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You have landed on our website, which means you are also looking for the best shoes for compartment syndrome. Well, look no further. I have the right collection of shoes for your medical condition.

After going through some thorough research and digging into the shopping site, I have hand-picked the pair of shoes with the perfect features you may be looking for. Most of the shoes are my favorite, and I gave them a try so that you do not have to go through the hassle.

Best Running Shoes for Compartment Syndrome

Continue reading the buying guide below to find the best shoes for compartment syndrome that best fit your preference from my list. 

List of Top Rated Best running compartment shoes

  1. Altra Men’s ALM1957F TIMP 1.5 Trail Running Shoe
  2. Merrell Men’s Agility Synthesis Flex Sneaker
  3. New Balance Men’s Nitrel V3 Trail Running Shoe
  4. Vivobarefoot Men’s Primus Lite Running Trainer Shoe
  5. Vibram Women’s V Running Shoe
  6. Merrell Women’s Kimsey-W
  7. New Balance Women’s Minimus 10 V1 Trail Running Shoe
  8. JOOMRA Women’s Minimalist Trail Running Barefoot Shoes

Best running compartment shoes (for men):

1. Altra Men’s ALM1957F TIMP 1.5 Trail Running Shoe

Altra Men's ALM1957F TIMP 1.5 Trail Running Shoe

Altra takes the lead with the most successful innovation in the market. The plus point is that Altra coined the term ‘zero drops’ for shoes precisely like this, where the thickness of the heel and ball of the foot of the shoes are the same to equally spread the body’s weight on the sole of the foot.

The shoes provide exceptional running experience with the extremely thin sole that aids in strengthening the foot muscles and gives the least fatigue to the calf muscles. I do not think there is any other feature better than this. When I put on the shoes, the shoe contour amazingly fits the outline of my feet. And trust me, no other has made my feet more comfortable.

It also enhanced my walking experience, and I realized that my calf and feet did not hurt as much as it did with regular running shoes.


  • Thin sole
  • Flexible
  • Advanced cushioning 
  • Enhanced propulsion 


  • May wear off after a few miles

2. Merrell Men’s Agility Synthesis Flex Sneaker

Merrell Men's Agility Synthesis Flex Sneaker

Merrel manufactured this exceptional product to allow you to maintain the natural balance of your body and give you improved stability. The purpose of the shoe is to put the least pressure on your lower leg, and for this reason, Merrel has introduced a thin sole to assist you with the strain on your calf muscles.

The shoes are the best choice for the long run or if you have to work for long hours. If you prefer wearing this footwear to a rough terrain like me to go out for a jog, then the shoes will also protect your feet from the rocks and the debris. 

While looking for the reviews, I also found out how many people thought the shoes are super comfortable because I believe the same. The shoes have made it easier for me to walk or run, and it is the best running trail shoe I have owned in a while.


  • Extremely comfortable
  • High durability
  • Great performance
  • Available in a variety of colors


  • Size may be an issue

3. New Balance Men’s Nitrel V3 Trail Running Shoe

New Balance Men's Nitrel V3 Trail Running Shoe

After researching deeply into the matter, I found out that a person with compartment syndrome must prevent repeated heel striking to reduce the pressure on the calf muscles. Then I came across this brand, which provides shoes with minimal heel striking, and encourages maximum mid-sole striking. 

New balance has cleverly studied the medical condition pattern to bring you the exact features you need in your running footwear. After my colleague tried the shoe, he was blown-off by the flexibility of the material and the comfort it provided, which he said was remarkable.

The shoes also guarantee incredible traction and durability against any kind of surface. In contrast, the lightness of the shoe renders you to move around much more feasibly. Do not forget that the shoes are just the right fit if you have a wide foot.


  • Guarantees comfort
  • Economical price
  • Increased traction


  • Tight toe box

4. Vivobarefoot Men’s Primus Lite Running Trainer Shoe

Vivobarefoot Men's Primus Lite Running Trainer Shoe

Give your feet that extra effectiveness and improve your body’s balance with the new Vivo barefoot running shoes that promise to increase your productivity as the day passes. Running in these shoes is similar to running barefoot; hence, the name. 

But do not worry, no rough surface will injure your feet because the shoe provides the best shock-absorbing feature and keeps your feet safe from rocks and roughness of the terrain. The shoes offer a high energizing cushion to keep your feet as comfortable as possible and putting the least pressure to avoid your calf from paining.

The light material makes it easier for you to take quick and prompt steps. Plus, the thin tongue and the padded collar give you the extra stability you need to for a pleasant walk.


  • Great traction and stability
  • Barefoot running experience
  • Extra cushioning


  • pricey

Best running compartment shoes (for women): 

5. Vibram Women’s V Running Shoe

Vibram Women's V Running Shoe

Shoes with conventional cushioning tend to tire the feet and put extra pressure on the lower leg muscles. It also makes you want to just sit down and relax your feet instead of increasing your day’s productivity. And we do not want that, right? 

The next shoe in my list is Vibram’s running shoes that promote better running due to its ultra-soft cushion. The softness feels like a constant massage for your feet. The thin sole renders the shoe incredibly light in weight that helps you maintain your productivity throughout the day. 

The barefoot shoe proves the right choice for most medical conditions related to feet. It brings you comfortable thanks to its foam that permits efficient airflow to keep your feet dry and fresh. 


