Best PS5 Controllers (Sony, Scuf, Razer, Nacon)

Looking for an expert advice for the what is the best controller for ps5? We’ve made a list of budget and best cheap ps5 controller in 2021.

We have a clear preference for the Sony DualSense Wireless Controller, not only because of its multiple features and efficiency, but also for its attractive price / quality ratio.

The PS5 has had a great generation, despite its slow start with must-have exclusive games. But while those big marquee exclusives have slowly passed, the PS5 has persisted in offering the best console versions of most third-party games.

Now the PS5 is phasing out plenty of exclusives every year, three of which will be released in 2020 – Final Fantasy VII Remake, Ghost of Tsushima, and The Last of Us Part II.

Throughout the lifespan of the PS5, however, Sony’s DualSense Wireless Controller has been an incredible controller to experience all of the games on the PS5 – especially with the push of a button to share moments. amazing like a hilarious glitch or defeating a Bloodborne boss without touching yourself.

The DualSense Wireless Controller is a great pad, but looking at what Microsoft is doing with the controller options for Xbox Series X, it can be a bit of a letdown that you don’t have an official PS5 Elite controller.

Sony recently released a rear button accessory that maps two of the DualSense Wireless Controller’s buttons and lets you keep your thumbs up on the analog sticks when you want to crouch, jump, reload, or anything in between.

However, that doesn’t completely close the gap, and if you’re looking for a bit more of your DualSense Wireless Controller controller, there are plenty of third-party PS5 controller options.

Scuf has some great pads in the Infinity4PS Pro and Vantage 2, both of which feature rear paddles and a number of other great custom parts – you can even replace the Infinity4PS Pro’s triggers with clickable buttons, like mouses.

Razer also has a pair of great controllers that feature additional buttons, multiple setup profiles, and trigger stops. And these are just a few of the best PS5 controllers we have on this list.

There are also 3rd party controller options that work great with just one type of game in mind. Battle pads and battle sticks are made for a very specific genre, and diehard fighting game fans looking for the best experience would do well to choose one.

Razer has an excellent combat pad in the Raion and an excellent combat stick in the Panthera Evo, while Victrix hits the high end with the incredible Arcade Pro FS stick. We’ve tested a number of great controllers, pads, and sticks and rounded up the best PS5 controllers here.

Will PS5 controllers be compatible with PS5?

Unfortunately, unlike the Xbox One and Xbox Series X, we don’t know for sure if the PS5 controllers will be compatible with the PlayStation 5. Sony is sure to release more information on the PS5 in the coming months, so We will probably learn more information about PS5 controller compatibility soon.

So far, we’ve listed what we think are the best PS5 controllers you can use on Sony’s current console. This article will be updated as we test new pads. So, while you wait for the PS5 to launch, read on for the best PS5 controllers you can buy right now. Please note that the prices below are the standard price for each controller and do not represent any fluctuation or discount.

List of Best PS5 Controller

After several hours of research, we made our selection of the top rated best controllers for PlayStation 5, including Elite-style controllers, fight sticks, and more.

  1. DualSense Wireless Controller – Best Official PS5 Controller
  2. Scuf Vantage 2 – Best Cheap PS5 Controller
  3. Astro C40  – Best Ergonomic PS5 Controller
  4. Razer Raiju Ultimate Controller – Best Gaming Controller for PS5
  5. Razer Raiju Tournament Bluetooth Wireless Wired Gaming Controller – Best 3rd Party PS5 Controller
  6. Combat Arcade Victrix Pro FS Arcade – Best PS5 Fighting Stick
  7. Razer Panthera Evo – Best mid-range PS5 battle stick
  8. Nacon Revolution Unlimited Pro Coolest PS5 Controllers
  9. HexGaming HEX Esports Rival Elite Controller 2 Paddles
  10. Thrustmaster T80 Ferrari 488 GTB (PS5,PS4,PC)
  11. Donop Wireless Controller Keyboard for PS5 Controllers

1. DualSense Wireless Controller – Best Official PS5 Controller

Best Official PS5 Controller

The DualSense Wireless Controller is the top recommendation for the best controller for ps5. Feel physically responsive feedback to your in-game actions with dual actuators which replace traditional rumble motors. In your hands, these dynamic vibrations can simulate the feeling of everything from environments to the recoil of different weapons.

