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You are here because you want to know what is the best motherboard for i7 8700K. We have compiled the latest list for you, so you don’t need to do hours of research, which we already did for you.

Best Motherboard for i7 8700K

Let’s have a look at the motherboards we selected for i7 8700K below.

1. Asus ROG Strix Z390-E Gaming Motherboard – Overall Best Motherboard for i7 8700K

In our ranking, this motherboard wins the award for being overall the best motherboard for i7 8700K. Not only it supports very well, but also it comes with on-board Wi-Fi that simplifies your networking needs.

Let’s have a look at its amazing benefits:

LAN Connectivity

It has an on-board Wi-Fi setup that simplifies your networking needs. Many people have an in-house internet router installed, and all of the house members use it via Wi-Fi. You may be one of those. Keeping it easy to connect via the Wi-Fi, the motherboard works out of the box with Wi-Fi.

Designed by ROG

ROG stands for the Republic of Gamers. ROG is a sub-brand of ASUS and is dedicated to creating the world’s best gaming, not only hardware but also software. It was formed in 2006 and had been offering a complete lineup of innovative gaming products.

Of course, they’ve worked hard and have made it so far. Asus build this motherboard in cooperation with ROG. Both renowned brands worked together to give you an immerse gaming experience.

RGB Setup

Unlike other motherboards, you are not limited on the number of RGB presets. Asus is the company that offers you Asus Aura resulting in providing you endless and full RGB lighting control. There is a variety of presets available which you can use.

There are built-in RGB LEDs in the motherboard as well as strips – they are connected to the on-board RGB header.

You may be wondering how you would sync them. Well, don’t worry, that’s not a problem because Asus Aura already solves it. If you have an Aura-capable ASUS hardware, then you can get benefited from their ever-growing portfolio.

Technical Specifications

  • CPU Socket:  LGA 1151
  • Supported CPUs:  Intel Core 9000 Series, 8th Generation Core i3/i5/i7, Pentium & Celeron Processors
  • Wireless:  Yes – Built-in Wi-Fi is there.
  • Form Factor:  ATX
  • RGB: Aura Sync, Graphics,  HDMI/DP is available
  • Chipset: Intel Z390 Chipset

Who is this product designed for?

This product is for anybody who wants to install an intel i7 8700K processor. The product works perfectly fine with not only the selected processor but also, and if you have plans to upgrade your processor to a higher-end & updated version, you can do that as well.

In simple words, it is an excellent choice for gamers, but we do have a better gaming motherboard, which is included in this list below. However, for daily use, it is a great choice!


  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • Best RGB setup
  • Beautiful Look
  • The Guide is very Useful & easy


  • They could install a Bluetooth as well 🙂


As explained above, we will recommend this product to just anybody who wants something called “WORKS GREAT” for daily use. It is an excellent choice for gaming as well as professional usage. Also, the price is acceptable for what you are getting. It indeed provides a value. But we believe there could be a little bit more done.

FAQ – Can you do Overclocking on Asus ROG Strix Z390-E?

Answer: Yes, you definitely can. It has a simple BIOS and great overclocking software from ASUS.

2. ASUS ROG Maximus XI Hero – Best ASUS Motherboard for i7 8700k

Asus Rog Maximus XI Hero – another product of Asus in this list. It looks like Asus is working hard and even harder to get ahead of the competition by making quality products. Not only their products last longer, but also they offer several excellent and reliable features.

Also, they don’t exceed the budget mostly. But the one we are mentioning here is way expensive. However, it tries to justify the price giving some good quality performances.

Built for Overclocking

Yep, the #1 benefit is that it is purpose-built for overclocking, and you will find it much easier on this device than others. It is definitely and comparably better than most in the competition.

There is a dedicated on-board clock generator. This generator supplies dynamic reference clocks to CPU cores, which ultimately results in allowing you to get the most out from your i7 8700K processor.

The flexibility and no limitation on controls give you pretty much everything a true overclocker will desire.

Easy & Endless personalization

Just like every other Asus motherboard out there in the market, this motherboard allows you to personalize it for yourself. With Aura Sync, you can enjoy superior synchronized effects. The effects are not just limited to the motherboard. You can apply effects on a vast majority of components.

All you need to achieve such personalization is compatible components. What makes this feature unique in ROG Maximus XI Hero is that it is made for endless customization.

Technical Specifications

  • CPU Socket:  LGA 1151
  • Chipset:  Intel Z390 Chipset
  • Memory Type & Max RAM:  64 GB DDR4 4400+ MHz(O.C.) 
  • Maximum DIMMs:  4
  • Wireless:  2×2 MU-MIMO 802.11ac
  • RGB Type: Aura Sync
  • Form Factor:  ATX
  • CPUs Supported:  Intel Core 9000 series, 8th Generation Core i7/ i5/ i3, Pentium and Celeron processors 

Who is this product best for?

