Best PSU For Mining (8GPU Mining Rig, GPU Mining)

There is no doubt that the power you need to run a mining rig depends on the components being used in it. But you gotta start somewhere and luckily the best PSU for mining list is ready for you to dig right in. This list has all the power and cords you must be needing to connect an ATX12V or 160cm compact-sized PSU.

Starting from the efficiency, you are needed to have a minimum of gold, platinum, or titanium certification. These will allow you to have more usage capacity of up to 94% accurate timing. The stability this feature brings is unmatched when mining is at risk so the power wattage has to be the next step to note.

As you have all the components placed inside your PC case, your wattage selection pretty much depends on it. With 6 GPU and more than that, you are required to choose a power supply of more than 1200 wattage. Otherwise, most mid-tier PSUs can work on a 650 to 850W average.

By running an MTBF of 100,000 your ultra silent fan with Zero RPM mode is responsible for keeping the extra heat away. It can measure from 135mm to 140mm in size in most of these cases.

On the other hand, 100% of Japanese capacitors are ruled to bring maximum stability and reliability into your system. They increase the life of your system as well as the heavy-duty protections to anchor it all safely to the shore.

List of the Best PSU For Mining

  1. SilverStone Technology ST1500-TI Fully Modular
  2. Corsair HX Series, HX1000 Fully Modular Power Supply
  3. EVGA SuperNOVA 850 P2, Fully Modular Power Supply
  4. Corsair RMX Series, RM750x Fully Modular Power Supply
  5. EVGA SuperNOVA 650 G+, 80 Plus Gold 650W
  6. be quiet! Dark Power Pro 12 1500W Power Supply
  7. Corsair AXi Series, AX1600i Fully Modular

1- SilverStone Technology ST1500-TI Fully Modular ATX/PS2 Power Supply

SilverStone Technology ST1500-TI Fully Modular ATX PS2 Power Supply

When you have been thinking about investing your time and money in crypto mining, it is time to discuss the rig that will power it all. Any user who settles for less in this case will most likely crash his system if it is not the appropriate match for your system. Weighing only 8.7 pounds, this product will make your system run with the utmost stability.

Silverstone is known for providing the suitable amount of features that the person of each category and likes needs. This PSU ST1500-TI comes with a 135mm fan size that blows out air without frying your system. It contains a semi fanless process that is silent and helps you focus during work.

Having 1500W of power will be suitable for your high end systems to mine efficiently. You get to see 24 hour continuous power output even in 50 degrees temperature. There is a strict +- 3% voltage regulation and low noise ripple is also present. These features make your process free of hassle and worries.

Getting fully modular cabling is no less than a blessing for most users because you get to keep the table and clutter clean. Its titanium certification will keep the most part of the process stable. You get to use more power under lesser loads and even fluctuation. Speaking of unstable output, thanks to Japanese capacitors.

With overall ripple suppression, you get better performance for your rig and the presence of dedicated PCIe cables are another plus point. The con for this product can be the price tag as it is counted in expensive and costly machines.

2- Corsair HX Series, HX1000 Fully Modular Power Supply

Corsair HX Series, HX1000 Fully Modular Power Supply

Although the user must be looking at so many components while building his rig, a PSU cannot be ignored. It lets your system power and amp up the process while you work your magic on the blockchain. There are several options to dig in considering your options and demand.

Corsair HX aries HX1000 is one of those options that will keep the system going for hours without crashing down entirely. There are several reasons for such success and one of those is 80 plus platinum certification that lets it run cooler than ever and saves your power in the bills.

After getting more power in even lesser load, notice the fully modular cabling that gives your system a clean look. No cable clutter will have more area for better airflow and the chance for you to connect the cables that you want only.

Having the backing of a 10 year warranty by the manufacturer itself will have you technical support at all times. Consider the 135mm FDB fan gives you the opportunity to run with zero RPM mode. This means it can be virtually silent and can operate at lower loads in a 12V rail switch.

You can even select multiple or single 12V rails for the best of your system’s demand. Keep the extra heat out and away from the system so that the PSU’s life is longer than usual. Especially when you have multiple GPU setup, you need to consider this factor seriously.