Experience varying levels of force and tension as you interact with your in-game gear and environments. From pulling back an increasingly tight bowstring to hitting the brakes on a speeding car, feel physically connected to your on-screen actions.

Built-in microphone and headset jack – Chat with friends online using the built-in microphone or by connecting a headset to the 3.5mm jack. Easily switch voice capture on and off at a moment’s notice with the dedicated mute button.

2. Scuf Vantage 2 – Best Budget PS5 Controller

Best Cheap PS5 Controller

The Vantage 2 is Scuf’s premium PS5 controller and a great choice for those who prefer offset analog sticks similar to those found on the Xbox One. It includes four rear paddles and two additional side buttons, all programmable – I found the rear paddles to be useful for remapping the face buttons, while the side buttons were excellent for D-pad inputs in shooters, like the ‘activate killstreaks or switch fire mode.

You can also swap out the drumsticks, numeric keypad, and faceplate, as well as remove the rumble motors, and like the Infinity PS5, it’s possible to adjust the trigger stops or replace the trigger entirely with a longer one. .

All of those bells and whistles are awesome, even if you don’t use them all at the same time. I found some setups to be better for shooters, while fighting games benefited from replacing the D-pad with the included circular pad and shorter triggers. You can effectively use the Vantage 2 on a wide selection of games – and on PC – which is great considering how great it feels to use the controller.

The face buttons are rounded and are satisfying to push, the rear paddles are lined up in extremely comfortable positions, and the D-Pad is a solid piece that makes it easier to move left to right and up and down than the official DualSense Wireless Controller. – this can be particularly effective in games like Mortal Kombat 11.It also has a much longer battery life than the DualSense Wireless Controller, which is certainly appreciated.

All of this makes it my favorite pad when playing PS5 games. If you’re looking for an Elite-style controller on the Sony platform, you won’t be disappointed with the Vantage 2.

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3. Astro C40  – Best Ergonomic PS5 Controller

Best Ergonomic PS5 Controller

Astro is well known for its high-end gaming headsets and audio gear, but the brand recently ventured into pro-grade controllers with the C40 Tournament Edition. Not only is it ergonomic, but the C40 has a ton of customizable features. The most important thing to note is that the left analog stick can be swapped out to feel like an Xbox or PlayStation controller. The modular nature of the design may make you question its build quality, but the C40 is unmistakably solid.

Another key feature is the programmable paddles on the back of the controller. Of all the high-end gamepads with additional buttons, the C40 has the most convenient placement, and those buttons are intuitive from the start. Ease of use extends to triggers and bumpers; their shape and low actuation resistance is a definite upgrade over the DualSense Wireless Controller. The Astro C40 is quite expensive for under $200, but it’s all the best if you’re looking for something both tuned for them. competitive games and customization.

4. Razer Raiju Ultimate – Best Gaming Controller for PS5

Best Gaming Controller for PS5

Razer offers two options for Elite-style controllers, both of which aren’t as modular or customizable as the Scuf Vantage 2. Fortunately, they’re still great pads. The Raiju Ultimate features the same analog stick placement as the DualSense Wireless Controller and has interchangeable drumsticks and D-Pad. It is also equipped with two remappable rear paddles and two additional shoulder buttons.

The rear paddles are larger and more square than Scuf’s paddles – this makes them less comfortable, but they are still easy to use. The extra shoulder buttons on the Raiju Ultimate, on the other hand, are particularly interesting. They click satisfactorily like a gaming mouse and are easy to press with your fingers resting on the triggers.Speaking of triggers, they feel similar to the xbox style ps5 controllers.

The face buttons also click like a mouse and are extremely fun to use in everything from shooters and fighting games to action-adventure titles like Marvel’s Spider-Man and Yakuza 0. The D-pad is quite nice. to use, although it is less like a D-pad and more like four separate buttons. One of the modular D-pads is actually just four directional buttons, while the other is a sturdy piece of plastic that makes it easier to hit diagonally in fighting games. And finally, the analog sticks move smoothly and feel precise.

