Best Micro SD Card For Roku Ultra (Memory Card, Roku 3)

Do you love streaming the entertainment to your TV in brilliant 4K? Then go for Roku ultra that lets you stream the entertainment in 4K and HDR resolution. This is the most famous online video player in the world, you need the Best Micro SD Card For Roku Ultra and get extra storage.

If you want to know what micro SD card works with Roku Ultra? Then read this article, we will get you some top picks for the best SD card for Roku ultra. And also give you some tips regarding buying the best micro SD card for roku ultra.

When you attach it with a display HDMI port this video player gets internet access through integrated ethernet connection. You can also control it through remote or by roku software for Android and iOS.     Also there is a SD card slot and accepts memory cards to give you more storage space. 

Choose the best roku micro sd card size and get capacity and performance that satisfy you. Now the question is what size should you buy for the Roku ultra? It totally depends upon how many channels you want to watch, for 100 plus channels go for 64 GB and if your requirement is only 30 channels then purchase a 32 GB memory card.

A memory card helps to load channels quicker and it does not need to be downloaded again and again because they are saved on a micro SD card. You can buy a microSDXC card because this type of memory card has the best features and performance.

List of our lab trusted Best Micro SD Card For Roku Ultra

  1. SanDisk Extreme Plus 256GB microSDXC Card
  2. SanDisk SD – SDSQXVF-128G-GN6MA microSDXC
  3. Lexar (LMSPLAY001T-BNNNU) microSDXC
  4. Samsung UHS-I microSDXC
  5. PNY microSDHC Card (P-SDU32GU395PRO-GE)
  6. Lexar (LMS1066256G-BNANU) MicroSDXC
  7. Kingston (SDCR/128GB) microSDXC

1- SanDisk Extreme Plus 256GB microSDXC Card

SanDisk Extreme Plus 256GB microSDXC Card

Do you want to buy a 4K video supported memory card? Then you go for sanDisk Extreme plus memory card. This is a perfect memory card for you because it supports 4K ultra HD videos. Extreme SD card has power to deal with seraval types of media data as it buits with UHS-I. 

This is an A2 rated micro SD card and capable of giving you high quality App performance. The write and read speed has  an impact on the overall performance of a memory card.

sanDisk Extreme offers fast speed such as it comes with up to 170 MB/sec read speed that means you can experience high capturing of videos and photos. Plus its write speed is up to 90 MB/sec that allows you quick data transfer. 

To take advantage of high performance you need a compatible device, this SD card is an ideal choice for android smartphones, computers, action cameras, drones tablet etc. SanDisk extreme plus enables you to capture ultra HD 4K and full HD video and also you can click high resolution photos. 

Comes with a 256 GB memory capacity that is sufficient to save your data like videos, photos or any other type of data. Packed with a speed class rating of V30 that ensures you will get minimum 30 MB/sec write speed but if your device does not support V30 then do not worry you will still get 30 MB/sec write speed because it also supports U3. 

The manufacturer ensures its durability as they make it shock proof, X-ray proof, temperature proof and waterproof. Do not worry if you deleted something unintentionally just download Rescue deluxe software and recover all your deleted data. Order it! And click in your memories in 4K resolution. 

2- SanDisk SD – SDSQXVF-128G-GN6MA microSDXC

SanDisk SD - SDSQXVF-128G-GN6MA microSDXC

if you are uninterested with spending too much time transferring your data? Then it’s time to buy a SanDisk extreme microSDXC card because it has a high read speed. Comes with up to 160 MB/sec read speed that helps to move files quickly and saves your time.

Plus, it not only supports high transfer rate but also it is capable of capturing fastly due its up to 90 MB/sec write speed. Capable to transfer and capture high resolution images and ultra HD 4K videos. But to experience it’s such amazing performance you need to insert it in a compatible device because all devices do not support microSDXC cards.

Extreme microSDXC comes with a storage capacity of 128 GB that is enough to store data even 4K UHD videos. Baked with speed class V30 and U30 to ensure its minimum speed 30 MB/sec. Supports Application Performance Class 2 A2 that enhance experience and five fast app performance and  audio, graphics, saved profiles, and in-app permissions done very quickly.

