Best Rear View Mirror Dash Cam

Top Rated Best Rear View Mirror Dash Cam, Mounted Dash Cams In 2020

Are you searching about best rear view mirror dash cam in 2020? Because in this technology world everyone have a right of protect their car from different incidents so these types of rear view camera system protect your car and gives you the excellent and comfortable ride.

Mirror reversing cameras are best way to park the car but question is that how you can select the best ever model for you ? So we come here for you with our top quality research about rear view cameras and gives you the top notch products.

Best Rear View Mirror Dash Cam

You just need to go with your best options and pick those which are suits on your vehicle.

#1. TOGUARD Backup Camera 7″ Mirror Dash Cam Front and Rear Dual Lens with Waterproof Reversing Camera

Toguard rear view mirror camera is a very unique one introducing touch screen panel. The extremely stylish camera considered as the best rear view mirror dash cam has a large 2 inches HD TFT display screen with a really wide angle of 170 degree.

The video recordings of this dash cam are in 1080p full HD quality including WDR technology which provides amazing recordings both in day time and night visions. It amazingly works even in the low light conditions. The format of videos is MOV.

Moreover, the power stamp feature allows putting date on every video and image in order to secure proofs if any collision or accident incurs. Furthermore, the features for instance, G-sensor, audio recording, micro SD card slot are also included in this dash cam. However, a micro SD card is not included in the package and it should be bought separately.

The unique one key switch design makes this dash cam attractive as well as easy to operate. Moreover, parking mode and motion sensor is also available in Toguard rear view mirror dash cam. Recording automatically turns on in the parking mode and keeps turned on until a collision occurs. When a collision occurs, the recording automatically turns off.

Furthermore, there is a reversing camera kit available in the package for safe parking. Some more features are USB port along with a mini usb of 2.0 speed, HDMI port with a mini HDMI cable, multiple languages to set in the settings section.


  • Large display screen of 2”.
  • USB port with a mini usb included.
  • HDMI port along with a free mini HDMI cable.
  • Reversing cam kit for Safe parking.
  • SD card slot available.
  • Wi-Fi option is not available.
  • Touch screen.
  • MOV video format.


  • Easy to setup and use.
  • Parking mode available.
  • G-sensor included.
  • Free mini usb.
  • Free mini HDMI cable.
  • Excellent quality recordings.
  • Supportive in low light conditions.
  • Dual lens recording.
  • Auto recording on in the parking mode.


  • No Wi-Fi available.
  • No SD card included.

#2. Pruveeo D700 7-Inch Touch Screen Backup Camera

When it comes to buy a best mirror camera for car, Pruveeo D700 would never disappoint because of its exceptional features and amazingly economic price. The large 7” touch screen is large enough to easily handle reversing, driving or even in parking mode. The clear and crisp videos and images would be resulted by this camera.

The video quality of this dash cam is 1080p with a wide angle of 150 degree which covers the entire cabin while recording in-cabin. Rear camera resolution is VGA 480p. The file format is AVI of video and JPG of image. A plus point is the Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) technology.

Additionally, it is a dual lens rear view dash cam with 90 degree wide lens. The camera is weather proof as well. The 7” anti dazzling rear view mirror and the picture-in-picture display makes this one the top quality rear view mirror camera.

Pruveoo D700 mirror dash cam is very easy to install. It is simply installed by using a cable inside the car cabin and plug in the cigarette lighter. It can be easily adjusted over the already existing rear. The package includes a mini USB, with a mini cable, a cable to install the camera, charging cable and the user manual as well in order to know that how to install a rear view mirror backup camera.

Moreover, the most attractive feature of this dash cam is the auto displaying parking image. When the car is in Reverse gear, the parking image will automatically be turn on without even pressing a button in order to park the car safely.