Satisfy is a great way to describe using Raiju Ultimate by Razer, and using the Raiju app for mobile devices makes it easy to remap additional buttons and create new profiles – you can even switch between profiles with a button on the controller. If you’re looking for an Elite-style controller with the same stick placement as the DualSense Wireless Controller, then Razer’s Raiju Ultimate will work just fine in almost any situation.

5. Razer Raiju Tournament Edition – Best 3rd Party PS5 Controller

Best 3rd Party PS5 Controller

The Raiju Tournament Edition is Razer’s cheapest – but less customizable – PS5 controller. It still features the rear paddles and extra shoulder buttons, but it doesn’t have as many bells and whistles as the Raiju Ultimate. Its analog sticks are also quirky like the Xbox One’s controller, and while it feels less premium than the Raiju Ultimate, it still manages to be a satisfying controller to use.

The buttons feature the same mouse click-ness as the Ultimate, and while you can’t swap out the D-pad, it looks more like a D-pad than buttons – it’s split into four quadrants like the DualSense Wireless Controller.

The triggers keep the same shape and the trigger stops come back as well. Analog sticks, on the other hand, aren’t as soft to the touch as the Ultimates because they’re plastic rather than metal, but they still feel great. And thankfully, you can always remap the extra buttons with the Raiju app, although you can’t swap profiles on the controller itself.

In short, the Raiju Tournament Edition may seem cheaper than the Ultimate, but it’s still a great controller, especially if you prefer offbeat analog stick placement.

6. Combat Arcade Victrix Pro FS Arcade – Best PS5 Fighting Stick

Best PS5 Fighting Stick

The Victrix Pro FS Arcade Stick is expensive, but it lives up to the price. This is a premium fighting stick with a full aluminum base, making it an absolute tank. Fortunately, the staff is also extremely comfortable to place in your lap and use in everything from Street Fighter V and Dragon Ball FighterZ to Tekken 7 and Soulcalibur 6. The Sanwa Denshi parts are strong, with a staff that is both precise and satisfying. moving. It’s also solid and unlike cheaper sticks I wasn’t worried about it breaking when I was in the middle of particularly desperate games.

The buttons are some of the best I have used on a combat stick. There is a small, but pleasant amount of throwing from start of push to end, with a satisfying click to accentuate each button press. The nice feel of the buttons made it much more enjoyable to try and learn new combos, and I found myself becoming more and more effective in Dragon Ball FighterZ.

In addition to the crucial buttons that every combat stick needs, the Pro FS has a row of buttons that are assigned to other functions. It includes options, Share, a button to change the colored lighting, a button for audio, three programmable “Pro” buttons and one that locks these buttons against accidental presses during the game.

The Pro buttons allow the player to program L3 and R3 on two of them, while the third is used for Training mode – it resets the positioning of characters in various supported games.You can also toggle the joystick between the D-pad to the left and right analog stick by holding the Victrix logo button and the joystick in a specific direction.

It’s not as simple as flipping a switch like what offers Razer’s sticks and pads, but it’s still a must-have feature. The pole is also very practical for travel, with handles, a plastic organizer to wind your cable, and a removable joystick that you can easily store in the body of the pole.

The Pro FS is a premium stick at a premium price. If you are not a hardcore fighting game player then this stick is not for you. It costs as much as a console, which may put some players off, but if you’re looking for the best fighting experience on PS5 and are serious about competitive gaming then this is the stick for you.

7. Razer Panthera Evo – Best mid-range PS5 battle stick

Best mid-range PS5 battle stick

If you’re looking to save some cash but still want a great fighting stick, then the Razer Panthera Evo is worth considering. The stick is completely made of plastic, which may feel a bit hollow. Fortunately, it is still solidly built and comfortable. The buttons and the stick are made by Sanwa, and both feel great.

The plastic stick manages to hold on well; the buttons have a little throw and click satisfactorily when you turn off combos. The Xbox One’s Razer Atrox is a great fighting stick, but it’s slightly overwhelmed by the Panthera Evo when it comes to gameplay.

The Panthera Evo is capable of controlling anything a regular DualSense Wireless Controller canister can. It includes buttons for L3, R3, Options and Share as well as mute your microphone and volume control on your headphones. It also has its own touchpad and a switch that toggles the joystick between the D-Pad and the left and right analog sticks.

