Best Massage Chair Buyer Reports & Ratings (Full Body, Cushion, Heated) in

If you are suffering from bad back pain or want to relax after a long day, buy the best massage chair buyer reports & ratings in 2021.

According to research, one out of four Americans suffer from chronic back pain. It is apparent that one cannot afford a regular visit to a spa for a massage, so it is better to invest money in a perfect fit for yourself. 

Finding a good massage chair that lies within your budget and fulfilling all your comforts and needs is a bit challenging. But you don’t need to worry; we have got you covered. 

After rigorous analysis and testing, we have compiled a list of 13 best massage chairs available in the market, considering all the factors that will surely save you a bunch of time and money. 

You should check the comprehensive buying guide available at the end of the article to discover the right massage chair as per your requirement.

Every massage chair has its own distinctive set of features. So we found out the top-rated massage chairs available in the market and highlighted their features as well as pros and cons so you can easily choose the one for you.

List of Best Massage Chair buyer reports & ratings

Here we have compiled a list of good quality top best massage chairs buyer reports & ratings reviews, available in the market.

  1. Osaki OS-4D Escape Massage Chair
  2. Infinity IT-8500 Inversion Massage Chair
  3. Relaxzen Deluxe Leisure Recliner Chair
  4. Human Touch Super Novo Massage Chair
  5. Luraco iRobotics 7 PLUS Medical Massage Chair

1. Human Touch Super Novo Best Premium Massage Chair:

Human Touch Super Novo is the only massage chair of its kind. It’s a whole different, matchless experience that you can feel at your own home.

Along with 3D massage, it offers you 4D programs that are real game-changers, you will definitely experience a spa-like massage.

Human touch has won several awards from the largest award programs in the design industry, ADEX, due to its design excellence. It is designed with S and L track massage technology that covers your back from shoulders and spine down to your thigh.

This massage chair is your virtual therapist; it is developed with Alexa to customize the massage according to his own preferences. Human touch Super Novo is the only massage chair that has Alexa capability.

“Bend and stretch” functionality increases the blood flow and provides great relief to the body parts. It helps you to recover quickly and more effectively.

In addition to these features, it also has heated underfoot rollers as well as extended calf and knee massages. 

The Premium Altec Lansing sound system gives you a whole different vibe. 

You can turn your room into a personal spa with this luxurious massage chair. You can customize your message according to your need with the best-rated massage chair. 


  • Material: Polyurethane
  • Color:     Red, Black, Cream, Espresso, Grey, Saddle
  • Brand: Human Touch
  • Item Weight: 320 Pounds 
  • Smart Massage Chair
  • Developed with Alexa
  • Ergonomic Unibody Track
  • 3D & 4D wellness programs
  • Premium Altec Lancing Sound System
  • Advance Interface with convenient control panel


  • You get a virtual therapist at home
  • It comes with 38 different modes
  • Its user friendly


  • It’s a bit pricey

2. Luraco iRobotics 7 PLUS Medical Massage Chair Best Editor’s Choice Massage Chair

Luraco iRobotics 7 Plus is the first and the only massage chair proven to provide health benefits and pain relief in the whole world.

It can easily fit the height of height ranging from 4’7 to 6’7, and It can bear the weight up to 300 pounds. 

The chair has full-body scan technology that addresses the problem of each part individually.

It is the only FDA, and UL listed chair in the world.

Shiatsu, rolling, kneading, tapping, and Swedish are different massage techniques present in this chair. You can experience a whole spa-like experience in your room.

This massage chair is a jack of all traits, also it comes with zero gravity technology, a matchless feature. 

It comes with advanced sensors, also measures heart rate and blood pressure. 

It is also known as the most Quietest chair. A high-quality Bluetooth speaker is fitted with it so people can enjoy themselves while relaxing. 