Perfect choice for those who want “A Premium Choice” motherboard for following things:

  • Much Overclocking
  • Heavy Gaming
  • Best & Easy RGB Personalization
  • Budget is not much problem

Is your answer yes to these, no look further and go for it. We are sure you will love the experience on this motherboard.


  • Superb Asus UEFI
  • Integrated I/O Shield
  • Outstanding VRM Cooling
  • Built-in Wi-Fi


  • Pricey
  • Instruction Manual could be made better


As far as the budget is no problem and you are willing to spend more for better values, and if you want to do extreme overclocking, then this is what you are looking for. It is called “Hero” for a reason!

3. Asus Prime Z390-A – Best Selling Motherboard for i7 8700K

Don’t be offended by our selection of motherboards because there are more ASUS motherboards on our list. This is not because we love ASUS motherboards but because they work perfectly with the Intel Corei7 8700K processor.

In its introduction, I would like to say that this has the same LGA 1151 CPU socket. It is designed for the 9th and 8th Generation Intel Core processors. You can easily install your i7 8700K right out of the box on this motherboard. Once done, you will be great to go.

Of course, there are downsides and upsides of every product which we definitely will cover in this comprehensive guide. But in short, we want you to get what is going to work in the best way possible for you and your needs.

Every product that you will see in this guide has undergone a thorough and detailed review process. We do not choose any product randomly because many motherboards can support your processor, but they lack many things that we analyzed. So, We want to assure you that this guide is the perfect guide that will mention only the best products and always up-to-date information.

CPU Related Information

Because this is equipped with the CPU socket of LGA1151, it can support the 9th generation of the processor from Intel Core. Transport a series of processors, but the best processor that works with this motherboard, is the very i7 8700K Intel core processor. You get Intel Z390 Chipset with this motherboard.

If any point you want to upgrade your processor or want to move to another processor, then please note that this motherboard can support Pentium and Celeron processor.

Audio Setup & Quality

There is a unique audio codec utilized by this motherboard. The audio codec is designed operation with Realtek S1220A. this is precisely done to feature incompatible 120dB signal to noise ratio. because human safety and health is always and has always been the number one priority so to keep you safe from high volume issues there is a new impedance sensing circuit. circuit automatically adjust the volume again so your headphone will always deliver you the optimal volume range making everything comfortable and safe for you.

Visual Beauty

RGB in a system does nothing but makes it attractive and beautiful. and even though it does not affect the performance in a positive way but it psychologically affects your performance and your productivity. and we understand that you will not want to buy or lose your productivity just because a and L E D. just like before and other motherboards this motherboard also comes with variety of built-in RGB LEDs. RGB LEDs are connected to the motherboard via on-board RGB headers. With flexible controls, these all can be synced with an enormous portfolio of Aura capable ASUS devices.

Technical Specifications

  • CPU Socket:  LGA 1151
  • Chipset:  Intel Z390 Chipset
  • Memory Type & Max RAM:  64 GB DDR4 4266+ MHz (O.C.)
  • Maximum DIMMs:  4
  • Wireless:  Intel I219-V
  • RGB Type:  Aura Sync
  • Form Factor: ATX
  • CPUs Supported:  8th Generation Core Pentium/Celeron Processors

Who is this product best for?

This motherboard is by far the best selling motherboard for i7 8700K. Its look is gorgeous; performance is great; and blazing data-transfer speed of up to 10Gbps does more than one may need or ask form.

However, it is not a cheap product but definitely worth it. If your priority is a beautiful looking and plug-n-play as well as easy to setup system, definitely go for it.


  • Ultrafast Connectivity
  • 5-way Optimization
  • Very Beautiful & Powerful also
  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • Supports Overclocking


  • May not work with Windows 7
  • Sound Quality could be made better


It is a high-end product that suits those wanting to overclock the CPU and build beautiful system. The high-end product provides extreme performance and we believe you won’t regret on your purchase except that the price is little bit higher.

4. ASUS ROG Maximus X Formula – Best Value Motherboard for i7 8700K

Another beast manufactured by ASUS for i7 8700K processor is ASUS Rog Maximus X Formula.

 Spoiler Alert: Very Expensive! But worth it! 

It is an ATX sized motherboard equipped with Z370 chipset.

The Best thing is…

The great thing we love about this motherboard and you will too is that this is exclusively designed for 8th generation processors. Do you want to use i7 8700K processor? Budget is no problem? Voila! This is the #1 choice for you.

Not only it maximizes the connectivity and performance but also is allows you to do overclocking.

And one thing that we don’t like is, definitely, the price. It is a great product indeed but the price is too much for this beast.

Visual Appeal

It is a well managed and really professional looking motherboard with super clean design. Everything is properly covered for safety and everything just gives a great beautyiful scene.