However, unlike its Xbox One counterpart, the Panthera Evo’s cable is not removable. You can wrap it up and store it in the stick compartment, although I shudder to think about what would happen if it did break somehow. Having to replace the entire stick when only the cable breaks is a frustrating – and costly – puzzle that other sticks avoid by making the cable removable.

That said, the Razer Panthera Evo is still a great fighting stick for the money. It is very pleasant to use for all types of fighting games so if you are looking for one of the best midrange sticks then the Panthero Evo is a great choice.

8. Nacon Revolution Unlimited Pro Coolest PS5 Controllers

Coolest PS5 Controllers

This controller combines precision and customization with additional keys configurable via software. Its comfort is added to its other qualities, which make it a model of competition.

Designed in collaboration with esports professionals, this controller is made for competition. Its rather massive look is similar to that which can be found at Nintendo or Microsoft, but it is much more worked. The Revolution Pro is pleasant to use and precise, in addition to being fully configurable. Despite a few small flaws, it has something to compete with the original DualSense Wireless Controller … except in terms of price!

With its 224 g, it is placed as a relatively light model and pleasant in the hand. It offers good user comfort thanks to a studied arrangement of the various elements and a soft-touch coating which minimizes the risk of slipping. The sticks are also equipped with an anti-perspiration coating. 

Designed for intensive players, it offers a set of precise and sensitive keys coupled with adjustable triggers. On the other hand, the size of the Share, Options and touchpad buttons is reduced because of their secondary interest. Professional orientation is also felt by the addition of 4 buttons (M1 to M4) integrated into the handles. Their use requires some adaptation time, but they are very interesting once you have learned to master them.

Connectivity goes through 2 modes, namely: wired, with a 3 m long cable, or Bluetooth wireless, linked to a dongle provided. The latter allows minimum latency by optimizing the connection with the device as much as possible, which allows an improved result compared to the standard controller.

The Revolution Unlimited Pro can be used with both the Sony console and a computer. A dedicated program also allows the creation of profiles (max 4) usable via the Advanced mode. The customization is even pushed even further with a system of weights, which can be added to make the controller heavier, interchangeable joystick heads (convex or concave) and different bases for the sticks to adjust the activation amplitude (30 °, 38 ° (PS5 standard) and 48 °).

Finally, the Revolution Unlimited Pro has everything you would expect from a controller dedicated to professionals. However, it remains less complete than its counterpart at Microsoft, known as the best controller on the aftermarket.

9- HexGaming HEX Esports Rival Elite Controller 2 Paddles

HexGaming HEX Esports Rival Elite Controller 2 Paddles

If you are a gaming enthusiast then you really need a hexGaming HEX elite controller to improve your gaming experience. HexGaming is a brand that customises the best PS5 controllers to deliver high performance. 

The HEX Rival Elite is a perfect controller for esports, with ergonomic buttons layout gives you comfort and optimal control. Provides you the remap program you activate while playing you can assign a maximum of 15 buttons to the rear button and those buttons are X, O, Triangle, Square, Up, Down, Left, Right, L1, L2, R1, R2, L3, R3, Touchpad. 

Comes with a combo of features such as; 6 in 1 thumbsticks that are interchangeable, 3 different heights and 2 ergonomic thumb grips the domed and concave, these thumbsticks can switch in the blink of an eye. 

Gives you the flexibility to operate this controller and makes it an ideal controller of any gamer. With the Hex esport controller you can beat your opponent as you can capture targets faster and also increase accuracy.

Best feature of the controller is that you can use it wired or wireless according to your choice. With this fully modular controller you can take your gaming skill to the next level. This is the best engineered controller that has been elevated for top notch gaming. 

Due to its 3 types of height and strong grip on the thumbstick you can control movement or accuracy. The Hex elite fits in different handsizes and the best match for your play style. 

Decrease the trigger’s activation distance to just 2 mm with the use of Hex hair triggers, you just have to press slightly to instantly launch a full fast shoot to save valuable time while playing competitive games but these triggers do not work for racing games.

The faceplate offers a strong grip and the backplate enhances comfort and control. If these features are not enough, then with this Hexgaming Hex elite esport controller aims for better performance and also you can get an edge in FPS games.

