Best Low-Profile CPU Coolers (Overclocking, Ryzen, RGB)

Our experts reviewed the best low-profile CPU coolers, so if you’re building a small form-factor pc, you need a low profile gpu, and a small cooler, these options will work for you.

Ever listened that CPU is on fire? If not, you must not have much experience of using your PCs most of the time. Even the most powerful and strong gaming CPU units and motherboards get burned with continuous use or you can say overuse.

Usually, this problem occurs with gamers while playing games continuously. When the CPU remains in operation constantly, it got heated up and ends up getting burned. Gamers used VGA cards which also put a load on the CPU separately.

Other reasons of CPU burning might be continued operation or power to the CPU. To resolve this issue and make your PC secure from this burning condition, CPU coolers came into existence. CPU coolers are such devices which get adjusted in the CPU frames and have the capacity of cooling down the chipset with fans and heatsinks.

The CPU cooler works by pulling out all the heat generated by the CPU and pushing cool and fresh air to the gaming motherboard to keep it away from burning. The cooler can be of many types, shapes and colors with different sizes and heights.

Some of the coolers are more powerful and can cool down the bigger systems with heavy sockets and infrastructure. Some of the coolers are very small in height and foot print ideal for small frame computers and compact cases. There are many options and brands of CPU coolers available in the market.

If you want to buy the best i7-12700k CPU cooler than you must do some research in the market and gather reviews from the users on the internet. After doing satisfactory research on each option, you must choose the best among all.

For your convenience and ease we have done the difficult part of researching and brings you the best available CPU coolers in the market. Review each of them with all the details below and make a best choice!

List of Best Low-Profile CPU Coolers

  1. Thermaltake Engine 27 1U Low-Profile cooling fan
  2. Be quiet! Shadow Rock LPCPU Cooler
  3. Cryorig C1 ITX Top Flow Cooler
  4. Noctua NH-L9i, Premium Low-Profile CPU Cooler
  5. Cryorig C7-47mm Tall, SFF Mini ITX CPU Heatsink
  6. Cooler Master MasterAir G200P RGB Low-Profile CPU Air Cooler
  7. SilverStone NT08-115XP Height Low Profile CPU Cooler

1- Thermaltake Engine 27 1U Low-Profile cooling fan

Thermaltake Engine 27 1U Low-Profile cooling fan

Thermaltake engine 27 is an intel socket (LGA 1150/1151/1155/1156) compatible low profile cooling fan which gets adjusted at any angle with the CPU.

It efficiently pulls the hot air from the CPU and push cooling airflow in the CPU to cool it down. Radial arrangement with 119 fins can minimize the gap between the fins and the fan so that hot air can be exhausted efficiently and more rapidly.

To achieve new heights of performance with optimal size and low noise, Thermaltake Engine 27 1U Low-Profile CPU Cooler is the ideal choice. Specially designed with minimum height size of 27mm, fine metallic structure and high-quality copper base, it supports Intel Sockets including LGA 1150/1151/1155/1156.

Moreover, with the built-in PWM fan and metallic blades and fins design, the Engine 27 guarantees extremely low noise level without compromising on the cooling performance.

Engine 27 offers a premium metallic structure and copper base CPU cooler that provides more embattled and structured thermal paths for the CPU. Metallic fan is thoughtfully designed to actually pull the heat from CPU.

Small radial gaps in the fan base allows heat to be pulled and exhausted rapidly. Hence, the cooling airflow and heat transfer happens with the rotating fan and fan base simultaneously.

Ultra-unique forty fan blades are specially designed to generate large volume of air flow which passes through the heatsink. The rotation of metallic blade creates a centrifugal force on the air and expels the hot air from the fan blades easily.

This unique cooling technique reduces the blade’s noise and vibration waves as the hot air expels creating a vacuum effect and then cooling air will be drawn rapidly in the heatsink.

2- Be quiet! Shadow Rock LPCPU Cooler

Be quiet! Shadow Rock LPCPU Cooler

Shadow Rock LP is the latest and low-profile CPU cooler from Be Quiet that solves the problem of heating CPU and cooling down the intel chips and other components inside the CPU.

Features includes High 130W TDP optimized cooling performance, pure Wings 2 PWN 120 mm fan with curved blades and durable rifle-bearing and user-friendly easiest mounting from on to the mainboard.

Four 6mm heat transferring pipes with aluminum caps, transports the heat rapidly out of the CPU. Most advanced feature is its amazing silent operation at 25.5Db(a) low noise level.

Be Quiet Shadow rock CPU Cooler comes with four 6mm embedded heat pipes which carry the heat efficiently and quickly through optimum paths to specified locations on the cooling fins of the fan.

With this way, the CPU cooler achieves remarkably quiet operation and premium rapid cooling performance. Shadow Rock LP in this Be Quiet cooling system offers a higher cooling capacity of 130W TDP as compared to other cooling systems and ideally perfect for compact systems.