  • Material: Textile, Wood, Electronics, Leather, Plastic, Metal
  • Color:     Chocolate Brown, Black, Cream
  • Brand: Luraco
  • Furniture Finish: Chocolate
  • Item Weight: 265
  •  Powerful operating system
  • Zero Gravity mode
  • Nine automatic preset programs
  • Five personal user memory settings
  • Multiple sectional intensity control
  • 3D robotic system for the perfect massage
  • Noise reduction technology
  • Full body heat technology having five intensity levels
  • Voice control
  • Touch screen
  • Advanced bottom foot massage
  • Calf massager
  • Body Scan Technology
  • 100 air cells and 12 electric motors


  • Five years warranty
  • researched and designed in the USA
  • Reduces stress and blood pressure 
  • Improves blood flow across the body


  • Expensive yet worth the features

Buyers Guide:

Gadgets Helpline understands that investing in a high-end product like a massage chair can be a bit confusing, but we are going to make it easy for you. For that purpose, we have written a buyers guide to help you understand which massage chair is worth your cash and is a perfect fit for you.

Multiple brands manufacture different massage chairs with varying characteristics for different needs. So, before buying one, you need to understand every feature of a massage chair, which requires a lot of patience and research.

Below are some of the essential features mentioned that you need to watch out for.

Medical assistance:

If you are under some kind of special medical assistance, you must consult your doctor before buying a massage chair. In that case, your doctor will direct you the best what massage chair your body needs and what characteristics it should have, or do you even need a massage chair?

Massage chair functions: 

The best massage chair should have some other features in addition to simple vibration and rolling, Like kneading, rolling, tapping, reflexology, vibration, shiatsu, and even zero gravity. All these mentioned features are customizable according to the needs of your body. So you must look at which massage chair offers the features that your body needs.

Massage chair size:

You need to check whether the massage chair you are purchasing is going to fit you or not. All massage chairs come with variations in sizes. So, if you’re tall, then maybe you won’t fit in some massage chairs.

Massage Rollers:

Depending on the massage’s intensity, the different massage chairs have various rollers, either 2d or 3d or 4d. The 2D-roller provides just up and down and left and right and works your muscles on the surface of your back without going deep into the muscles underneath.

The 3D-roller also moves in and out in addition to the regular movements, providing a deep muscle massage to your back and shoulder. The 4D- roller is the latest technology that not only provides the most significant level of penetration and relaxation but also enables you to adjust the speed of the roller. These 4D rollers can rotate and reach various angles that the 3D rollers can’t do.

Heat Therapy:

Heating is one of the most essential features a massage chair offers. A massage and heat both simulate and help in the relaxation of body muscles. In heated massage chairs, these both features are combined to provide a magnificent massage providing all the vitals you need for your tissues.

This heating feature is not available in all massage chairs, so if you’re looking for heat therapy, make a careful choice. However, we personally prefer a heat massage chair over a typical non-heated massage chair.

Zero gravity:

Zero gravity is the massage chair’s most desirable and requested feature. It is usually present in high-end massage chairs. Your legs are reclined to the level of your heart in this technique, making you feel weightless, as the name “zero gravity” implies.

 Zero gravity allows you extreme relief of tension and is best for lower back pain. So if you are, after a busy day, in search of feeling weightless, you have to look out for this feature; it makes a massage a lot better than the usual one.

Reclining Feature:

Although simple reclining is not as good as zero gravity reclining, it still is Pleasant and soothing. It raises your legs less as compared to zero gravity. So if your budget is tight and you still want to taste zero gravity position, then simple reclining is not a bad option.

Body Scan Technology:

The most accurate and precise massage is provided to you through body scan technology. Only after the massage chair is switched on, it reads the body. It measures the length of your legs, your posture, and the curves of your body, and then adjusts the settings to provide the best massage. And you won’t have to manually configure settings. Some massage chairs also have a foot scanner that measures your foot’s curves, length, and width to change the massage motions accordingly.

Space requirement:

Massage chair covers a lot of space even if it looks small. So you need to look for its dimensions to verify whether it will fit in your desired area or not. Some high-end massage chairs take up too much space, but many others can be used in a small area, so you need to make a careful choice.

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