Best Fans For Mining Rig (Mining Rig Fan Setup, 120MM)

The best fans for mining rigs are the ones that are low noise, consume less power, and can last longer than any other product in your reach. This is all possible when you keep the factors in front of you lay on the table. These features include 120mm and 140mm fan sizes to bring the maximum air penetration possible.

To run at the optimal speed of 85 to 38 cubic feet per minute of airflow, keep the static pressure alive for quick elimination of heat. The runtime of these fans are incredibly amazing as they can reach 50,000 to 150,000 hours. Most of the users are annoyed by the sound level of the fan so you can get only 19dB of noise level.

For ultra quiet operation at hand, you have the peace present in the system. Furthermore, the 7 blade or sleeved blade design will make the operation even smooth. Keep those rigs ready for action because now, you can dig for hours without worrying about system crashes.

Another positive feature is the longevity of the fan that is possible with dual ball bearings. For even more protection, anti vibration pads are also available for the user to get them plugged in. to control the speed and operation of the fan, 4-pin PWM cable is responsible.

Considering the speed of the spinning, 2500 RPM is the best you can get in this category. Some of these fans operate at 110V to 240V and starts from 0- 2000 RPM as it gets the system ready for action and stable performance.

List of Best Fan For Mining Rig

  1. Wathai Big Airflow 120mm Fan 110V 240V AC Power Supply
  2. Kingwin 120mm Silent Fan for Computer Cases, Mining Rig
  3. SilverStone Technology AP120i-PRO Air Penetrator 120mm Air Channeling Fan
  4. Rosewill 120mm Case Fan 4-Pack, Long Life Sleeve Bearing Computer Case Fan
  5. Corsair AF120 LED Low Noise Cooling Fan Triple Pack
  6. Noctua NF-P14s redux-1200 PWM, Quiet Fan

1- Wathai Big Airflow 120mm Fan 110V 240V AC Power Supply

Wathai Big Airflow 120mm Fan 110V 240V AC Power Supply

Multiple GPUs will generate more heat during the mining operation and this is why you need to install more fans in your rig. There are several brands and options present in the market so to keep up with the uprising of cooling systems, you better choose something that goes with everything.

Wathai big airflow contains a 120mm fan size that is programmed for working in server stations, studios, PCs, refrigerators and more. It is powered from 110V to 220V and with this feature, you get to control the speed of it as well through a knob. Being accommodating is how the brand has added the adjustment of speed function.

There is a double metal net that protects it from the intervention of the outside sources. You get to see the fan blades working normally without the involvement of anything that comes in its way. To increase the average life of a fan, it works with dual ball bearings and is capable of running 50,000 hours.

Their position is placed flat on the surface and stands upright if you hold them straight. Having the size of 9 inches in length and 12V rated, these dual fans have the speed of 2500 RPM and an airflow of 85 CFM. On the other hand, only 35dBA noise comes out of it, which can be a little too much for some people who want utter peace.

Keep the direction of the wind consistent or inconsistent through the DIY procedure. This feature allows the wind’s direction to move where you want it to move.

2-Kingwin 120mm Silent Fan for Computer Cases, Mining Rig

Kingwin 120mm Silent Fan for Computer Cases, Mining Rig

Silent operation is something that most of the user’s are not properly aware of and this is why they often lose focus while working. There has to be a way that gives you full power of the cooling system without disrupting your peace and focus.

As you come to know that there are a lot of options in the market, it might get confusing for you to choose the one you need.

This is why Kingwin brings a 120mm fan that is the absolute best for mining rigs because it is made for them. Specifically for CPU coolers and other computer parts, the cooling factor cannot be ignored. Only 19 dB of noise level is expected from this capable product so that the near silent operation continues to grow.

After connecting this fan with a 3 pin connector, its compatibility with the desktop system increases to a great extent. This model CF-012LB comes with a 25mm long bearing case. To bring the best ventilation possible for your system, it has maximum airflow capacity in its design.

In case the 3 pin connector does not suit you, it can also be attached with a 4 pin power connector as well. You can rely on this fan since it has been optimized through the enhancement of static pressure. This way better cooling reaches your entire system and it can run for 100,000 hours.

When things go way too overheated, this 40 CFM airflow will immediately start to cool things off so that the system does not crash down. Also consider the 7 blade design that brings balance, volumed air pressure and stronger yet faster heat dissipation.

3- SilverStone Technology AP120i-PRO Air Penetrator 120mm Air Channeling Fan

SilverStone Technology AP120i-PRO Air Penetrator 120mm  Air Channeling Fan

Being the leading industry for making desktop counterparts, Silverstone has a name and brand identity most tech people recognize.

When you are a serious mining expert, you will understand the efficiency of the fans that your system so desperately needs. Mining itself can be quite a tiring task for your system no matter how high-end it is.

This technology brings 4 pin PWM cable to control and connect the AP120i-Pro air penetrator. A 120mm sized fan like this is made with a grille design that can push the win pressure up to 60cm. It is one of the reasons why this fan will make a great intake case component.

With the mix fan blade design, it can increase the overall airflow capacity without bringing too much noise. It only gets 38.9 dB while operating but some people might think it is too loud as compared to the same size any other brand offers.

On the other hand, the difference lies in the double grille that acts as the fan guard and reduces the bulkiness of the design.

Thankfully this fan consumes less power and its speed can range from 0 to 2000 RPM through the PWM controlling feature. This allows the user to get the performance as he demands at the moment.

A static pressure of 2.52mm H2O will also be present for the tech geeks to notice and monitor its performance.

