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Want best screen protector for iPhone 12 or iPhone 12 Pro? Here are the good quality iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro tempered glass screen protectors available today.

To protect the screen of an iPhone 12, a tempered glass protector is a great solution. It is a transparent film that is placed on the screen of the iPhone. The advantage of such a screen protector is that it is anti-scratch, shatterproof and extremely resistant.

Because it’s not just protective cases that can save your smartphone’s life, we have reviewed different screen protectors, which may well save you unwanted charges in the event of a crash.

Protecting the screen of your smartphone is a necessary thing, especially when it is a high-end. If it is broken, the repair can quickly become very expensive, and we tell ourselves a little late that, with an investment under $20 to under 50 dollars, we would not be there.

We selected 7 protections that we tested. Five are windows – more or less strong, you will see -, as for the other two, it is a protective film and a liquid supposed to be as resistant as a glass window.

List of Best Screen Protector For iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro

Here is our round up on the best iPhone 12 screen protectors, including screen protector for iPhone 12 pro in 2021.

  1. ESR Tempered-Glass Screen Protector for Apple iPhone 12 / 12 Pro 6.1″ [3-Pack]
  2. GOBUKEE [2pack] iPhone 12 / iPhone 12 Pro Screen Protector (6.1 Inch)
  3. FilmHoo Screen Protector for iPhone 12 / 12 Pro 3-pack
  4. UniqueMe Screen Protector for iPhone 12 / 12 Pro (6.1 inch) Tempered Glass
  5. FLOVEME iPhone 12 / iPhone 12 Pro Screen Protector (3 PACK)
  6. TGOOD Tempered Glass iPhone 12 / 12 Pro 6.1-inch Screen Protector 2-Pack
  7. 2 Pack APEKX Screen Protector for 6.1-inch iPhone 12 / iPhone 12 Pro

Frequently Asked Question

Why buy a tempered glass screen protector?

A tempered glass screen protector is not a guarantee against cracking your iPhone screen. That doesn’t make it as tough as a rugged smartphone with Gorilla Glass .

While falling, the screen of the smartphone can still break with a protective film. But it can prevent scratches. Tempered glass is more protective than just a film. It affects the touch experience and display of the iPhone less .

A tempered glass film is a simple but not foolproof protector. It helps protect the screen from direct impacts but it’s just a little extra protection. It does not protect against bumps on the edges of the phone which are much more common.

For truly effective protection, the film should be used with a shockproof cover. A good shockproof iPhone case  is more important than a screen protector in keeping the iPhone screen intact.

But protection against scratches is also useful. A phone with a scratched screen is less pleasant to use and it loses its value if you decide to sell it. More importantly, the scratches weaken the structural integrity of the glass.

A tempered glass film is therefore useful to avoid micro cracks which can damage the screen glass. It is a protection at lower cost that allows to preserve the original state of the screen. That is why we have tested several tempered glass films for iPhone.

Ultimately, tempered glass can protect your phone screen from small bumps and scratches. It is an additional protection but not an absolute guarantee against a cracked screen in the event of a fall on the ground for example.

Why put on a screen protector?

Putting on a screen protector is a good solution to protect a new smartphone or tablet. Indeed, this type of device costs several hundred dollars. Given the importance of this investment, a screen protector for less than 20 dollars can be a necessary accessory to keep the screen of your device intact. Here are some tips for choosing and installing a screen protector.

In theory, a screen protector is a good idea. But in practice, this accessory is often difficult to install. It is often a dust trap that causes bubbles to form. Another major drawback is that a screen protector often affects the touch experience.

A smartphone without a screen protector is more pleasant to use. Despite these drawbacks, a tempered glass film is still useful protection to keep your screen intact and to fight against daily wear and tear.

Screen protector or shockproof cover?

Some smartphone cases are full protection. They protect both the back of the phone and the screen with a shell and screen protector. But this type of smartphone case is quite rare. Most of the time a case does not protect the screen.

A full shockproof cover is not an ideal solution because it protects the screen with a fairly thick plastic. The thickness of this protection is such that the touch screen is difficult to use.

A tempered glass screen protector is much thinner protection. Once the film is placed on the screen, the touch experience is then practically the same as with the bare screen. The downside to a tempered glass screen protector film is that it is difficult to apply.

To check before putting on a screen protector

Here are some things to check before putting on a screen protector:
Use a compatible case as a supplement: The tempered glass screen protector is not sufficient if you plan to resell your smartphone or tablet. It is advisable to use it in combination with a shockproof shell in order to best protect your device.

Look for a screen protector specific to your device: A tempered glass film is designed specifically for a device model. This is essential for the screen protector to perfectly fit the design of the phone.

Go for a pack of several screen protectors: putting a tempered glass film on a screen is a frustrating and delicate operation. At the time of installation, it is common to encounter alignment problems, dust and bubbles. Having a pack of 3 screen protectors gives you a second chance in the event of a miss.

Choose anti-reflective glass: If you use your device a lot in direct sunlight, you can install an anti-reflective screen protector.

How to put on a screen protector?

Here are some useful tips for putting a screen protector on a smartphone or tablet:

Find a clean and quiet place: in order to put a screen protector you have to settle in a suitable place ideally at a clean table without too much dust.

Clean the screen of your tablet or smartphone: Most protectors come with a cleaning solution or cloth. You have to run a microfiber cloth over the screen of the smartphone or tablet to keep it as clean as possible.

Correctly align the protector on your device: make sure that the protector is properly aligned with the screen both at the top and at the bottom. Some screen protectors come with alignment guides that clip onto the smartphone. The operation is then much easier.

Use a card to blow out the bubbles: The screen protector comes with a card which helps to chase away any bubbles that may form between the screen and the tempered glass. If the bubbles are too large, lift a corner of the film to reapply it.

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