Best PSUs for RX 6800, Power Supplies Recommended For RX 6800

The Radeon RX 6800 is AMD’s recently launched RDNA2 based GPU. Pointed solidly to contend with the RTX 3070 this $579 GPU has 16Gb VRAM and guarantees uncommon 1440p gaming compatibility.

With a 250W force draw, you have to guarantee that your capacity gracefully is capable however this is a more effective unit than the leader GPUs making it more adaptable. On account of the lower heat yield and high productivity, it will be more qualified to little shape factor manufactures.

While not modest, joined with practical parts the lower power necessities permit you to choose a more affordable PSU keeping generally framework costs down without drawback to execution. The RX 6800 looks set to reclassify execution in 1440p high FPS gaming yet needs an incredible framework to help it.

In this article, we’ll suggest PSU’s for a scope of RX 6800 forms and needs, which are all bounty equipped for guaranteeing the RX 6800 performs to its maximum capacity and that there is no bottlenecking or loss of execution.

RX 6800 PSU Requirements

The Radeon RX 6800 has moderately parsimonious force necessities with regards to superior GPUs. We consider a 650W PSU to be ideal as far as valuing and headroom to run this GPU in blend with any current mid-range gaming CPU and supporting PC framework.

It utilizes two 8-pin PCIe power connectors which are standard on any sensible PSU. As consistently it is reasonable to search for the accompanying highlights in any PSU you’re taking a gander at:

  • That it has some headroom to allow for component upgrades in future and deal with transient loads as the GPU powers up, for example. 
  • An efficiency rating of at least 80+ bronze shouldn’t be taken as a guarantee of quality but does at least mean some consideration has been given to ensuring the PSU outputs more power than heat. 
  • You should always check that the PSU has the full suite of thermal and over-current protections built-in, especially if it’s a lesser-known brand. 
  • You might want to consider if the PSU has ‘silent mode’ to keep it quiet by stopping the fan when not under load, for example when doing desktop tasks.
  • Finally, a good warranty is a source of peace of mind and indicates how long the manufacturer has confidence that it will last. 5 years is an entry point with 7-10 years being common on higher-end units.

List Best PSUs for RX 6800

Here are our recommendations for what is the best PSUs for RX 6800 cpus 2021.

  1. CoolerMaster MasterWatt 650W 80+ Bronze
  2. EVGA G1+ 650W Gold
  3. CORSAIR RMx 650W 80+ Gold
  4. SuperNOVA GM 650W 80+ Gold
  5. Fractal Design Ion+ 760W 80+ Platinum

1. CoolerMaster MasterWatt 650W 80+ Bronze

CoolerMaster MasterWatt 650W 80+ Bronze

In case you’re hoping to expand the incentive on parts like the PSU to extend your spending plan to the extent that it will go, at that point the CoolerMaster MasterWatt 650W 80+ Bronze is an extraordinary alternative. At just $84 this PSU has a semi-measured plan so you just need to connect PCIe and SATA links as required. 

The bronze rating implies it’s in any event 80% proficient however surpasses 85% under most loads at 110V, 230V it is more effective still. It works fearlessly under 15% loads so work area use will be quiet. The fan itself is upgraded for low commotion in any event, when it is turning.

The minimized plan implies it’s anything but difficult to find a way into most cases. It has the full set-up of assurances and boats with a 5-year guarantee. This is an incredible choice to minimize expenses and spotlight your spend on the parts that issue most, managing the cost of the RX 6800 and a CPU to back it up.

2. EVGA G1+ 650W Gold

EVGA G1+ 650W Gold

In case you are searching for an equilibrium of execution, highlights and value then the EVGA G1+ 650W Gold is a great decision. Retailing at just shy of $100 there’s an entire cluster of convenient highlights. It’s a completely secluded PSU so you just need to join the links you need. 

It utilizes Zero fan mode and an enormous 135mm fan to downplay clamor. Assemble quality is acceptable and top of the line parts like Japanese capacitors and a liquid unique bearing fan are utilized to expand the life of the unit. 

