Best PSU For i7-13700K (650W, 750W, 850W, 1000W)

Using a suitable PSU plays an important role in the gaming PC system’s performance overall. So, we listed some of the Best PSU For Core i7-13700K as it is one of the top operating processors in the tech world as of now. The core i7-13700K is a great choice for heavy work environments and gaming sessions as it provides high speed performance and powerful processing. Moreover, it can be used with the latest versions of graphic cards and other components as well.  

Power supply units are responsible for powering up every single component of the system so its selection is quite difficult for some users. Thus, we discuss some specific features that should be prioritized by the users. Firstly, we take the form factor of the PSU as some users might want a smaller one and vice versa. Recommended and most commonly used form factor is ATX that is available in all products mentioned here. 

Secondly, we take the wattage under consideration as the recommended amount is 700W or above. So, the Corsair RM850x model can support the 13700K with no trouble as it is more than enough for them to work together. Moving on, the efficiency certifications are a great way to determine whether the PSU is compatible with your system or not. Highest certification is the 80+ Titanium which is awarded to be quiet! Dark Power Pro 12 model.

Which in turn is a great choice to be used with a 13700K processor as its efficiency rate peaks at 94.9%. However, the NZXT C750 model has 80+ Gold certification is also a good selection as the efficiency limits at 80% at 50% or higher loads. Overall, these accreditations give the user an idea of how well your PC will perform under heavier loads. 

Lastly, we consider the cable settings of the PSU in which all products listed here have fully modular settings. This setting is mostly preferred by the users as it lessens the mess created by extra placed wires that are not in use at the time of execution. Aresgame 1000W  power Supply has this feature which captivates the customer’s attention to itself. It also features 80+ Platinum certification and  1000W wattage which in turn supports the 13700K processor. So, take a look at the detailed view of all PSU mentioned in this article.  

List of Top Rated Best PSU For i7-13700K 

  1. Be quiet! Dark Power Pro 12
  2. Corsair RMx Series RM850x
  3. EVGA 750 BQ PSU
  4. NZXT C750 – NP-C750M
  5. ROG Thor 1000W Platinum II EVA Edition
  6. Power Supply 80 Plus Gold Certified Fully Modular PSU

1- Be quiet! Dark Power Pro 12

Be quiet! Dark Power Pro 12

Power supply unit plays a significant role in the PC system as it powers every single part of your system. So, consider being quiet! Dark Power Pro 12 model which has an ATX form factor, 1500W wattage and fully modular cable setting. It has redesigned its PSU front with a funnel-shaped opening and high quality aluminum case that makes it shine from every angle. Moreover, Japanese capacitors are integrated in this PSU which gives durability and long lasting life.

For cooling purposes, it has 135mm fluid dynamic bearing fans that help dissipate heat from the PSU with maximum fan speed of 2600 RPM. Silent Wings fans provide maximum airflow with less power consumption. Wire free design makes the airflow reach all components of the power unit ensuring long life of the gadget. Fully Digital Control (PFC, LLC, SR/12V) ensures increased efficiency, good regulation and low ripple sound. 

Be quiet! Dark Power Pro 12 has 80+ Titanium certification which takes the efficiency rating up to 94.9%. Thus, providing the user a lot of advantages like a great cooling system and less acoustic levels. Noise range of this PSU starts from 25 dB and goes up to 30 dB. Moreover, industrial protections are provided from the manufacturers that reduces the chances of damages. This PSU can be easily used with Core i7-13700K as it has more than enough wattage to power this processor.


Be quite has its own Straight Power 11 Platinum 1200W can be compared with the under discussion model as they share many characteristics. Although, the latter version has more connectors than the former and better efficiency certification. Also, the Dark Power Pro 12 has more wattage than Straight Power 11 with a 300+ increase. 


  • Overall high performing device
  • Strong build structure
  • 80+ Titanium certified
  • Fully modular 


  • Expensive for some users
  • EMI suppression could be higher

2- Corsair RMx Series RM850x

Corsair RMx Series (2021), RM850x

Corsair RMx series of power supply units have 5 models that differentiate from each other in wattage. So, we take the RM850x model under consideration as it is one of the best products available as of now. With ATX form factor, 850W wattage and fully modular cable settings, giving the user many usable features. EPS12V connector provides compatibility with modern motherboards and graphic cards. Japanese capacitors are used in this gadget which guarantees reliability and life long usage. 

Talking about cooling processes, it uses a 135mm ML fan with magnetic levitation bearing which increases the lifetime under high temperature operation. In addition to the fan functions, the fans operate on Zero RPM mode that reduces the acoustic levels of the PSU. Also, the noise limits of this component goes from 25 dB to 30 dB which offers a peaceful work environment to the user. This PSU supports modern standby sleep function ensuring fast wake-up times and good less load efficiency and this is also supported by Ryzen 7 5700X and i7-12700K PSU.