Developed to bear and work properly in harsh conditions it is Temperature Proof, Water Proof, shockProof and x ray Proof. Plus easy file management just download the SanDisk memory zone app.

This is compatible with both USB 3.0 and  USB 2.0 readers but if you use a USB 3.0 reader then you will get 10x quicker file transfer. Order today! And shoot uninterrupted 4K UHD video anytime and anywhere.

3- Lexar (LMSPLAY001T-BNNNU) microSDXC

Lexar microSDXC

Introducing a  perfect memory solution, lexar play microSDXC card for media entertainment. This is compatible with smartphones, tablets, Nintendo Switch and portable gaming devices. Comes with 1 TB storage and saves photos, videos, movies, games, music and all your favourite content.

To provide you quick file transfer speed it has read speed up to 150 MB/sec and with A2 your apps will Load faster and smoother. Designed to keep up with all your data,including games, video, movies, music or books. 

With lexra play you will be able to capture your lovely moments, playback, and also transfer a large amount of the high quality video of 1080p Full-HD resolution. This is an ideal memory card for portable gaming devices, tablets or smartphones.

Develpoed with advanced technology to get read speed beyond UHS-I 104MB/s specification but speeds are based on internal testing and actual performance may different. But if you want to achieve full read speed then you need to pair it with lexar multi card 2 in 1 USB 3.1 reader or Lexar Professional Multi-Card 3-in-1 USB 3.1 Reader marked with Rev B.

To get its full performance you need an Android 6.0 or later version with adoptable storage that enables the device and microSD slot. But with all amazing features there is a con that Lexar is not liable for any loss of your content. Order now! And with this card play more what you love and do not miss a beat. 

4- Samsung UHS-I microSDXC

Samsung UHS-I microSDXC

Do you want to buy a memory card to get more out of your device? Then look no further than Samsung Evo plus. This is a perfect memory match for your mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets etc. comes with a  fast read and write speeds. 

Supports up to 100 MB/s with UHS-1 you will be able to transfer your content without delaying gaps. Plus its write speed is up to 90 MB/sec so you can  record very small details of your video and these speeds make it perfect for 4K UHD video capturing and transferring.

This is astonishing performance and reliability and that enables you to save and treasure the richness of life. With ultra fast speed you can record and playback 4K UHD video easily, plus you transfer a 3 GB video in just 38 seconds. 

Never worry about space again this memory card comes with 128 GB of storage you can capture and share your content in an instant. With this massive storage capacity you can record up to 6 hours of 4K UHD video, Full HD video for 17 hours, store  27,600 photos, or 11,500 songs. 

Evo plus compatible HS interface, Grade 3, Class 10, 4K video resolution, so go ahead with this memory card and keep your data with you.

To ensure its working in harsh conditions it comes with 4-Proof protection means it is Waterproof, Temperature proof,X-ray proof, Magnet proof. Order now! And savour all of what life has to give you.

5- PNY microSDHC Card (P-SDU32GU395PRO-GE)

 PNY microSDHC Card

Get a microSDHC card for your smartphone and get supreme performance. PNY PRO Elite microSDHC Cards are the best cards for smartphones, tablets,  action cameras, drones, DSLRs, video cameras and more. With this high performance card you will be able to get peak performance of your device.

Comes with a read speed up to 95 MB/sec that allows you to transfer your data to another device fastly. And its write speed is up to 90 MB/s, capable of delivering the speed that you require to record stunning video. Supports the latest standards of high-resolution, this microSDHC is ready for today’s 4K Ultra-HD devices. 

This card allows you to capture a single detail of your event and you will experience those memories as real as the day you captured those moments. PNY elite pro enables you to enjoy more mobile content such as 4K videos, HD pictures, music, apps and much more. 

These cards are Class 10, U3 speed rated, allowing you to transfer fast and so you share your content quickly. Plus also with pro elite you are able to shoot in burst mode. To make it compatible with SD, SDHC and SDXC host devices you have to use an SD adapter.

With PNY U3 PRO Elite microSDHC Card you can capture the action and relive the moment. With a storage capacity of 32 GB you have sufficient storage to save all your data including photos and videos in high resolution. Order today! And shoot the most extreme and demanding videos even in harsh conditions.

