Best Office Mouse for Drag Clicking (Cheap, Budget Picks)

Are you looking for the finest best office mouse for drag clicking? If your answer is yes, you may have listened about how to drag click can give you an advantage in contests like Minecraft and many others that require an increased number of clicks per second. 

Drag clicking is a method of selecting a mouse button by moving your finger across it (left or right mouse button). Vibrations created by friction between your finger and the mouse button register millions of clicks per second. As some of you may think, this will allow you to hit your opponents harder in Minecraft PVP.

Check out our entire guide on drag-clicking if you want to learn how to do it. You should be aware, however, that not every mouse is suited for drag-and-drop clicking.  

A good drag-clicking mouse must have two features. A matte, grippy surface, as well as a set of robust switches that can bear drag clicking.

To that aim, we looked into some of the best Minecraft mice for drag Clicking. Let’s get this ready to have fun.

List of Best Office Mouse for Drag Clicking

  1. ROCCAT ‎ROC-11-820-BK Kone AIMO PC Gaming Mouse
  2. Cooler Master MM710 53G Gaming Mouse
  3. SteelSeries ‎62593 Prime Wireless FPS Gaming Mouse
  4. Logitech ‎910-005790 High-Performance Wired Gaming Mouse
  5. Redragon M711 Cobra Gaming Mouse
  6. Razer RZ01-02010100-R3G1 Deathadder Elite Gaming Mouse
  7. Logitech G203 ‎910-005469 Wired Gaming Mouse

1- ROCCAT ‎ROC-11-820-BK Kone AIMO PC Gaming Mouse


Our top pick is the ROCCAT KONE AIMO Gaming Mouse.  It’s worth noting that we’re discussing the remastered version, not the original. This is due to the latter’s lack of a rough grip surface required for drag clicking. Since its debut in 2007, the Kone has been Roccat’s best-selling mouse.

Fans appreciate it for its iconic shape and constant cutting-edge advancements, which have been developed over the years. The Kone AIMO is the newest heir to the Kone throne, having been improved with numerous enhancements to make it even better than before.

 It has the same great ergonomics as its predecessors, but it now has a better thumb space for even more comfort and control. As a consequence, with a complete feature set that offers maximum precision and control in any situation, it’s the ideal tool for any gaming job.  

If you look at some of the most renowned Minecraft PVP players, such Lebbyy and SSanti, you will notice that it’s one of their favorite gaming mice, and for a satisfactory reason. To begin with, the KONE AIMO is a massive gaming mouse

This provides exceptional stability and control, particularly for players with large hands. With the KONE AIMO, drag-clicking gamers can gain up to sixty frames per second. This will depend on their degree of ability, but the robust design and sticky surface will surely help them.

Of course, having a modern design with a lot of RGB lighting helps. These are features that will undoubtedly appeal to players all across the world. This mouse is fantastic for not only drag clicking but also for CS.  

Because optical switches are used, the ROCCAT KONE AIMO has no mechanical components. This makes it significantly more durable than traditional mouse switches. In addition, optical switches use no physical contacts to transfer electric signals, making them perfect for drag clicking.

While it is costly, most avid gamers will admit that it is well worth the money, especially if you want the highest CPS gaming mouse.

2- Cooler Master MM710 53G Gaming Mouse

Cooler Master MM710 53G Gaming Mouse

The mm710 is a wonderful, one-of-a-kind mouse that packs a lot of punch into a little package. We’ve included a stunning new honeycomb shell design and a deceptively tough ultralight ultra weave cable to lower the overall weight of the mouse body to less than 53G, in addition to all of the pro-grade features that make our gaming mice deadly in a fight. 

As a result, you will have faster motions, longer gaming sessions, reduced weariness, and less wrist pain from repetitive stress injuries. 

With a lightweight design and ABS plastic and PTFE feet, the Cooler Master MM710 puts you in command of any FPS or PVP games. In addition, you can simply slide the mouse on hard surfaces without fear of slipping or lags caused by greasy filth.

 Furthermore, because of its honeycomb form and matte finish, you may drag click with ease and success.  

If you have trouble directing a huge fleet of battleships or army columns in a real-time strategy (RTS) game, this mouse is for you. The Ultraweave cable gives it a wireless feel even though it’s a wired mouse.  