Be Quiet cooling CPU Fan features Nine fan blades which are highly silence-optimized and generates high volume of airflow meanwhile reducing the noise-generating turbulences during operation.

If the fan speed is 100% even then the overall noise is hardly 25.5dB(A) which is actually very low. Long lasting rifle-bearing technology is highly durable and contributes to a very long lifespan of the fan up to 80,000 hours.

The small and diagonal fins of this Be Quiet cooling fan on the back of the cooler directs the cool airflow to ensure efficient and optimal cooling airflow volume for the CPU as well as other components around the Intel socket or AMD chip system.

3- Cryorig C1 ITX Top Flow Cooler

Cryorig C1 ITX Top Flow Cooler

Cryorig C1 ITX CPU cooler with top flow compatible for Intel and AMD CPU’s is highly efficient with its DirectCompress technology which increases the content space within heat pipes up to 1- percent resulting the rapid exhausting of heat out of the CPU.

Moreover, its jet fin acceleration system allows hot air to move out in seconds by using its two stacks of fins. This Cryorig C1 cooler comes with MultiSeg technique which is a quick setup and mount system and along with AMD quick mount kit making the installations fast easy and on the go in no time

Cryorig C1 cooler featuring the patented DirectCompress technology in this cooler which allows more space in the heat pipes to exhaust more heat in lesser time. Each of the heat pipe has 10% increased contact surface which means more heat be transferred and in result cooler CPU, proving this methodology better than other traditional heat exhausting methods.

Uniquely and thoughtfully designed U-Type heat pipes of this cooler spreads heat in two directions at the same time increasing the heat carrying and exhausting capacity ultimately.

The Cryorig C1 top flow CPU cooler has a total of 6 fully copper sintered heat pipes, including 4 U-Type highly efficient heat pipes which almost doubles the heat exhausting and cooling capacity.

The C1cooling system features Cryorig patented Jet Fin Acceleration System which utilizes its two stacks of high-quality curved fins with various different gap distances. This causes hot air to move in rapid speed out of the heatsink.

C1 along with XT140 ultra slim profile high performance and speed fan is the ultimate combination or package ITX systems for achieving compact design, low noise and high performance simultaneously.

4- Noctua NH-L9i, Premium Low-Profile CPU Cooler 

Noctua NH-L9i, Premium Low-Profile CPU Cooler

Noctua NH-L9i is a premium high-quality, ultra-quiet CPU cooler compatible for Intel LGA115x embedded HTPCs and some other Small Form Factor systems. Extremely low-profile cooler.

with only 37mm of height, this NH-L9i by Noctua is exactly ideal for extra slim cases and due to its ultra-compact 95x95mm footprint, it enables total compatibility with taller RAM modules and VGA cards based on mini-ITX mainboards and this is also compatible with i5-12400 cooler.

With its super easy installation and small and compact size NH-L9i runs at a remarkably quiet pace and do not create noise. 

NF-A9x14 is considered a compact low profile cooler due to the slim 23mm heatsink and the fan whose dimensions are only 14mm in thickness. The NH-L9 model has the height of only 37mm, which is ideal for use in HTPCs compact systems or Small Form Factor cases which have very limited space for CPU coolers.

The NH-L9i cooler has a very small 95x95mm size that is exactly compatible with the Intel socket LGA115x. This eventually results in smooth operations without causing issues with chipset. It doesn’t overhang or let the RAM slots overheat, hence, it is fully compatible with almost all tall memory modules.

Mostly Intel LGA115x socket based mini-ITX motherboards are embedded with the PCIe slot fitting area right next to the provided 95x95mm socket zone.

Larger CPU coolers that exceed this zone are more likely to block the PCIe slot and make the area congested. So, the 95x95xmm footprint NH-L9i provides complete compatibility with PCIe cards and relevant slots.

5- Cryorig C7-47mm Tall, SFF Mini ITX CPU Heatsink

Cryorig C7-47mm Tall, SFF Mini ITX CPU Heatsink

Cryorig’s C7 47mm CPU cooler is compatible to all intel and AMD chipsets almost and provide extra compatibility while setting up in congested motherboards and frames.

The heat pipes drain out all the heat rapidly and brings in 25% more cool air to the CPU. Quiet operation, super-efficient performance and fast heat release make this C7 by Cryorig an ideal choice.

CRYORIG C7 CPU cooler is specially designed to fit almost all the cases and PC systems. With a small height of 47mm including the fan, this C7 CPU cooler fits into congested and less spacious cases as well.

This small size is ideal to cool down your PC’s CPUs and motherboards. With its Keep Out Zone building technology guided by Intel and AMD, the C7 guarantees to fit without any interference to RAM or PCI-E card.

