Best SD Card For Dash Cam (Micro SD Card, 32GB, NextBase)

So if you are interested in buying the best SD card for your dash cam then stay with us and know which is the top rated microSD card for dash cam. Below are few the best options and also a buying guide that will help you to choose the product.

If you love long road trips then you must know how important it is to have a good front and rear dash cam. A dash cam requires a memory card to save footage of your trip.

A dash cam works much like a security camera and having a great dash cam is very necessary to save you from many situations. And also helps you to capture your beautiful moments while you are on the go. 

But the most beneficial part of a dash cam is that you can provide evidence of an incident or accident to the police or insurance company. And for all these features you need the best micro SD card for your dash cam because you will be able to save and share the recorded footage. 

You can go for a high endurance SD  card because that is more durable and prevents your video files from being damaged. You can go for a 256 GB card to get peace of mind and do not need to worry about storage capacity for a longer time duration.

What SD card is needed for a dashboard camera or what kind of a card does a dash cam take? These questions appeared in your mind, this article will help you to buy the best micro SD card for your dash cam.

List of Best SD Card For Dash Cam

  1. Samsung PRO Endurance 64GB MicroSDXC Memory Card
  2. PNY microSDHC Elite 32GB
  3. Amazon Basics 256GB microSDXC Memory Card
  4. Transcend Information 64GB Micro Card
  5. SanDisk 128GB MAX Endurance microSDXC Card
  6. SanDisk High Endurance Video Monitoring Card
  7. SAMSUNG 256GB EVO Plus MicroSDXC

1- Samsung PRO Endurance 64GB MicroSDXC Memory Card

Samsung PRO Endurance 64GB MicroSDXC Memory Card

If you are looking for a best micro sd card for dash cam? look no further than samsung pro endurance. This is especially designed for dash cams, surveillance and security cams etc. Samsung always entertains their customers, they launched this ultra fast memory card.

Comes with a read speed of 100 MB/sec with which you can transfer your data quickly and smoothly. Plus its write speed is 30 MB/sec, you can imagine how fastly you can record your memories. Due to its incredible performance this can be a right choice for your budget dash cam

As its name PRO endurance shows how much it is efficient, with this micro SD you are able to continuously record up to 25 times more than the other speed focused cards. With this amazing memory card you will be able to record 4k or 1080P video for the 43,800 hours, sounds awesome, get pro endurance and enjoy and recording scenery your long trips

Plus, the best part is, the manufacturer made it with stunning reliability, comes with 4 proofs, shock, temperature, x-ray and magnetic proof and able to work even under Humidity 40 degrees and 93%. 

This pro endurance memory card has a storage capacity of 64 GB that is enough to capture your long trip. The product dimensions are ‎5.43 x 3.5 x 0.18 inches and its weight is ‎0.48 ounces.

2- PNY microSDHC Elite 32GB

PNY microSDHC Elite 32GB

Do you want the best micro sd card for nextbase dash cam or for your affordable dash cam? Then you should include a PNY elite class memory card in your consideration list. This is a Class 10 memory card which means it is well suited for full HD video recording and HD still consecutive recording that’s why this is one of the best SD cards for dash cam. 

Comes with a 32 GB storage you will capture each and every moment of your trip. The speed rating is U1 this microSD card is able to give you 10 MB/sec writing speed.  With read speeds up to 100 MB/s you can transfer your data faster. This flash memory allows you to record continuous HD shooting and full HD video recording faster and smoothly.

Plus, this elite memory card allows you to record and transfer video footage and much more. But you just need a memory card that enables host devices like Android phones, surveillance cameras and drones. There is a SD adapter required for reading and writing the video that is compatible with these devices.

The most noticeable features are Magnet proof, shock proof, temperature proof, waterproof that show its reliability and durability. This microSD flash memory card is suitable for the latest smartphones, action cameras, and drones and gaming consoles like Steam Deck.

With this SD card you can expand the memory of your devices, and get free space to save more digital content like apps, images, videos, movies and music. As this is made with U1 technology that is perfect for continuous full HD videography, photography. If you want to fastly transfer and share your content even when you are on the go then buy PNY Elite!