You have the chance to operate the rig with 1000W power and in ATX form factor that is also backward compatible with Ryzen 7 5800X3D , ATX12V 2.2, 2.31 version and 2.01 as well

3- EVGA SuperNOVA 850 P2, Fully Modular Power Supply

EVGA SuperNOVA 850 P2, Fully Modular Power Supply

Get yourself the power and efficiency of the most capable power supply unit in your reach. With an ATX 12V form factor Evga SuperNova 850 P2 is ready to power the most essential mining rig that you have. It comes with 850W of power in 7.9 pounds of weight and many more plus points that cannot go unseen.

Having modular cabling will keep the clutter away from clogging the airflow. You get to attach the cables you need and keep the rest in the box giving the control you so much needed. For boosting the performance even further, this product contains platinum certification 80 plus so that you can reach the desired goal under 50% load as well.

After receiving up to 94% efficiency, Evga superNOVA supports 100% Japanese capacitors for the longevity of the PSU. they ensure that the machine runs for more hours and years with the stability and reliability of the power. By fixing the airflow and overheating issue, there is a 140mm dual ball bearing fan involved.

Such a fan comes with silent operation so that you can focus on your mining and can reduce the heat to its minimum. Get yourself a manufacturer that gives 10 year of worry free operation. It also ensures the ECO mode is capable of controlling the fan about its speed, noise and overall has also supported by RTX 3090 graphics card.

4- Corsair RMX Series, RM750x Fully Modular Power Supply

Corsair RMX Series, RM750x Fully Modular Power Supply

For users who have a lower budget or lower end graphics card as well as other components, they can rely on something that comes in a more affordable price tag. You do not necessarily have to compromise on the quality that will take your ig for granted. Corsair RMX series RM750x is built for the power hungry rigs that do not know how to stop.

With an 80 plus gold certification, it is programmed to operate at lower power and create less noise than traditional PSUs. This has been the money line for many consumers because they used to get distracted by the whirring sound of the fan. Thankfully this is not going to happen in this powerhouse as it is integrated with zero RPM fan mode.

Get yourself ready for an epic adventure to the mining rails with a PSU that is tuned for low noise operation by the design. Consisting of 100% Japanese capacitors can serve you an unwavering power that will last longer than any of the other components  in your rig. Keep the fully modular cables in sight just in case you are a clean freak and want to keep the clutter away from the airflow pathway.

Thankfully the users who have compact systems can benefit themselves with this 160mm long casing that is able to fit in most of the modern and upcoming PCs. It gives you 750W of power source so that you can keep the game on. While running MTBF up to 100,000 hours, Corsair RMX series are useful for keeping a mid tier system alive and kicking and this is also perfect for RTX 3070.

5- EVGA SuperNOVA 650 G+, 80 Plus Gold 650W, Power supply

EVGA SuperNOVA 650 G+, 80 Plus Gold 650W, Power supply

Evga 650 G+ is probably one of the very rare PSUs that have exceeded the limit of their certification. This product has become the competition of Platinum certified power supplies while being rated 80 plus Gold. with a 90% efficiency rating under typical loads, you can expect 220VAC to 240VAC approximately.

Weighing 7 pounds in total, this baby is designed to be a fully modular cable management. This way the user gets to attach the cables only he wants and keep the rest out of the way and inside the box. Talking more about how composed and efficient this PSU is, you are able to get the heavy duty protections overall. These include OVP, UVP, SCP, OTP etc.

A ultra quiet and whisper silent 135mm fan is made with fluid dynamic bearings that is helpful in keeping it running at lower temperatures. Moreover, it also has very less noise during operation so that your focus is not disrupted during intense moments. You get to keep the 100% Japanese capacitors to keep the longevity of the machine boosting.

For long term reliability and smaller or lower end rings, Evga brings 650W of power to the table. This piece of technology will get the user to be drawn towards its clutter free airflow and multiple protections in case of a  power spike.