Furthermore, there are several features which make this product worth buying. For instance, Audio recording, Loop recording, Date and time stamp on videos and photos, Microphone, Speakers, emergency lock button, and a micro SD card slot. However there is neither an SD card included nor a Wi-Fi option available in this camera.


  • Date and time stamp.
  • Loop recording available to replace oldest videos with newest.
  • Several cables for installation and changing.
  • USB operated.
  • Microphone and speakers included.
  • 7” large touch screen.
  • Emergency lock button to save important videos and images.


  • Easy to install and use.
  • Excellent quality videos and images.
  • Large display screen.
  • Audio recording option available.
  • Auto displaying parking image for safe parking.
  • SD card slot available.
  • Easy to fit on the existing rear of your vehicle.


  • No SD card included.
  • No Wi-Fi option.

#3. KDLINKS R100 Ultra HD 280° Wide Angle Anti-Glare Rearview Mirror Dual Lens Dash Cam

KDLinks R100 is a very sleek styled hd rear view mirror camera which is worth buying due to many amazing and unique features. It is a slim and light weight camera weighs only 2.1 pounds. The dimensions are 3 x 12.5 x 0.5. It is a battery operated dash cam with 800 mAh capacity.

As far as storage is concerned, this dash cam comes with a 16GB micro SD card. Although the built-in storage capacity is enough for some short clips but KD Links make sure the convenience of the user by giving a micro SD card free with the camera.

The video quality of R100 rear camera is full HD with 1080p resolution with recording 30 frames per second. The rear view mirror dash camera is capable of perfectly recording in both day and night vision as well as in low light conditions. Also, this camera works perfectly in all types of weather conditions. The 5” large display with a wide angle of 140 degree allows to clearly record in-cabin videos.

There is a built-in G-sensor available which has the capability to start recording when an accident is detected. More features like GPS option, audio recording, speakers etc makes it worth spending money on it. This one is surely one of the best smart rear view mirror dash cam.

The most unique feature of this dash cam is the auto turn off feature. This camera automatically turns off when the vehicle stops. Moreover, parking mode is also available in order to detect any movement near the vehicle. The advanced parking mode option automatically turns the camera on when a tiniest motion is detected.

Furthermore, KDLinks R100 comes with a complete one year warranty to make sure that customer is completely satisfied with the quality and working of the product. Plus, there is a 24 hours customer support arranged to cope up with any queries of the clients.


  • All the required cables are included.
  • Front and rear both cameras.
  • 6-layered superior quality lens to record perfectly in night vision.
  • Some mounts are included to for installing cameras.
  • Slim and sleek design.
  • Mirror display with no reflection.
  • Battery operated camera with 800 mAh capacity.


  • Easy to setup and use.
  • A 16 GB Micro SD card included.
  • Parking mode with advance features of auto turn ON/OFF.
  • GPS included detect location, traffic etc.
  • Excellent quality front and rear camera for recording clear and crisp videos and images.
  • Built-in G-sensor for accident detection.
  • Camera Auto turn OFF when the car stops.
  • 1 year warranty.
  • 24 hours customer support available.


  • A little bit expensive.
  • No Wi-Fi option available.
  • No USB included.

#4. TOGUARD Waterproof Backup Camera 4.3″ Mirror Dash Cam 1080P Touch Screen

When perfection is demanded in the videos and photos, the Toguard mirror camera is one of the best HD mirror dash cam. The 4.3” large display screen as well as the 6 layered glass lens makes the recordings and images beyond perfection. Both rear and front can be seen at a time in the camera due to the dual lens and the picture-in-picture feature.

Additionally, when the car is engaged in reverse gear, the clear and crisp reverse image automatically show up in the camera. The G-sensor is also included in order to detect the accident or collision and save the current video automatically so that the data could be secured as a proof.

The video resolution is full HD 1080p and 170 degree wide angle rear view mirror is amazing. The rear camera is 480p with a wide angle of 120 degree. A cherry on the top feature is that the rear camera is water proof. It captures even the tiniest detail in the day time as well as in the night time. It is capable of recording clear and perfect videos in low light conditions as well.