6- Lexar (LMS1066256G-BNANU) MicroSDXC

Lexar MicroSDXC

If you want to get professional level performance for your device then you can go for a lexar professional 1066x microSDXC card. This is such a memory card that you can get incredible performance for action cameras, drones, android phones or tablets. 

Engineered with UHS-I technology that gives you high speed of read, capable of capturing high-quality images quickly and also extended lengths of Full-HD and 4K  ultra HD videos. With Application performance class 2 that takes the performance of SD cards to the next level and also loading of apps quicker and faster. 

Plus this flash memory card is capable of working properly in harsh conditions. It comes with 4 proof protection, it is temperature proof, waterproof, shockproof and X-proof. To ensure its compatibility with other devices you can use a SD adapter with it. 

Comes with a storage space of 256 GB that means you have an ample capacity to store all your data like, video, photos or any type of content. Supports read speed up to 160 MB/sec that allows you fast data transfer you do to need to speed much time to move your files. 

Packed with U3 and V30 speed classes that give you minimum write speed of 30 MB/sec and offer high speed performance.

This card has a write speed up to 120 MB/sec that means you can click supreme quality images and extended lengths of Full-HD and 4K UHD video. Buy this card today! And get the capability to shoot faster and longer.

7- Kingston (SDCR/128GB) microSDXC)

Kingston microSDXC)

Do you love to capture videos in burst video mode? Then buy this Kingston Canvas React microSDXC card. This is a perfect match of shooting photos and videos in burst mode. You are able to capture continuous 4K video and high quality images. 

Packed with Class 10, UHS-I and U3 that ensures its minimum speed 30 MB/sec. Comes with speeds up to 100 MB/s read that allows you data transfer quickly.

Plus it offers 80 MB/s write that enables you to capture continuous footage, you never miss any detail. But the limit of speeds depends upon host and device configuration.

Canvas react memory card has a storage capacity of 128 GB that gives you enough storage space to save your content such as; photos, videos, music, etc.

This micro SD card is specially designed to give you the fastest experience that you can demand, capable of shooting 4K video or taking beautiful  photos in burst-mode so the action never stops. 

This is compatible with almost all types of devices such as, smartphone phones, tablets or action cameras. So if you choose this memory card for the DSLR, mirrorless camera, or flagship smartphone, you will be confident that your memories remain safe. 

Additionally, it comes in multiple storage capacities up to 128GB you can buy it according to your need. Grab it today and get an amazing experience of burst mode photography. 

Best Micro SD Card For Roku Ultra Buying Guide

Roku Ultra is the most powerful and impressive online player ever. Designed with an upgraded quad-core processor that lets you experience channels that release in a snap and a responsive interface.

This is a perfect choice for those who love streaming and if you Use Micro SD Cards on your Roku Ultra then you will have far more memory capacity.

For roku ultra you should buy a microSDXC memory card and below are some features that you must check before shopping for the best micro SD card for roku ultra. 


The usage of SD card on your Roku fairly will permit your Roku to have a greater memory functionality which comes with the following blessings: Loading channel apps onto the Micro SD Card because of this makes channels load faster.

Apps do not require time to download again and again whenever you open the app because they are downloaded on the micro SD card, ultimately a memory card saves your time.


Now you are thinking: What size micro SD card is best for Roku ultra? This totally depends on the number of channels that you are using.

So you can choose a Roku micro SD card size up to 256 GB that is the Roku ultra micro SD card maximum storage capacity. 

But if you are using 1 hundred channels then a 32 GB to 64GB Micro SD Card is enough. But if you require less than 30 channels then a 16 GB to 32 GB Card will be sufficient for exceptional outcomes, we suggest a class 2 or more micro SD card with no less than 2 GB garage. 

Difference MicroSD card / Ultra microSD card

The variations between the MicroSD card are a micro SD card supports a 2 GB of storage capacity and compatible with any microSD slot. But the MicroSDXC memory card has the storage space from 32 GB up to 2 TB and supported in SDXC-compatible gadgets.

MicroSDHC: This type of memory cards have storage capacity up to 128 TB and need a properly-matched device.

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