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Here is the top rated list of best fast rolling mtb tyres of 2022. Top quality best mtb tyres all round riding.

We have also includes some of the best studded fat bike tires 2022.

Best Fast-Rolling MTB Tyres

Below is the comparison table of our best fast rolling mtb tyres with detailed reviews in 2022.

List of Top Rated Best Fast-Rolling MTB Tyres

  1. Vittoria MOTA TLR G2.0
  2. Continental Der Baron Projekt ProTection Apex
  3. WTB Verdict TCS Tough/High Grip
  4. Michelin Wild Enduro Front GUM!X
  5. Maxxis Shorty 3C MaxxTerra EXO
  6. Schwalbe Magic Mary SuperGravity ADDIX Soft

1. Vittoria MOTA TLR G2.0 Best Under $100

Vittoria MOTA TLR G2.0

SO GOOD… The fastest-rolling mtb tire here, the MOTA’s narrow casing (it was 2.18in wide on our 30mm rim) helps it steer more predictably in mud and its well-spaced tread clears well and offers good grip in soft, muddy conditions.

NO GOOD… Wet braking distance is the longest on test. It’s easily knocked off-line by wet rocks and roots, due to its harder compound and narrow casing, which needs a higher pressure to prevent squirming. The slimmer profile means a harsher ride and less traction in rough terrain, and seems to dig in and lose more speed in deep mud than wider tyres.

2. Continental Der Baron Projekt ProTection Apex Best Under 100

Continental Der Baron Projekt ProTection Apex

SO GOOD… Although not mud-specific, the Baron’s short but wide-spaced tread blocks shed mud brilliantly and offer superb straight-line traction in the slop, particularly when braking. These are best winter mtb tyres, also, the casing feels less wooden than on the old version.

NO GOOD… The shoulder tread isn’t that aggressive and the tyre repeatedly understeered in soft dirt where others carved harder. It came second from bottom in our braking test, suggesting hard-conditions grip isn’t great, although it sticks to rocks better than the Vittoria. Also, it’s among the slowest-rolling here.

3. WTB Verdict TCS Tough/High Grip Best Under $100

WTB Verdict TCS Tough High Grip

SO GOOD… With tall, well-spaced tread blocks, the Verdict offers confidence inspiring grip in muddy conditions. There’s a ‘Wet’ version with even taller tread blocks, but we never felt this tyre lacking in the slop. It’s up there with the Shorty and Mary for soft-conditions grip. The compound sticks to wet rocks and roots well, and has a comfortable, well-damped feel through trail chatter.

NO GOOD… It rolls on the slower side, particularly at lower pressures. The tall tread blocks and relatively square profile make it slightly vague and unpredictable in hardpack turns when lent over hard.

4. Michelin Wild Enduro Front GUM!X Best Under $50

Michelin Wild Enduro Front GUM!X

SO GOOD… While Michelin’s MAGI-X compound impressed us in summer, it wears quickly and hardens up in cold weather. In contrast, their GUM-X rubber remains super-sticky even on cold, wet days, delivering best-on-test grip on greasy rocks. The Wild Enduro Front also stopped soonest in our wet braking test, these are the best 29er mountain Electric bike tires. Its tall shoulder tread grips well in mud, particularly when cornering, so it’s brilliant for slippery natural trails.

NO GOOD… As well as being slow-rolling for a mid-weight tyre, the square profile and flexible carcass make it unpredictable when pushed hard in hard pack berms.

5. Maxxis Shorty 3C MaxxTerra EXO Best Under $50

Maxxis Shorty 3C MaxxTerra EXO

SO GOOD… This tyre excels in sticky mud thanks to its tall shoulder tread and well-spaced blocks that shed crud fast. It digs into soft stuff, with impressive braking and cornering traction. One of the fastest rolling tyres here, thanks to its lightweight EXO casing, the Shorty is never vague or squirmy in dry conditions so can be left on all year. It’s fantastic for muddy tracks without sacrificing rolling speed.

NO GOOD… The EXO casing bounces off rocks noticeably more than better damped tyres like the Michelin and Schwalbe, making Maxxis’s reinforced Double Down casing and 3C MaxxGrip compound a better bet for rocky riding.

6. Schwalbe Magic Mary SuperGravity ADDIX Soft

Schwalbe Magic Mary SuperGravity ADDIX Soft

SO GOOD… Schwalbe’s new 2.6in Mary only measures up at 2.35 in, but is still usefully wider than the standard tyre. The tall tread is more spaced out, so it’s superb in mud, but comes into its own over rocks and hard pack, offering great traction. Rolling speed isn’t too bad either. It’s the best compromise here between rough hardpack and soft conditions – a great all-round winter tyre.

NO GOOD… It’s heavy (a lighter SnakeSkin version is available) and not quite as good in sticky mud as the Shorty. The ADDIX Soft compound isn’t as grippy as GUM-X over wet roots and rocks.

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