  • thin sole
  • ridiculously comfortable
  • light in weight 


  • toe box may squeeze broad toes 

6. Merrell Women’s Kimsey-W

Merrell Women's Kimsey-W

One of the most versatile running shoes on my list. Talk about style and productivity, and Merrell combines the two to bring you the shoes that your desire. You no longer have to worry about your feet hurting after long hiking or vigorous running. The shoes will keep your feet comfortable.

The good thing is that after coming across some reviews, I found out that Merrell easily accommodates broad toes, something I did not find in many other shoes. You either have to buy a shoe a size larger than your regular size or have to loosely tie the laces, so it does not squeeze your toes.

And frankly speaking, this version is much better than any other version from Merell. The arch of the foot perfectly hugs the arch of your feet, so do not worry even if you have a high arch. 


  • accommodates wide toes
  • supports high arch
  • extra comfort


  • regular cushioning 

7. New Balance Women’s Minimus 10 V1 Trail Running Shoe

New Balance Women's Minimus 10 V1 Trail Running Shoe

The best product from the series to date. The V series has a lot of designs and offers much more with every new edition. However, if we have to compare all the products in the series, then I can say this the best thing you can have in your collection provided. The prices of the product are also minimal.

On the other hand, the shoe has most of the features a person with compartment syndrome may go for. Ideally, I would suggest going for a size up when buying this shoe if you have a wide toe, but if you have small feet, the shoes will give a lovely fit

Similarly, the comfort, durability, and traction are just as great as any other product. Some buyers also commented on the style of the product, which they loved. 


  • average cost price
  • comfortable
  • durable


  • cramped toe box for wide feet

8. JOOMRA Women’s Minimalist Trail Running Barefoot Shoes

JOOMRA Women's Minimalist Trail Running Barefoot Shoes

What would I prefer if I had to buy shoes for myself? It is not a tricky question if you know your preferences. I always look for shoes that provide stability and maintain my natural balance, and of course, comfort. I do not want to trip my way through the day, neither do I want to become tired early.

Keeping my choices in my head, I found these fantastic pair of footwear that sure has the exact features that I am looking for. The shoe is light, sustains balance, and allows you to run with a good grip on the ground. 

And do not worry if you have a problem with your arch. The shoe will support your arch perfectly while allowing your skin to breathe in the summer days. 


  • breathable
  • comfortable
  • durable


  • cheap material

Best Running Shoes for Compartment Syndrome Buying Guide:

What causes compartment syndrome?

There are multiple reasons why compartment syndrome occurs in a person. The most common goal is a fracture of a bone. A fractured bone causes severe bleeding and swelling that increases the pressure of the muscles. 

Other reasons may include the treatment of a fracture, burns, crush injuries, compression of a limb, surgery of the vessels, blood clots, or vigorous exercises.

How does compartment syndrome affect your body?

Compartment syndrome is increased pressure in a muscle compartment of a limb. This means the demand is severing the blood and the nerve supply to the muscles of the compartment. The decreased supply leads to a tingling sensation, weakness in the limb, swelling, and bruises. 

All the symptoms combine to cause severe pain in the lower leg that affects walk, gait, and the entire body of the person as the intensity of the pain is high. Similarly, compartment syndromes also occur in any other site in the body. They may have the same effect on a person.

Since a person is in pain, there is little doubt that the pain affects the person as a whole. It reduces a person’s day-to-day productivity and bounds a person to bed with minimal movement. The inability to move the same way as before and being unable to perform activities also take a toll on a person’s mental health.

Are there non-surgery treatments for exercise-induced compartment syndrome?

It is hard to treat compartment syndrome without surgery. If you are looking for permanent relief of pain, then the single best answer is surgery. However, you may look for other ways to minimize the pain by resorting to wearing comfortable shoes like the ones I mentioned above and doing exercises after consulting your podiatrist. 

Your doctor will most probably advise you against strenuous exercises. It is one of the most common causes of acquiring acute compartment syndrome. They will also recommend you to practice light stretching exercises that will not overstretch the muscles in your calf.

Keep in mind that all these methods may or may not provide temporary relief, and your doctor may prepare you for surgery. 

Is it possible to have a temporary case of compartment syndrome? 

Yes. The temporary case is called the acute attack of compartment syndrome. It is the more common form than the chronic and present as sudden and severe episodes of pain in the lower leg that may be triggered after an exercise or during fracture treatment. 


It is tough to pick the best shoes for compartment syndrome, but I think my list is pretty decent. All shoes on my list are better than the other, and there is no comparison. In the end, it is up to the wearer’s preference to find themselves the perfect pair. 

The same goes for me. I have a preference, and a clear winner for me is Altra Men’s ALM1957F TIMP 1.5 Trail Running Shoe for its zero drop and exceptional comfort. My feet felt like stepping on a cloud, and there is nothing else to compare this product with. 

New Balance Men’s Nitrel V3 Trail Running Shoe fits the second best for me for the extra comfort I was looking for. 

My favorite from the women’s section is no doubt Merrell Women’s Kimsey-W. The quality of the product is self-explanatory, and there is little I can add to its list of excellence. I was lucky to have found this shoe that fits my preferences so well.

The second best is JOOMRA Women’s Minimalist Trail Running Barefoot Shoes for its extraordinary comfort and traction. 

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