For increasing the life expectancy of this fan, thank the dual ball bearings that bring smoothness and longevity in running. In addition to this, the airflow can go as high as 74 CFM.

4- Rosewill 120mm Case Fan 4-Pack, Long Life Sleeve Bearing Computer Case Fan

Rosewill 120mm Case Fan 4-Pack, Long Life Sleeve Bearing Computer Case Fan

A cooling system or fan brings the optional state of your system without you worrying about spiking it out of control. Gear up with the products that enhance the capability of your rig and not reduce it with time. Rosewill understands the importance of optimal temperature inside the PC and invented the 120mm case fan.

Coming in 4 piece-pack for all your system or other needs around the house, ROCF-13001 cooling kit has a great edge for overclocking. There is a 3 pin connector and LP4 connection that will serve you in different settings and devices. The robust yet quiet cooling functions at 1200 RPM maximum speed.

Actively increasing the life of the fan comes sleeved bearing that makes this fan last longer than your entire mainstream system. Such great selection of components and construction gives a fine performance during crypto mining and years of worry free usage.

Even the fan blades are sleeved so that you can keep the extra heat far away from the system and its sensitive parts. You get to heat 22 dBA of noise while the airflow can reach 38.2 cubic feet per minute.

Running at 12V DC power, it starts at the very clear number of 7V DC voltage. Get this ultra quiet operating fan for the PC that deserves nothing but the stability and backing of a powerful fan.

5- Corsair AF120 LED Low Noise Cooling Fan Triple Pack – White Cooling

Corsair AF120 LED Low Noise Cooling Fan Triple Pack

For the users who are extra conscious about their desktop frying outdoor collapsing mid mining, we have something brilliant for them. Corsair’s invention of the triple cooling fan AF120 that comes within a pack of 3. Even the aesthetics are being taken care of so that there is no option left for the user to object.

This pack is constructed with 4 hub LEDs mounted on the fan that gives glow in the dark vibes. This bright yet appealing lighting will give your system a unique look especially in a tempered glass PC case. Keep the static pressure at its best when the airflow combines with it so that it keeps a strong hold of the moving air.

Its highest airflow can reach up to 52 CFM at the peak speed of 1400 RPM during operation. Moreover, the custom fan blade design works incredibly fast and smooth with hydraulic bearings. This deadly combination allows you to have the lowest noise of only 26dB.

Some users might believe that the lower the noise gets, the speed or efficiency of the system is also  decreasing. But luckily that is not the case here in this model. It allows you to use the pressure as the case fan that can be utilized with the Hydro series of Corsair.

You might have heard people saying that the LEDs disturb their eyesight while working in a dark room. Corsair has solved this issue without tuning down the aesthetically pleasing factor of these fans. It has added diffused illumination that is possible with opaque fan blades.

6- Noctua NF-P14s redux-1200 PWM, Quiet Fan

Noctua NF-P14s redux-1200 PWM, Quiet Fan

A powerful rig deserves an incredible cooling system that has features which bedazzle the tech geeks and all other users. It is unbelievable to consider that this kind of product might be present in the market but there is. The truth about fans for mining system’s is that their design and running capacity determines it all.

Let Noctua NF-P14s redux bring the best out of your system while keeping it running under optimal state. We all know that overheating can cause the system to crash so paying more attention towards it makes a lot of sense. With a noise level of 19.6 dB to be precise, the airflow capacity can get as high as 64.92 cubic feet per minute.

This 140mm fan is capable of running 150,000 h MTTF as it operates on 12V power. While satisfying thousands of customers around the world, this brand has won over 100 awards for its computer hardware accessories. As many recommendations as they can get, Noctua plans to keep the operation not too noisy.

This powerhouse runs at amazing static pressure and you get to see a square frame that can hold radiators for water cooling. Even the chassis alonne has been designed for proper ventilation so no air is trapped inside the system. To attach the fan so it starts working right away, you need to connect it with a 4-pin PWM cable.

Its 1200 RPM speed will keep the extra heat away from the system as much as you keep viruses away from your software. There is excellent balance of maximum performance yet quietness in the fan operation. You can also control the speed of it through the automatic motherboard control feature.

Best Fans For Mining Rig Buying Guide

Most of the mining rigs contain more than 2 GPUs and up to 6 of them. When the components that are present in the system will overheat, you need to consider the fans that will dissipate heat as quickly as a fox. There are some pointers to notice besides the efficiency and budget of the products.


Getting the maximum speed of the fan will keep the penetration process of air active. You can expect 1200 RPM as in Rosewill case fan to 2500 RPM as Wathai big airflow fan offers.

So that you have the exact numbers to deal with. Some brands offer you the automatic control through motherboard or with PWM cables. 


Getting the cubic feet per minute of the airflow makes the performance as a booster. It can range from 38 CFM as in Rosewill 4 pack case fan to 52 CFM of Corsair AF120 to be precise as it keeps the static pressure alive and kicking.

Noise level:

No one likes the noisy operation of the fan whose whirring noise will keep you distracted. When you lose the focus that you so much need during the middle of an important task, this feature should be in your priority list. The user can expect 19 dB like kingwin does up to 38.9dB.

Fan size:

There are several sizes of the fans present in the market, each suitable for different form factors of the systems. You can choose from 80mm, 120mm, 140mm and 180mm fans each with its own characteristics. 


The LED lighting must be an important factor for the appearance of the fan. You can choose the lights or the diffused illumination as Corsair AF120 fan does. Since the other LEDs can be triggering the eyesight for some users, you have other options as well.


Getting the run time of 150,000 down to 50,000 hours, dual ball bearings, anti-vibration pads makes your fans durable and long-lasting.

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