Best Raspberry Pi 4 Cases – 3d Printed, Cooling Case for Overclocking

Keep your Raspberry Pi safe with these amazing cases. When you love something, you want to protect it. We love our Raspberry Pi, so it seems natural to get a case for it to make sure it lives a safer life. We’ve seen a ton of cases over the years, with a massive variety of functionality. Here are ten of our favourites.

Best Raspberry Pi 4 Case

Below are our favorite best raspberry pi 4 cases review, which you can buy in 2020.

  1. Official Raspberry Pi 4 case
  2. ZeroDock Raspberry Pi 4 case
  3. Pibow Coupé Raspberry Case With Fan
  4. Argon ONE Raspberry Pi 4 Case with Cooling Fan
  5. SUPERPi Raspberry Pi 4 Case With Cart
  6. Zebra Zero Plus Raspberry Pi case
  7. Flirc Raspberry Pi 4 Case
  8. SecurePi Case With SD and USB
  9. SmartiPi Touch 2 Raspberry Case with Touchscreen
  10. Aluminium Heatsink Case for Raspberry Pi 4

1. Official Raspberry Pi 4 case

Simple and sleek, the official case is your go-to protector for a Raspberry Pi. The version for Raspberry Pi 4 is no different, and also comes in a lovely black and grey combination.

2. ZeroDock

Keeps your Raspberry Pi Zero safe? Check. Access to all its ports? Check. Ability to keep all your important components neatly stowed next to it? Double check.

3. Pibow Coupé

The original Raspberry Pi case reimagined for Raspberry Pi 4. You’ll now only find the Coupé version, as it uses far less plastic and makes it easy to add HATs and other accessories.

4. Argon ONE Raspberry Pi 4 Case with Cooling Fan

The winner of our thermal management case group test for Raspberry Pi 4, the Argon One case makes your Raspberry Pi look like a futuristic supercomputer.

5. SUPERPi Case

As well as being a nice-looking case, it allows you to redirect ports to appropriate locations, enabling you to plug USB controllers into the front, like on the original console.

6. Zebra Zero Plus

While it does create a much larger footprint than a Raspberry Pi Zero on its own, it makes circuit creation nice and easy, with clearly labelled GPIO pins and an integral breadboard.

7. FLIRC case

These FLIRC cases are a great, sturdy enclosure with a media PC use in mind. The version for Raspberry Pi 4 has great heat-dissipating abilities as well.

8. SecurePi

This is probably more for enterprise use, but if you’re concerned about the physical security on your Raspberry Pi, being able to lock off the ports on this case is a great addition.

9. SmartiPi Touch 2

This case allows you add a touchscreen to a Raspberry Pi, while also providing a stand for it to stay upright. There are Lego add-ons you can use to make it extremely fun as well.

10. Aluminium Heatsink Case

This cool-looking case will help keep your Raspberry Pi cool. It also comes in several excellent colours (we like the purple), so it should fit any mood.

Final Words

None of the cases above catching your eye? 3D-printing a Raspberry Pi case is always an option.

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