THere are RGB headers which are actually addressasble. You can personalize it with your own settings or you have the liberty to use the presets provided by AURA Sync RGB Lighting. There are tons of options available out there.

CrossChill EK II

It is the advance and new technology setup that lets you keep the system cool and calm without fans! Now the real question is how you will keep it cool without fans?

Answer is that you have option to leverage Water or Air. The cooling fins are redesigned for a purpose. Also, CrossChill EK II easily fits existing setups according to Asus.

Technical Specifications

  • CPU Socket:  LGA 1151
  • Chipset:  Intel Z370 Chipset (300 Series) 
  • Memory Type & Max RAM:  max 64GB DDR4 4133 (OC) MHz
  • Maximum DIMMs:  4
  • Wireless:  802.11ac WiFi (2×2 MU-MIMO), Bluetooth 4.2
  • RGB Type:  Aura Sync
  • Form Factor:  ATX
  • CPUs Supported:  Intel LGA1151 8th Generation Intel Core i7 / Core i5 / Core i3 Processors

Who is this product best for?

I will make this short. This product is best for all the Intel Core 8th Generation processors such as i3/i5/i7. Maximum 64 Gigs of RAM gives you so much memory to work with seamlessly.

Honestly, the most premium and value providing motherboard is this.


  • Support is good
  • Does Great Overclocking
  • Supports 9th Generation after BIOS flash
  • Advance Cooling System


  • Expensive but worth it


After you look at what you get with this motherboard, you will realize that the price is acceptable. Especially if you are getting advanced functionalities and purpose-built for 8th Generation processors, this definitely is worth trying. And once you try this, you will love it forever.

It is the Best Value Motherboard for i7 8700K intel core processor.

5. MSI MEG Z390 GODLIKE – Best Gaming Motherboard for i7 8700K with Wi-Fi

MSI – unforgettable brand when it comes to the gaming industry. Because MSI is the company that builds products especially and exclusively for gaming purposes.

This MSI MEG Godlike motherboard is a gaming motherboard equipped with Z390 Chipset. It is a premium range and one of the most expensive motherboards. Definitely not for those who have a tight or mid-range budget even. It is way higher than that.

CPU Support

Because the motherboard is equipped with Z390 Chipset and LGA 1151 CPU Socket, it supports 9th and 8th Generation Intel Core Processors. You can use Pentium Gold, Celeron processors as well.

Memory & Other Details

Even though it is very expensive, it still supports a maximum 64 Gigs of RAM with the dual channel DDR4 Memory up to 4600(OC) MHz. You can install 3 M.2 SSDs and all of the SSDs are secured with Shield FROZR. It helps to sustain the maximum performance just to ensure that you get most out of it.

Game Boost Button

This is the feature that you get only in this motherboard in this list. A dedicated Game boost button comes handy when you want all of your focus on a heavy game to unleash the fullest possible potential. You will grab the ultimate graphics quality, smooth performance and extreme level of experience with this. You can shift to or select from 8 available presets. These preset gears are customized for different gaming needs. Find what works best for your game and enjoy the ultimate experience.

Technical Specifications

  • CPU Socket:  LGA 1151
  • Chipset:  Intel Z390 CHipset
  • Memory Type:  Dual Channel DDR4
  • Maximum DIMMs:  4
  • Wireless:  Killer Wi-Fi AC 1550
  • RGB Type: Mystic Light Infinity, Customizable with Mystic Light App with 16.8 Million colors and 29 effects
  • Form Factor:  E-ATX
  • CPUs Supported:  Intel Core/Pentium/Celeron

Who is this product best for?

I will make this short. This product is recommended for heavy gamers only. Only those with great passion and craze of games will get this and should get this. Also, if you want to do gaming or content creation like motion graphics or 3D modeling, then this beast is great. Or if you want to unleash and uncover the best possible gaming experience or performance, this beast works great in that case.

Also, this is one of the most expensive motherboards especially for gaming.


  • Integrated I/O Shield
  • Gaming Boost Button
  • Built=in Killer Wi-Fi
  • Dynamic Dashboard with Built-ni OLED display
  • Mystic Light Infinity (Customizable RGB Lighting)
  • Extreme Overclocking support


  • Very expensive
  • Only 64 Max RAM possible despite being so costly
  • YOu may need to get an extension because of only two USB 2.0 headers


Reiterating what I said above, it is purely made for content creators but especially gamers. Overclockers can also go with this if budget allows. We recommend it though!

6. Gigabyte Z390 AORUS ULTRA – Best Budget Motherboard for i7 8700K

Here comes a budget motherboard for i7 8700K. It is built by Gigabyte which was founded back in 1986. It is still producing very durable and reliable motherboards. Especially when it comes to budget products, they just do it.