CRYORIG C7 features four high-performance copper-made heat pipes. The advanced CRYORIG heat pipe technology allows this cooler C7 to be 25% cooler and 20 percent quiet than other models. 

C7 is a super-compact cooler as much as it can with its 92mm fan built with CRYORIG’s patented Quad Air Inlet System that allows extra air intake from all of the four corners of the frame keeping the CPU cooler.

With the built-in Acoustic Vibration Absorbers, metal fins and compact structure, the C7 cooler efficiently eliminates all noise and unnecessary vibration.

6- Cooler Master MasterAir G200P RGB Low-Profile CPU Air Cooler

Cooler Master MasterAir G200P RGB Low-Profile CPU Air Cooler

MasterAir G200P is a low-profile and compact CPU cooler specially designed for small form factor cases and less spacious gaming PC builds. G200 RGB is embedded with custom Heat Column technology enabling the exceptional and rapid heat transfer with this small and compact size.

With the illuminating RGB LED ring and firm fan, full color customization can be controlled easily by the nicely wired LED Controller. Powerful 92mm fan embedded in this cooler maximizes the top-down cooling.

Customized Cooper Heat Column technology used in this MasterAir cooler increases the direct contact area surface for exceptional heat dissipation and ultra-cooling performance with the Air flow of 22.63 CFM.

With this superb performance it also minimizes the noise level to merely 30.0 decibels. Compatible with Intel (LGA2066, LGA2011 v3, LGA2011, LGA1151, LGA1150, LGA1156, LGA1155, LGA1366) and AMD versions (AM4, AM3+, AM3, AM2+, AM2, FM2+, FM2, FM1).

Low-profile, custom-built aluminum stack fins are thoroughly experimented and then designed with all the expert opinion required. This excellent design enables rapid heat dissipation and transferring cool air into the CPU to keep it super cool. 

MasteAir CPU cooler enables you to illuminate your cooler with its specially built RGB ring and Fan. Both of them are Certified and perfectly compatible to motherboard vendors of RGB softwares. This looks super cool feature and make the fan function funky and trendy.

74mm foot print with 5mm in height, this MasterAir cooler is perfect for all small form factors and HTPC with less space. The RGB controller allows customizable colors and lighting effects for the fans and top cover with just a touch of a button.

7- SilverStone NT08-115XP Height Low Profile CPU Cooler 

SilverStone NT08-115XP Height Low Profile CPU Cooler

SilverStone Technology’s Nitrogon NT08-115XP CPU cooler is a super slim compact and low-profile CPU cooler thoughtfully designed for limited space slim cases such for example Intel Mini-STX platform.

This cooler is made with a true, high quality, solid copper center and base with angled aluminum fins providing superior thermal conductivity of up to 65W. This 80mm PWM fan is custom built and can maintain very low noise during peak operations rates even. 

With a small height of 33mm and unique push-pin design of NT08-115XP becomes super easy to install. This NT08-115XP CPU cooler can prove itself as an excellent upgrade for any of your low-profile systems including Intel socket LGA1150/1151/1155/1156 platforms. It perfectly fits in the Mini-STX systems and small form factors with less space.

with the air flow of 15.98 CFM, this SilverStone CPU cooler is highly efficient in performance and makes the CPU cool much faster than other cooling systems.

While operation there is no noise which cause any disturbance to human ears this cooler operates at the noise level of 28.98 decibels which is actually very low and bare minimum to listen.

This cooler is made with high quality solid copper base which is considered best material in the industry. It is made more powerful with the squeezed out curved aluminum fins to achieve up to 65W thermal conductivity.

A unique push-pin design is made for easy installation of the cooler into the CPUs. This makes this cooler perfect for all small frame cases and platforms with restricted space.

Best Low-Profile CPU Coolers Buying Guide:

To help you buy the best CPU cooler, we recommend you to look on the following features in the cooler before making a purchase.

Small and compact:

The CPU cooler must be small in height and less in the overall size and footprint. The smaller the size the greater the chances of fitting in almost all the slim, less spacious cases and frames without interrupting the operations in the CPUs.

Compact CPU coolers take less space to get adjusted and do not hang the wires and other chips and part of the CPU with their existence.

Aluminum fins:

Look for the fans having aluminum fins in the coolers. Aluminum is durable and strong metal with extraordinary quality of cooling effect in itself. The aluminum fins do not get de-shaped by the hot air and maintain its shape for years.

Moreover, try to buy a copper-based fan base as copper is the most trusted material in the technology industry and recommend for better conductivity.

Best fit:

Choose the fan base according to your PC size and the type of work you want to perform on that PC. If you only use your devices for routine work or use it for very minimal time than you can buy a small cooler but .

If you are a gamer and you PC keeps on running for longer periods with increased loads than you must buy a bigger CPU cooler with increased cooling capacity.

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