3- Amazon Basics 256GB microSDXC Memory Card

Amazon Basics 256GB microSDXC Memory Card

Do you want to ensure the compatibility of SD card with your dash cam, because this amazon basics comes with wide compatibility, suited with mobile phones,

DSLRs, GoPro/action cameras, computers, and many other portable consoles. Plus comes with a SD adapter so your memory card will be ready to connect with your computer system.

Plus it has high quality storage of 256 GB that is Perfect for capturing  photos and videos or any other data type at Full HD or 4K resolution. This is an ultra fast memory card for your device, the read speed up to 100 mb/s so you will be able to smoothly capture anything. 

And its write speed is up to 90 mb/s, you will store your capturing data on to your device but this speed varies according to memory size. This is manufactured with UHS, U3, Class 10 and A2 speed classes that makes it a perfect choice for smartphones and dash cams.

Built with a reliability that never last, this proof from Shock, IPX6, water, temperature, X-Ray and magnet. So your device never stops working in under  -10 to 80 degrees temperature.

But while operating it on a computer you may get a different number of storage capacity as compared to that mentioned on the card because of different standards of measurement. 

Read and write speeds actually depend on which device is used, and other factors. And check compatibility before purchasing it because all devices do not stop all capacities of memory cards. Order it today and get extra storage for your device. 

4- Transcend Information 64GB Micro Card

Transcend Information 64GB Micro Card

Buy a high endurance SD card and record everything on the go, transcend information memory card is perfect choice for your high endurance applications.  Manufactured with high quality that makes it very durable and reliable. 

This memory card is a perfect choice for those who want to  record  long hours of video recordings and playbacks. And it is well suited with automotive Recorders such as; home security cameras, IP cameras, etc.

With this card you will be able to capture up to 12, 000 hours at full HD 1080P resolution. 

This SD memory card is tested to withstand extreme conditions such as; temperature, water, shock, X-ray and static proof that ensure high performance and stability.

Supports RecoveRx software that is a recovery data software, with which you will be able to search deep within a storage device and trace erased files like digital photos, documents, music and videos.

Transcend memory card built for extremes with UHS-I that offers fast bus speed. Comes with a 64 GB storage capacity that is enough to capture your beautiful memories in the form of videos or photos. 

Built with top-tier MLC NAND flash chips that make it capable of standing up to 24,000 hours of Full HD video recording. This card is able to meet the demands of write-intensive applications, they are required for durability and performance desperately. Plus, there is a built-in Error Correcting Code feature that is used to detect and correct transfer errors. 

With this card you can capture footage on Full HD 1920×1080 resolution at 26 Mbps at 30°C. This amazing card is able to record every critical moment happening on the road, even licence plates.

This is a great storage solution for security cameras and surveillance systems like IP cameras and home security cameras that require stable recording performance over a long period of time even in harsh environments.

5- SanDisk 128GB MAX Endurance microSDXC Card

SanDisk 128GB MAX Endurance microSDXC Card

Introducing a long lasting endurance micro SD card, the sanDisk max memory card. With this card you will be able to record and re-record up to 60,000 hours which means you can capture for 13 years, which sounds amazing, but this time is given for full HD video but the hours will be less for a 4K UHD video. 

Get this amazing micro SD card and save more footage of home security and dash camera. This SanDisk max memory card is made with Class 10, U3 and V30 video speed rating that allows you to record in Full HD and 4K resolution. But you must need a compatible device to capture Full HD 1920×1080 and 4K UHD 3840×2160 resolution.

Capturing resolution depends upon the host device, file attributes, usage conditions and other factors. Check compatibility before buying. It is   compatible with Microsdhc, Microsdxc, Microsdhc Uhs-I And Microsdxc Uhs-I Supporting Host Devices.

This microSD card is capable of bearing extreme conditions because it is  temperature, water, shock, and X-ray proof. Supports  up to 100 MB/s read speed, you’ll be able to transfer and back up video footage within less time.

Do not worry about deleted footage or photos because it supports RescuePRO Deluxe file-recovery software, so you can recover your files by just downloading the software. 

This is a durable camera that is made for dash and home security cams, buy it and increase performance. Order today! to Capture Every Moment.

6- SanDisk High Endurance Video Monitoring Card

SanDisk High Endurance Video Monitoring Card

Here is an ideal and best 32gb micro sd card for dash cam, Sandisk high endurance that is especially designed for  such applications that requires high endurance. With this memory card you will be able to capture Up to 10,000 hours of Full HD video. And the best part is you do not need to worry about its operating in harsh conditions because its operating temperature is -13 degree Fahrenheit to 185 degree Fahrenheit. 