Like every one of our suggestions it has the full set-up of defensive hardware to save your parts should anything turn out badly and it’s supported by a 10-year guarantee. We consider this PSU for the RX 6800 to be a phenomenal equilibrium of value, execution and significantly accessibility.

3. CORSAIR RMx 650W 80+ Gold

CORSAIR RMx 650W 80+ Gold

The Corsair RMx Model is a long-standing sturdy of the very good quality PSU market. The RMx 650W 80+ Gold adopts a no-bargain strategy with top of the line componentry and configuration, enveloped with unshakable form quality. 

This completely measured PSU highlights ultra low commotion plan with zero fan mode until moderate force levels, and is 80 Plus Gold ensured for over 90% proficiency. The completely measured plan makes it simple to utilize custom links and keeps the 4k gaming PC fabricate slick by permitting you to exclude links you don’t need. 

Corsair even makes their own interlaced link sets in different shading plans or you can pay off the rack from outsider producers like link mods that are legitimately viable. Inward parts are largely first class with every Japanese capacitor. 

From a help viewpoint, you get a 10-year guarantee exhibiting the confidence Corsair has that this is a PSU that will last the separation.

4. SuperNOVA GM 650W 80+ Gold

SuperNOVA GM 650W 80+ Gold

EVGA plainly observed a hole on the lookout for a SFX PSU bearing their name and notoriety. The SuperNOVA GM 650W 80+ Gold is a conservative PSU taking into account the ever-growing interest for little structure factor PCs. 

The little size doesn’t mean it is deficient with regards to highlights or execution: It puts out 650W at 90% proficiency and utilizes Japanese capacitors for dependability. The 92mm fan is a double metal roller unit planned to be both calm and dependable, and it isn’t controlled on until 30% burden so it’s totally quiet under light loads. 

It has a single 12V rail design equipped for providing over 50Amps (so over 500W) implying that it’s joyfully ready to adapt to enormous transient requests from incredible illustrations cards. The PCIe link has two 8 pinheads on a similar link, which can be helpful in minimal forms where there’s restricted space for extra links. 

The full array of over current, over temperature and voltage assurances are set up to ensure your parts in case of a disappointment. At long last, it’s upheld by EVGA’s incredible client support and a 7-year guarantee.

5. Fractal Design Ion+ 760W 80+ Platinum

Fractal Design Ion+ 760W 80+ Platinum

In the event that you need an unshakable PSU as the establishment of an overclocking rig then the Fractal Design Ion+ 760W 80+ Platinum could be the force flexibly for you. With 760W yield, there’s critical headroom for eager for power CPUs or pushing the RX 6800 as far as possible. 

It additionally has 8+4 pin connectors for CPU power, which means you can completely populate a better quality gaming motherboard attachments for the most requesting CPU overclocks. A curiously large 140mm fan implies it’s tranquil in activity and has zero fan mode at low burden. it has also supported by RTX 3080 GPU.

Profoundly adaptable links and the completely secluded plan remove the agony from linking the executives. Fractal back this force gracefully with a thorough 10-year guarantee so this is the last force flexibly you’ll have to purchase until 2030!


Getting the PSU right is amazingly significant for any PC manufacture. Going with a super-modest PSU from an obscure merchant is a certain method to possibly sear every one of your segments, prompting a costly substitution. Spending simply somewhat more on a solid, very much manufactured PSU from a dependable merchant is the best approach. Our proposals will do some amazing things with the AMD Radeon RX 6800 GPU.

80 Plus accreditation doesn’t represent the deciding moment a PSU, yet going with as high as you can bear is a decent method to assist the climate a little by having a more energy-productive PC. A Silver or White appraised PSU would do fine and dandy, however anything at Gold or above will in general be the sweet spot for changing over as much force without squander.

Our driving suggestion for the Radeon RX 6800 goes to the Corsair CM 650x. It offers great worth, is 80 Plus Gold ensured, and accompanies a 10-year guarantee.

In the event that your spending plan can stretch to cover it, or you plan on building a devotee PC, the hush up! Dim Power Pro 12 is a strong alternative for a top of the line PC construct. With 1200W of intensity (there’s a 1500W choice as well!), you have all you require for an incredible gaming rig.

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