The Corsair RM850x power unit is awarded the 80+ Gold certification which suggests it gives 80% efficiency at higher loads. Moreover, the manufacturer grants a 10 year warranty to the customer that takes care of any repairs or damages that might happen to the gadget. Overall, the performance of this PSU is better than most power units in comparison and cost-wise it is a great investment. 


For this purpose, we take the Corsair RM650 model with Corsair RM850x version as they share some similarities. However, the latter model has more connectivity options and 200+ wattage than the RM650 model


  • Excellent performance 
  • 80+ Gold certification
  • Magnetic levitation fans
  • 10 year warranty


  • In cable capacitors
  • Peripheral connectors have small space between them 

3- EVGA 750 BQ


The EVGA BQ series is a good option power supply unit to consider for using in your PC system. With 750W wattage, ATX form factor and semi-modular cable setting, it gives the user great features that come with great value and quality. It has 9 SATA connectors and one main 24-pin connector that establishes PSU’s connection to the motherboard. In addition, it has an MTBF of 100,000 hours which ensures long operating time of this device. 

There is an air cooling technique implemented in this power supply unit which is responsible for heat dissipation. Fans of 140mm dimensions with Teflon Nano Steel Bearing are used to reduce the noise levels of the fan. Also, it provides an intelligent auto fan function that makes sure the fan is running at near quiet sound levels. All these attributes make it one of the quietest PSUs present in the market as of now. 

Moving on, the EVGA BQ 750W has 80+ Bronze certification that gives 80% efficiency rate at higher loads. Making it a great choice to use in your PC systems as it provides higher efficiency under higher typical loads. Moreover, protections like OVP, UVP, OPP and SCP are provided that prevent any kind of damage from happening to the device. 


EVGA’s own 750 B3 model can be compared with the 750 BQ model as they share some attributes. The latter model has more connectivity options like 3+ SATA connectors and 2+ MOLEX connectors. Although the B3 750W model has a fully modular cable setting that is a plus point for some users.


  • 80+ Bronze certified
  • Good cooling performance
  • Great overall performance
  • ATX form factor


  • Semi-modular cable setting

4NZXT C750 – NP-C750M

NZXT C750 - NP-C750M

Power management and distribution is a big deal for gamers who use their systems at higher loads. So, the NZXT introduces the C750 model with ATX form factor, 750W wattage and futuristic design characteristics. Fully modular cables are used in this PSU that reduce clutter from the workspace and allows the user to choose to use necessary wires only. Moreover, the cables are sleeved for good appearance and provide protection from damage and increasing the longevity of the cables. 

For cooling effects, it uses 120mm fluid dynamic bearing fans that keeps the gadget cool during intensive processes of the gaming CPU. Hybrid silent fan control not only dissipates heat away from the power unit but also increases the lifetime of the fans due to less fan rotation. Moreover, it includes the zero RPM fan mode that keeps the acoustic levels between 25 dB and 30 dB. Performance wise, the NZXT C750 model provides power to the whole system with great efficiency.

NZXT C750 PSU has been granted 80+ Gold certification that marks its efficiency in the 80% plus range. Industrial protections are provided by the makers that prevent the device from any damages. It is suited to fit any case with ease as it was designed by keeping in mind NVIDIA and AMD GPUs.This PSU is also Compatible with Ryzen 7 5700X PSU.


We consider NZXT C650 for comparison with C750 model as they share many similarities. However, the latter model is cheaper and has more wattage than the C650 model. 


  • Good performance 
  • 80+ Gold certified
  • Fully modular
  • Aesthetic design


  • Can be noisy under heavy conditions

5- ROG Thor 1000W Platinum II EVA Edition

ROG Thor 1000W Platinum II EVA Edition

If you are an avid gamer and in need of a new power supply unit, look no further than the ASUS ROG Thor 1000W Platinum model. With ATX form factor, 1000W wattage and sleek design, it also implements RGB lighting system that enables the user to customize their system to their liking. Fully modular cable setting lessens the workspace mess and allows the gamer to use only necessary cables. Japanese capacitors are used in this power unit to increase durability and reliability.

For cooling purposes, 135mm axial-tech fans with PWM control dissipates heat from the power supply unit and also lessens the acoustic levels. ROG heatsinks cover important components resulting in lower temperatures. Testing of this feature concluded that the fan reaches 475 RPM at most while cooling the PSU down. 0 dB technology decreases the noise levels of the power supply unit when it has 50% load or lower.

ROG Thor 1000W has the 80+ Platinum certification awarded to it, meaning its efficiency reaches 90% at 50% loads. Security measures like over/under voltage, over temperature, over power, short circuit and overcurrent protections are provided by the manufacturer. This in turn protects the PSU from any damages or harm


We take the ASUS Rog Strix 1000W for comparison with the ASUS Rog Thor 1000W model as they share some attributes. Although the former model costs less than the latter, the Thor 1000W has more connectors and better efficiency certification than the Strix 1000W.