Developed with Class 10 so you can record and playbackFull HD video of 1080p resolution. Ever compromise even in harsh conditions because of temperature, shock, and waterproof. With 64 GB of memory you can capture up to 10,000 hours of Full HD video recording.

This SanDisk comes with read and write speeds up to 20 MB/s giving you fast performance and downloads. Due to the inclusion of an SD adapter it will go for both in SD and microSD formats.

This Monitoring Card can work with most of today’s popular security cameras. As SanDisk is a world leader in flash memory technology, they always deliver reliable products to their customers and never compromise on performance.

Plus with RescuePRO Deluxe software support you will get a piece of mind to recover your deleted files. The SanDisk High Endurance card is used for home or car security systems and provides local storage backups.

This is capable of working in many security and tracking cameras and gives durable, dependable backup, making it perfect for cloud safety programs. Go with microSDHC or microSDXC compatible systems that need external storage but with an adapter you can use it for SDHC and SDXC systems.



If you want a large storage storage capacity memory card then you can go for the samsung EVO plus. This is made for lasting years and years and gives amazing performance. 

Supports Up to 95 MB/s read speed you are able to transfer footage quickly and smoothly. And with 90 MB/s of write speed allows you faster capturing of your road trip. Built with class 10 and U3 compatibility that makes its performance outclass.

Comes with a storage capacity of 256 GB buy it and free up your devices with the largest files. If you want to capture full HD video then give it a chance because it supports high resolution capturing. 

Samsung makes products that have their own quality performance standard. This EVO plus memory card can work in harsh conditions because it has  4-proof protection, it can properly work because it is proof of temperature, water, shock and x-ray.

It can even withstand up to 72 hours in seawater, extreme temperatures, airport X-ray machines and magnetic fields with astonishing performance and reliability. 

This product comes with dimensions 0.59 x 0.04 x 0.43 inches and its weight is 0.02 ounces. You will be able to capture and store UHD 4K video, never miss it out if you want a memory card that offers recording of high-resolution footage.

Plus, with a SD adapter you can make it compatible with most devices, they can support 256 GB of storage capacity otherwise it won’t give you proper performance. Order today! With Evo plus save and treasure the richness of life.

Best Mirco SD Card For Dash Cam Buying Guide

A high quality memory card is very crucial for your dash cam and above you read some top picks but still you want to know What’s the best microSD card for dash cam? After brand and capacity of storage there are seravel other factors that need your serious consideration. 

Below are a few key factors that you must check before buying the best SD card for dash cam. Read and make your decision easier. 

Read And Write Speed

Quality of capturing the footage of dash cam is dependent upon write speed, read and write speed defines how efficiently your card can capture and transfer the photos and videos. Write speed mini 30 MB/sec and read speed up to 100 MB/sec will be sufficient for your dash cam.  


What size SD card should I get for my dash? Another important question that must come in your mind while purchasing because it will determine how much video you can save on your dash cam.

A 32 Gb micro SD card for dash cam is enough if you travel as a commuter. But if you are a professional driver or a trucker then go for 256 GB.

High Endurance v/s Normal SD Card

A high endurance memory card lasts for longer and brings new levels of capturing high quality HD/4K videos. A high endurance card able to capture between 5,000 and 10,000 hours of full HD videos.

And the best feature of this SD card is that it can work properly even in tough and harsh operating conditions. But a normal SD card does not give you a high quality of capturing videos and photos. And also can not offer longer recordings and also not able to work in harsh conditions. 


Durability is a key factor because while you are travelling you may face any harsh conditions. So chose a memory card that is developed for last, mostly SD cards come with 4 proof testing. Your memory card should be shockproof, temperature proof, x-ray proof and waterproof. 

Total Capturing Time

Most memory cards that are available in the market tell you how many hours they can record. Average hours of capturization are 10,000 to 40,000 that are enough. But check whether your card can rewrite over non-saved videos or not because this will save the time that you need to spend deleting old or unsaved footage. 


It is very necessary to confirm compatibility with your dashcam before buying an SD card to prevent technical issues. The SDXC cards are better options compared to the SDHC because they store more photos and videos.

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