6- be quiet! Dark Power Pro 12 1500W Power Supply

be quiet! Dark Power Pro 12 1500W Power Supply

For a high end mining system that contains up to 6 GPUs will need you to connect more power hungry components. To cope with the usage and rig’s demand, you need to get a power supply that has enough capacity. Keeping your gaming PC alive and safe during intense mining challenges, you are bound to look out for your build.

With 80 plus titanium certification, be quiet dark power pro 12 is an overall good PSU selection. It is ideal for mining enthusiasts because it comes with 1500W of power and 94.9% titanium efficiency. This PSU is rigged and contains a patented frameless silent wing fan.

Being virtually inaudible in its stance, this machine contains a mesh front with funnel shaped opening. Not only does this make airflow easier, but it also keeps the temperature inside at an optimal state. You get to control it fully through digital access and bridge topology.

There are overclocking key switches that are between 6 12V rails plus the addition of a massive 12V rail will also bring more reliability into the action. Its results are higher in efficiency and better at voltage regulation with low ripple noise. Being the frameless fan as it is, there is a 6 pole motor present that suppresses the vibration for greater good.

Being ready for overclocking is another plus point of this machine as it empowers the user with full control. Thanks to the modular cabling that comes in sleeved single design and up to 120cm long. You get to free yourself from the cluttering and tangling wires.

7- Corsair AXi Series, AX1600i Fully Modular – Digital Power Supply

Corsair AXi Series, AX1600i Fully Modular - Digital Power Supply

Any power supply that is not just a box of current and so much more will likely to facilitate you more than the regular boring ones. Corsair AXi series have been keeping this factor in mind while creating something that will be able to refuel your dead PC into a lightning bolt.

Not only does the AX1600i contain 1600W of power, but it also has some aesthetics are safety measures. Being an ultra stable PSU as it is, this machine has some serious 80 plus titanium certification leverage. There are 100% Japanese capacitors present so that the digital design gets 94% more accurate supply and reliability.

You get to monitor and control it with iCUE software which is another positive about it especially for tech nerds. The use of a totem pole GaN transistor will have a superior effect on the smaller parts made of silicon. No other case can bring the stability that this model has been given with the running time of 100,000 hours.

The ultra stable low ripple noise has got many eyes from the market as it allows you to focus on the important stuff around you. Furthermore, having a corsair link lets you monitor the performance of the PSU and lets you adjust the settings according to your will.

Everything being done under your supervision gives a great sense of control to those who have lost their way with ordinary power supplies. To switch from single to multi protection services, this link is also helpful in many other ways like this.

Best PSU For Mining Buying Guide

To determine the power of your PSU, it also depends on the components you are using. You can calculate the PSU wattage through jotting down the mining GPUs and other components TDP. Once you get a hold of that, you can dig out maximum rig power by keeping in mind the 1.25 coefficient as you need to multiply it.

You do not have to overpower your system so by giving a margin of 20%, this will save your system from power surges as well. Not the 100% capacity is used in the system as it can cause your system to wear out before time. So by keeping all these factors in mind, there are some pointers to be noted:


Most mining rigs use 650 to 850W of power depending on single or double GPU installation. If you want to add 6 graphics cards, you need at least 1200W up to 1600W as you see in Corsair AXi series, AX1600i.


Since you are dealing with the main power source of your system, chances are, you are an expert in most of the fields of rig building. In this matter, modular cable management is a plus point so that cable clutter is reduced to a great extent.


It is better to look for the heavy duty protections from the overuse and power spikes. They include OVP, UVP, SCP, OPP and more to keep your system grounded and safe for all the components involved.


This feature makes the efficiency rating of your PSU from 85% to 94% under gold, platinum and titanium ratings. Being the mining rig that you want in this era, it is important to see the system’s strength that lies in this element. You get to use more power under lower loads.


If the manufacturer gives you some years of warranty as 5 to 12 per sy, it is the safest way to play with fire. This way you get to use their customer service and get hold of things that might as well be called blunders in their technical support language.


Keeping a fan of 135 to 140mm is a bonus so that it carries away extra heat out from the system. They must be virtually inaudible and contain zero RPM mode that operates at lower power while saving you energy. Plus the ball bearings present on them will also increase their life expectancy.

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