So it wouldn’t matter if you are right-handed or left-handed as long as you use Cooler Master MM710. 

Furthermore, the mouse has an ambidextrous design. Furthermore, thanks to its pro-grade 16,000 DPI PixArt optical sensor, you may modify the DPI of the mouse based on your gameplay style.  

3- SteelSeries ‎62593 Prime Wireless FPS Gaming Mouse


SteelSeries ‎62593 Prime Wireless FPS Gaming Mouse

The Prime Wireless mouse was created with a single objective in mind: to be productive. As a consequence, the Prime Wireless mouse features a battle-tested shape, compact form factor, hyper-rugged build, textured matte finish, esports pro sensor performance, 100-hour battery capacity, and onboard customization co-developed with the planet’s best competitive players.

An Optical Magnetic switch technology is included in the SteelSeries Prime Wireless. This manual switch, unlike others, does not get mushy and slow with time. It’s the main reason why gamers prefer this mouse in games where the CPS rate is important.   

This mouse also features a unique design that will aid you in winning any first-person shooter (FPS) or multiplayer online multiplayer (PVP) game you play on your PC. Nothing will be able to stop you from achieving your objectives as long as you have this mouse in your hand.

 In addition, the SteelSeries Prime mouse comes with the TrueMove Air, a high-end gaming sensor. 

The Prestige OM Switch’s innovative design uses neodymium magnets to give the most constant crisp clicks – rated for 100 million clicks, which is up to 5 times longer than the competition. In addition, each click registers at quantum speeds when paired with an infrared light input beam. 

One-to-one tracking and tilt tracking are two features of this sensor technology. One-to-one tracking ensures that your mouse movements are properly matched to your screen motions. Tilt tracking prevents undesirable tracking concerns during tilt slams, fast flocks, and angled dives. 

4- Logitech ‎910-005790 High-Performance Wired Gaming Mouse  

Logitech ‎910-005790 High-Performance Wired Gaming Mouse

The performance and precision of the legendary Logitech G502 gaming mouse have been improved. The Logitech G502 Hero increased gaming mouse includes the next-generation Hero 16K Optical sensor, Logitech’s highest-performing and most efficient gaming sensor to date. 

 In addition, an all-new lens and an enhanced tracking algorithm enable ultra-precise tracking across the full DPI range with no acceleration, flattening, or filtration.

Because of its changeable weight profiles, the Logitech G502 HERO can truly give you a competitive advantage. Five 0.127 ounce weight bars are included in the box, which you may attach to the mouse for a more comfortable grasp and movement. This unique function also aids you in obtaining excellent CPS by allowing you to drag click.  

You can now customize the RGB lighting on your mouse to fit your personal style and environment, as well as sync it with other Logitech G products. Custom game profiles.

configurable sensitivity from 200 to 16 000 DPI, and a programmable weight system that allows fine-tuning and balancing of up to five 3. 6G weights for the perfect balance and feel, the G502 Hero is easy to customize to meet your needs, no matter what your gaming style is.

The mouse has 11 programmable buttons, which are useful for gamers and computer users who use various apps and tools. But, before programming the buttons, you must first install the Logitech G HUB.In multi-button games like FPS or PVP, you can assign many macros and commands to aid you. 

In addition, the mouse’s LED can display up to 16.8 million colors so that you can match your mood, gaming style, or team color. The mouse’s RGB lighting technology allows you to match the color profile to the audio, screen, or game. 

5- Redragon M711 Cobra Gaming Mouse

Redragon M711 Cobra Gaming Mouse

The Redragon M711 Cobra is a gaming mouse that supports drag-clicking.When you are doing intense in-game shooting or hand-to-hand combat, the device’s soft-touch finish and two side buttons let you gain a better grasp on it.

In addition, it is an essential tool for triumphing authoritarian outbreaks in expansion because of its short lift-off distance and low latency click acuity.  

Near the tactile mouse wheel, there are two independent DPI switch buttons. The DPI can be cycled between the preset values with only one switch. The other allows you to adjust DPI using PC software. Depending on the changing gaming requirement, you will need to adjust the DPI level.  

Additionally, seven customizable buttons on the controller may be assigned to various game commands or macros. These keys are especially important when using the mouse to control a fighter plane or a large truck while shooting at moving targets.  

Due to its intimidating hand design, the M711 Cobra gaming mouse is a must-have computer accessory for die-hard gamers.