10- Thrustmaster T80 Ferrari 488 GTB (PS5,PS4,PC)

Thrustmaster T80 Ferrari 488 GTB (PS5,PS4,PC)

If you are a gamer then you know how a good controller affects your gaming. Thrustmaster proudly launched the T80 ferrari 488 controller. This is a 8:10 replica of the genuine Ferrari 488 GTB wheel that offers total realism in the games. 

This is officially licensed by PS 4 and Ferrari and  especially designed for all PS 4 racing games and supports wheels. If we talk about its compatibility this is compatible with PCs with Windows 7, 8 and 10. 

This new thrustmaster GTB comes with 2 large pedal sets. This wheel also goes with PS 5 games, and the compatibility is tested by thrustmaster but not by sony interactive entertainment. 

For the easy navigation within games menus or playstation 4 this wheel comes with PS, share and option buttons. Thrustmaster wheel is ergonomically designed and the best match for all types of racing games such as; GT, F1, rally, etc. 

Featuring a bungee cord mechanism that is an automatic re-centering system of thrustmaster, provides linear resistance, regardless of the rotation on 240 degree. This wheel ensures intuitive control, and an amazing combination of comfort and equipment. Comes with a large and adjustable brake pedal that provides you progressive resistance. 

The diameter of this gaming wheel is 11 inches and to ensure strength the thrustmaster made this with textured rubber cladding. A superior grip is such a feature that is a need of every gamer while playing long sessions of racing games. 

This outclass racing wheel comes with 11 action buttons, a D-pad and 2 large metal sequential paddle shifters, so you can have full control on your game. 

This wheel has all the equipment and controls that you need for the fastest and smoother laps. If you want comfortability of acceleration, ultra precise and braking then this gaming wheel is worth buying. 

11- Donop Wireless Controller Keyboard for PS5 Controllers

Donop Wireless Controller Keyboard for PS5 Controllers

Are you looking for a keyboard that is compatible with gaming controllers? Then look no further than donop wireless controller keyboard. This is a perfect option for those gamers who love chatting while playing online games. Because it helps to type fastly and accurately and also due to the keyboard it is a time saving controller.

The best thing about this controller is that it is wireless so bye bye wires now you do not worry about tackling those messy wires. Also, comes with built-in speakers that are used to improve player immersion by playing different sounds from the PS 5 keyboard instead of TV speakers. 

Plus build with a 3.5 mm stereo audio jack so you can listen to sounds privately that makes your coordination better with your teammate. Due to its wireless connectivity it’s very easy to connect and disconnect it also no software is required for installation. 

Good communication is a key factor to winning matches, this keyboard for controllers offers convenient communication. The complete PS 5 keyboard, voice message board, various input letters and characters make chatting very easy. 

Ergonomic design and bluetooth keyboard best match for Playstation 5, you can hold easily and make your gaming more enjoyable. This controller keyboard launched by the donop lets you combine with any original controller of PS 5 but check the compatibility before use otherwise it will not work.  

Ready to beat opponents comes with a built-in rechargeable battery so do not worry about powering it up. But make sure your keyboard is charged before starting your game because it can not charge at the same time, while charging a red light will indicate and when it is fully charged the light will be out. 

To connect this keyboard with PS 5 controller, press the wireless key on the keyboard then you have to confirm your entry within 30 seconds, if your connection is successful then a green light will  be on otherwise you have to retry. If you love chatting while playing then you should consider this controller keyboard, order now!

How Did We Make Our Choice?

The controller is the key element of a game console . However, the choice of this type of device depends not only on your budget, but also and above all, on the gamer that you are.

While some people often take this factor lightly, you should know that several points should be taken into account before purchasing this product:

Compatibility : There are several PlayStation 5 controllers that are also compatible with PlayStation 4 or with a computer. However, these may be less efficient or be incompatible with certain games. It is therefore advisable to check its use with Windows, Linux, Raspberry Pi or even iOS.

Connectivity : some controllers offer triple connectivity (radio – to be favored because less latency -, wired, Bluetooth). The type of connection can influence the latency and responsiveness of the controller. For cordless use, be sure to check the battery or battery life so you can last a whole day of playing. In wired mode, the length of the cable is important and must correspond to the distance you want to put between you and the Playstation, without it becoming cumbersome. 