CPU Support

To support the Intel Core Processor i7 8700K, all you need is a great & supported chipset as well as the compatible CPU Socket. This product features a Z390 CPU Chipset and LGA 1151 CPU socket.

The great thing is that it supports 9th and 8th Generation intel core processors right out of the box.

Some Features

Advance Thermal Design: The unique and purpose-built design of this motherboard ensures that your system and CPU remains cool no matter what. The advance thermal design comes with direct touch heat pipe.

3x M.2 & Thermal Guard: The motherboard is equipped with 3 Thermal guards for M.2 SSDs to unleash the best possible and highest possible performance.

Power & Networking

The 12+1 phase digital VRM solution is combined with DrMOS. The 12+1 phase power gives enough power to the CPU to execute and showcase its performance as high as possible.

For networking, you get an on-board AC Wi-Fi and Intel Gigabit LAN with cFosSpeed. The Ultra-fast Wi-Fi connection gives you speed of up to 1.73 Gbps.

Technical Specifications

  • CPU Socket:  LGA 1151
  • Chipset:  Intel Z390 CHipset
  • Memory Type:  Dual Channel DDR4 SDRAM
  • Maximum DIMMs:  4
  • Wireless:  Intel CNVi 2×2 802.11ac wireless
  • RGB: RGB Fusion with Multi Zone LED
  • Form Factor:  ATX
  • CPUs Supported:  9th and 8th Generation Intel Core Processor

Who is this product best for?

Gigabyte is pretty much a great company when it comes to making budget friendly products. Not only their products are budget friendly but they are also very reliable and durable. In a very short price, they are capable enough to do a lot which is appreciable.

This product is for those who want to do gaming but can’t afford a high-end motherboard. The price it has is very decent and can be easily affordable for most.


  • Very Affordable
  • Intel Optane Memory Ready
  • VRM is awesome
  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • Supports Overclocking


  • Build quality could be better


Overall, Gigabyte Z390 motherboard is a great budget choice. Yes, there are some downsides like the build quality could be better or they could update BIOS to the latest version. But that’s fine when you want to use i7 8700K which works out of the box.

This is the Best mobo for i7 8700k by Gigabyte.

7. MSI MPG Z390 Gaming PRO Carbon – Mid-range High-Performance i7 8700K board

Looking for a mid-range lineup? Well, we’ve got you covered. We know the real challenges because we actually have faced it and have hands-on practical experience over these things. Which is why we know what exactly are the problems faced by the end user and how to tackle that.

MSI MPG Z390 Gaming PRO Carbon wins our award for being best mid-range motherboard for i7 8700K.


It is equipped with, just like others, LGA 1151 CPU socket. All of the motherboards will have this socket because the processor is by Intel and it is i7 8700K. So, in order to support this processor, the motherboard must have a compatible chipset and suitable CPU Socket.

In the case of Intel Core i7 8700K, the best chipset is Z390 and best CPU socket is LGA 1151. Please always check this before you make up your purchase (However, in this guide every motherboard will support your processor out of the box).

We mention clearly which processors are supported by which motherboard in a table.

Looking at the specifications, it supports 9th and 8th generation intel core processors, Pentium Gold and Celeron.

Technical Specifications

  • CPU Socket:  LGA 1151
  • Chipset:  Intel Z390 Chipset
  • Memory Type:  Dual Channel DDR4 Up to 4400 (OC) MHz
  • Maximum DIMMs:  4
  • Wireless:  Intel 802.11ac Wi-Fi
  • RGB Type:  Mystic Light which has 16.8 Million colors along with 29 Effects. There are addressable headers for RGB or Rainbow LED strips connection. Unleash & Uncover the beauty of an RGB Gaming setup!
  • Form Factor:  ATX
  • CPUs Supported:  9th/8th Generation Intel Core, Pentium Gold, Celeron
  • GPU Supported:  It is a multi-GPU ready motherboard!

Who is this product best for?

Being ready for multi-GPU, mystic light, and high-performance work, it is perfect choice for gamers. However, using it for daily use will be great as well.


  • Mystic Light
  • Multi-GPU Ready
  • Built-in Wi-Fi Intel Optane Memory Ready
  • Affordable


  • No cons


Absolutely no cons to mention, with astonishing build quality, you get a beautiful “Really Cool” motherboard at an awesome price. Definitely worth the price.

In fact, it can prove as a perfect gift as well. As far as the value and price is concerned, you won’t complain for it because you get enough & optimal performance for your money.

Our Verdict

We don’t want you to be confused in number of choices. So, we are mentioning below the top 3 motherboards for i7 8700k.

If You found this guide helpful, please share with your friends, so they can get benefit also. Or if you believe we missed anything, feel free to share your feedback in the comment below. Your feedback matters a lot and we take it seriously.

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