The audio recording built in mic with On/Off option, the high transparency anti-dazzling mirror, the loop recording feature and the safe parking mode makes this product worth buying. The parking mode allows to automatically turn on the rear camera in order to park the vehicle safely. When the car parks and turns off, the camera would turn off automatically.

There is an option for SD card which supports up to 32GB only. However, an SD card is not included in the package so one have to buy it separately. Additionally, this camera does not support the SD card of 64GB. On the other hand, there is a very long cable of 19.6 feet to connect the front cam with the rear cam. However, the cable can be used in the cars only.


  • Dual lens camera with picture in picture option.
  • SD card slot available which supports up to 32GB.
  • Automatically displays reverse image when the vehicle is engaged in R gear.
  • All necessary cables are included in he package.
  • 4.3” touch screen.
  • 170 degree wide angle of the front cam.
  • 120 degree wide angle of the rear cam.
  • 6-layered glass lens.
  • G-sensor available.
  • Emergency lock available to secure the current video.


  • Easy to setup and use.
  • SD card slot available.
  • Built-in audio recording microphone available.
  • Excellent quality videos and images.
  • Records the tiniest detail in the low light conditions and in the night as well.
  • Loop recording available to replace the oldest videos with the newest.
  • Parking mode available.
  • Car charger included.


  • No SD card included.
  • The camera does not support SD cards more than 32GB.

#5. YI Mirror Dash Cam, Dual Dashboard Camera Recorder with Touch Screen

YI provides some very impressive and good quality dash cameras in reasonable price range which suits everybody. One of those amazing cameras is YI mirror dash cam, which has some tremendous features to attract anyone who is demanding the best android rear view mirror.

The 4.3” display screen provides a moderate view of both the outside and the inside. Although the video resolution is not as good as 1080p resolution but it is quite fine for such a low price. The video resolution is 720p for rear view camera with a large angle of 120 degrees and a bit better in the front cam with a slightly better angle of 138 degrees.

There is a gravity sensor available in this dash cam in order to detect motion and if any collision occurs, the current video could be automatically locked to secure the data as a proof. Moreover, audio recording is also available in YI rear view mirror camera recorder as well as Micro SD card slot is also available which supports upto 64GB memory card.

The two most significant features of this camera which can easily convince people to buy it are the ‘driver fatigue’ reminder and a built-in 2.4GHz WiFi connection. The driver fatigue reminder reminds the driver to take rest after a certain distance covered or after a couple of hours of continuous driving. Whereas, there is a built-in Wi-Fi available using which one can download the app and transfer the data of the camera in the mobile easily.

However, there are few drawbacks of this camera too, which are for instance, a bit unclear vision of the camera, the foggy mirror of the cam while raining, the low standard screen glare due to brightness adjustment of the camera.

Additionally, there must be a professional available to install the camera as it cannot be done by the driver or the person who don’t know how to install it. But other than these issues, the driver fatigue reminder and the Wi-Fi option is enough to spend money on this camera.


  • Dimensions 12.4 inches x 3.1 inches x 1.4 inches.
  • Photo quality is 2 MP.
  • Built in Wi-Fi connection.
  • All required cables are included in the package.
  • Temp Range: 4f – 140f.
  • Lens Angle is Front 138 degree, Rear 120 degree.
  • Battery operated.
  • 4.3” touch screen.


  • The driver fatigue reminder option.
  • Wi-Fi option available to download app.
  • Easy transfer of data into mobile by using the app.
  • SD card slot available which supports up to 64GB.
  • G-sensor available.
  • Audio recording available.
  • Economic price.


  • No GPS included.
  • Average quality of videos and images.
  • Poor visibility at night due to screen glare and rough brightness adjustment.
  • Cannot be installed at your own.
  • A professional is required to set up and install the camera.

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