 Our robust desktop and laptop pro gaming mouse will astound you with its unrivaled comfort, lethal accuracy, and killer precision. So you may have a great clicking experience without bothering anyone else. It’s a great option for the office, library, hostel, or anywhere else. 


6- Razer RZ01-02010100-R3G1 Deathadder Elite Gaming Mouse

Razer RZ01-02010100-R3G1 Deathadder Elite Gaming Mouse

 The Razer Deathadder Elite is a must-have gaming tool for those who want nothing less than success.

Sensitivity is crucial in particularly intense FPS or PVP conflicts, and failing to do so could cost you the game. With a resolution of 16,000 DPI and a 450 IPS sensor, every action you take in the game is precise and in sync with the visual frame rate.

It takes cutting-edge technology, combined with ergonomics and extended durability, to design a gaming mouse that meets the high expectations of the esports elite.

The Razer DeathAdder Elite boasts one of the world’s most advanced optical sensors, razer mechanical mouse switches, and superb ergonomics used by the world’s best esports players, ensuring unrivaled precision and speed on the playing field. 

Furthermore, mouse switches are critical in assisting you in winning a gaming battle. As a result, the Razer Deathadder Elite includes custom-made mouse switches developed in collaboration with Omron, the world’s leading mouse switch manufacturer. The outcome is a high-intensity CPS with up to 50 million drag clicks. 

Ergonomics is especially important for gameplay in the gaming environment during intense battles. The Razer Deathadder Elite has two rubber side grips that make it pleasant to use for long periods.

7- Logitech G203 ‎910-005469 Wired Gaming Mouse

Logitech G203 ‎910-005469 Wired Gaming Mouse

 With an 8 000 DPI sensor and customizable, brilliant Lightsync RGB, the G203 Lightsync is ready to go. To fit your sports manner, layout, and attitude, LIGHTSYNC RGB can be altered with color wave effects or patterns spanning – 16. 8 million shades. 

 The game starts with a standard 6-button style that may be modified to simplify operations. G203 is made to make your game more enjoyable. To suit your play style, setup, and mood, Lightsync RGB can be adjusted with color wave effects or patterns spanning 16. 8 million shades.  

The Logitech G203 Mouse is an affordable option for a high-end gaming mouse with drag-clicking features. It also demonstrates its Lightsync feature, which lets you configure the RGB LEDs to create bespoke colors or waves of colors.

Furthermore, its switches are extremely sturdy, taking a great deal of clicking and pressure. Its ultra-sensitive buttons work in tandem with an ultra-fast gaming-grade sensor that responds eight times faster than a traditional mouse. As a result, the gaming pointer on your screen moves precisely as you move your mouse.  

Another great feature is that the Logitech G203 has onboard memory so that you can change your mouse settings between devices. You don’t have to modify the mouse profile when connecting it to a new device. Simply plug it into the Logitech G HUB, and it will import your prior control settings.  

Utilizing Logitech G HUB software and almost 16.8 million colors, you may select from vibrant animations, game- and media-driven settings, or design your own. To make your purchase the best one, we have ready shopping tips for you. 

The Grip is Essential 

You will need a mouse with a decent grip to make this work. The most common grip for dragging click is the palm grip. Because the Tip and Claw Grips are designed to push DOWN instead of allowing your fingers to slide across the buttons, they are rarely used.

As a consequence, a mouse with a good base grip and a good center bump for a palm grip is required. In addition, small and portable mice may not be ideal for this strategy.  

Debounce Delay for Registering Clicks 

The faster the mouse can detect as many clicks as possible, the shorter the Debounce Delay.On the other hand, newer mice are designed with a long Debounce Delay and have trouble recording very quick consecutive clicks. Most games frown upon a mouse that can easily register double clicks.

The polar opposite, on the other hand, is required for Minecraft and Drag Clicking to work. The Glorious Model D and Model O mice, for example, include options for setting your Debounce time. Other mice use clever mechanical or even optical switches to solve this problem.

Material Used Can Improve Drag Clicking 

Another crucial factor to consider is the mouse’s surface material. You will want a mouse with enough resistance to hold your hand but still light enough for your fingers to slip across the buttons easily.

Your fingertips would not drag on a mouse covered in a high-resistance substance. So looking for rubberized matte material is a good idea.

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