access of kids. Ease of navigation and setup counts a lot.

Portable, Lightweight, and easy charging:

Always choose the most lightweight and portable tablets which are also travel-friendly. So that you don’t worry to take the tablet with you. You may need your tablets anywhere you go for work or the kids can demand for them so portable tablets with longer battery life, easy and fast charging must be the main preferences.

Latest models:

Always opt for the latest models of any company or brand you choose. The latest models always come with more features and resoled flaws from the previous ones.

Versatile and multipurpose:

Choose such tablets which fulfill you all daily drawing or sketching needs. The tablet must be equally useful for kids, teachers, adults, designers and a common person who just want to see videos.

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