Playing comfort : this criterion linked to ergonomics has an influence on the duration of use. The grip is favored by the presence of handles and the location of the keys. The joysticks, the directional cross, the triggers and the buttons must not be on top of each other to avoid handling errors. And the lighter the controller, the more bearable it is. 

Manufacturing components : these are important elements for the durability of the controller. So, depending on these components, you may or may not enjoy a pleasant touch. In the heat of the moment, it must be able to withstand any shocks or falls. These can also influence the weight of the model. 

The design : to a lesser extent but just as essential, the design can be improved by matt or smooth finishes as well as by the integration of bright lighting or colors.

PS5 Controller Wired or Wireless?

Blonde or Brunette? Ketchup or Mayo? With or Without Potato? You have two choices when selecting a PS5 controller, wired or wireless. Sony’s official DualSense Wireless Controller gamepad uses Bluetooth to connect to the PS5, but you can also play wired, especially to charge the controller.The main difference between wired and wireless, and the reason why many gamepads professional use wired connections, that’s the latency.

What is latency? Latency is how quickly your PS5 responds to the moment you press a button. I’m sure you’ve had that kind of moment before, you play online in your favorite FPS, you play good games with good scores. But, you have a pet peeve. A guy you just can’t get past. In each face to face, he is ALWAYS the first to shoot. “He’s probably a cheater.” Well, not really.

In fact, it may be, but in the majority of cases it simply has less latency than you, thanks in particular to its wired controller. You may insult him with all the names, you will end up raging. Wired PS5 controllers provide a faster and more stable connection, saving just a fraction of a second you make a difference in multiplayer games. The wireless connection is slower, but offers the advantage of not being connected to your PS5.

The Difference Between: Pro Controller & Standard Controller

The Pro controllers offer different advantages over the standard DualSense Wireless Controller gamepad. It should be noted that pro gamepads tend to be constructed from higher quality materials and therefore are more durable. They also offer a lot more customization and configuration options (especially for buttons).

If you think your controller is not responsive enough, and your Kill / Kill ratio pisses you off, it may be due to your gamepad. A pro gamepad will help you improve your score. Some controllers also allow you to replace joysticks for smoother control. It also helps to extend the life of a gamepad by changing the trigger (R1 / L1 / R2 / L2) buttons most used in ps5 first person shooter controllers.

Official, Unofficial Controller: Is It Really Important?

There are only three officially licensed PS5 controllers on the market: Sony DualSense Wireless Controller, Rai Razer, and Nacon’s Revolution Pro. Licensed controllers have the security of never being picked up, thanks to PS5 updates, however some unlicensed gamepads tend to lag behind when it comes to updates.

Despite this, we still find unlicensed pro gamepads such as Scuf’s Infinity 4PS   regularly updated. They work great with all new PS5 updates. On the other hand, a cheaper gamepad is unlikely to have the support of manufacturers to keep it updated regularly.

Note : Only the official Sony DualSense Wireless Controller, can turn on the PS5 remotely via the Home button. This is a feature that PlayStation does not share with third-party manufacturers.

What Price For A PS5 Controller?

For a classic black DualSense Wireless Controller, it will cost no less than $50. And around $55 for the different colors or limited editions. Prices for real professional gamepads start around $85. The best of them can reach over $200. However, you can find low-end controllers for less than $30.

Is It Worth Spending More?

Do you want me to repeat the speech from the beginning? No, I think it will be fine. There are cheap PS5 controllers out there that look like a bargain. A lot of them are way too basic and use poor quality parts.

In fact, these wired controllers are not as fast as the official Sony wireless controllers.

You might end up with gamepads that get damaged very quickly under your thumbs and components that break easily, all of which I hate. Keep in mind that a PS5 firmware update can make your low-end gamepad obsolete and no longer work. Who would want to save a few dollars to buy a controller that will become obsolete in a month?

Best PS5 Controllers Black Friday Deals 2021

We have created a list of the most discounted cheap and best PS5 Controllers Black Friday deals and PS5 Controllers Cyber Monday deals for this year’s holiday season 2021.

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