Best Recovery Smoothies For Athletes

What are the best smoothies for recovery for athletes. Unless you’re doing very high volume and intensity, it’s always ideal to get a proper meal for recovery during that optimal time window of an hour.

However, sometimes that’s not possible, and smoothies can be a good way of replenishing the nutrients quickly. Which is vital if you have another run later in the day (or the next day).

Nutritionist Caroline Tarnowski says: “The best smoothies for recovery after running are those that contain both carbohydrate and protein.

Whilst running, you will use up your glycogen (energy) stores. Therefore it is important to replenish these with carbohydrates afterwards.

Incorporating protein is important because this will help to repair and recover your muscles, ready for your next session.

“A good recovery smoothie is made up of milk, yoghurt, oats and fruit. This will provide the perfect combination of protein and carbohydrate.

After a higher intensity session you will have obviously used up more of your glycogen stores, so you should include some extra oats in your smoothie for extra slow-release carbs.

Easy Smoothie Recipe

Blend ½ cup mixed berries, 4 tbsp yoghurt, 1 cup milk, ¼ cup oats (more after a higher intensity session) and 1 tsp honey. Tip: for a smoother smoothie, blend the oats by themselves into a fine powder first

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