  • 80+ Platinum certification
  • Excellent overall performance
  • Great acoustic levels
  • Good cooling effects


  • Expensive for some users 

6- Power Supply 80 Plus Gold Certified Fully Modular PSU

Power Supply 80 Plus Gold Certified Fully Modular PSU

Aresgame introduced their brand new PSU called the GL1000 1000W power supply model. It has the highest wattage out of its flagship where 3 more models were launched with it. With ATX form factor, 1000W wattage and strong built structure, it has the capability to support core i7- 13700K processors with ease. Fully modular cables allow the customer to use only necessary wires which reduces clutter and allows maximum airflow between the PSU parts. 

For dissipating heat away from the PSU, it uses ultra quiet 120mm fans that exercises intelligent speed control making its operation durable and quiet. The Aresgame GL1000 PSU was designed compactly so that it fits well in the CPU while not compromising in power capacity. For stable and continuous power output, it implements APFC, LLC and DC-DC structure. 

Aresgame GL1000 power supply unit has been granted the 80+ Gold certification which means its efficiency limits at around 90% or higher. It in turn makes this PSU worthy for consideration to be used in your system. Manufacturers provide protections like  UVP/ OVP/ SCP/OCP/OPP which prevents any damage. However in case of any damages, they also provide the user a 10 year warranty that covers repair costs. 


We take the Aresgame’s AGV750 model when comparing it with the GL1000 model as they share some attributes. Although the GL1000 has more wattage, better efficiency certification and is fully modular. The AVG750 offers a semi-modular cable setting and 750W wattage with 80+ Bronze certification. 


  • Overall good performance
  • Fully modular
  • 80+ Gold certified
  • 10 year warranty


  • May heat up at higher loads

Required PSU for i7-13700K 

  • 700W or increased wattage is required for this processo’s efficient usage.
  • Semi-modular cable is the requirement while fully modular is recommended. 
  • Required form factor for a PSU is ATX. 
  • Bronze certification for efficiency is required while recommended is Gold.
  • A 5 Year warranty is required while a 10 year warranty is usually recommended.
  • Graphic card selection is dependent on the PSU choice of the user.

Core i7-12700K vs Core i7-13700K

  • The Core i7-12700K has 12 cores while the i7-13700K has 16 cores.
  • Core i7-12700K has 20 threads and the core i7-13700K has 24 threads.
  • Both processors support the LGA1700 socket.
  • Base frequency of the 12700K is 5 GHz while the 13700K reaches the frequency at 5.3 GHz. 
  • GPU boost clock of 12700K is 1500 MHz and the 13700K has boost clock of 1600 MHz.
  •  Both processors have UHD Graphics 770 integrated GPUs.

Best PSU for i7-13700K Buying Guide

When using the Core i7-13700K processor, some characteristics should be especially considered as they play a vital role in the processor and PSU working together. Our recommended choice is to be quiet! Dark Power Pro 12 PSU as it supports all the significant features necessary for the processor. Moreover, it has low noise levels and good cooling effects which is great when users are engaged in intensive gaming. Also, this gadget has the highest efficiency certification out of all the products cataloged here.

To make the decision process easier, we listed some of the best power supply units that are present in the market as of now. That is eventually compatible to use with the Core i7-13700K processor. Also, we wrote down some features that should be prioritized by the users when buying a PSU. 

Cable Design

There are 3 main cable settings that exist in PSUs, namely fully modular, semi-modular and  non-modular. Almost every user prefers their PSU to have a fully modular cable setting as they lessen the mess created by the wires in their workplace. Though semi-modular settings can also work for some users as it is much better than having non-modular wire settings.   


Core i7-13700K demands a wattage of 1000W when top tier components are used. On the other hand when using middle tier components, the wattage comes down to 700W. So, it depends on the user’s system whether they have a high-end system or mid-tier PC. Our recommended option, be quiet! Dark Power Pro 12 has 1500W wattage which is excellent for high-end operations.

Efficiency Certification

Certain accreditations are awarded to the PSUs based on their efficiency ratings. Be quiet! Dark Power Pro 12 has the highest efficiency in this list i-e 80+ Titanium which is granted around 94.9% efficiency rates at 50% or higher loads.  

Form Factor

Size of the power supply unit is termed form factor, namely E-ATX, ATX and mini ITX. Although there exist many other types, these 3 are the most commonly used sizes in PSUs. Be quiet! Dark Power Pro 12 has an ATX form factor which is preferred  by many users as it doesn’t cause trouble for case fitting.  

Power Supply Features

Some other additional features that the manufacturers can give to the users to attract them are warranty and industrial protections. These protections make sure no harm comes to any parts of the device and keep them safe from electrical issues. Moving on, a 10 year warranty can be beneficial for the users as they won’t have to worry about any damages. 


What Power Supply Do I Need For Core i7?

The suggested range of wattage for Core i7 processors is between 750W and 1000W.

How Much Power Does A i7-13700K Need?

For the Core i7-13700K CPU, we recommend 700W wattage. No less wattage PSU can handle the processor adequately. 

Is Core i7-13700 Good For Gaming?

Core i7-13700K gives an excellent performance in the game testing phase. Also, it ranks high in gaming CPU performance tests and is affordable for gamers.

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