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Looking for expert advice on buying solar powered pool skimmers in 2021? Here is a list of the top best solar pool skimmers, we’ve shortlisted to review for you. Debris, germs, and leaves in your pool make it appear not very nice; they affect the water balance of your pool, tint its surface, and even ingest its elements. Thus, what you need is the top pool skimmers because they are vital gear for pool conservation and generally draining actions and filtration of pool water.

The solution to get the best Solar Powered Pool Skimmers you can find, as they are vital tools for draining operation and filtering pool water as well as maintaining your pool.

Keeping your house pool clean in the the summer months can be difficult, but buying a solar powered pool cleaner for home can make is easy. Because automatic solar pool skimmers are powered by sun rays, so, you need not to worry about charging or batteries. Just put the skimmer in the water, and let him do his job.

Choosing a budget and affordable solar skimmer might not be hard, but making a selection from many products can be a bit hard. Read on our buying guide and detailed reviews of the top products available in the market, as well as different key points on on selecting the cheap solar skimmer for your pool from the wide variety of possible features and options.

Though the best solar pool skimmers are usually installed with the wall, you might require manual skimmers with durable fine mesh and handy poles. We bring you the best skimmers on the market today to help improve the look of your facility in no time.

Before diving into solar powered pool skimmers, you should know the types of pool skimmers first.

What are the different types of pool skimmers?

Three main categories of pool skimmers are accessible for in-ground as well as above earth swimming pools:

Manual pool skimmers

A manual pool skimmer is a satisfactory mesh connected to a swimming pole. This type of pool skimmer does not need any electricity to work except the user to move it; however, this option is not the finest for filtration intention; just gathering large moving particles.

It comes with a pipe that connects to the pool pump and opening system, providing suction to filter rubbish when you move your skimmer from one place to another place of your pool.

Automatic pool skimmers

This type of pool skimmer connects with the pump cove of the pool. When water is sucked through the pipe, small sculls move the device around your pool. Several automatic pool skimmers like randomized actions to avoid them from being trapped in one zone of the pool; however, others require to be re-organized frequently.

Solar powered pool skimmers

These pool skimmers are comparatively innovative and are powered by daylight, which is joined with incorporated panels. The whole system requires the movement of the sun around your device, sieving small as well as large particles equally. 

Solar powered pool skimmers are costly compared to the auto and manual skimmers; however, they decrease the power use of your pool by allowing you to run the pumps, which reduces almost 65 percent electricity.

How solar powered pool skimmers work?

Similar to solar water stoves, solar powered pool skimmers depend upon the blend of several new technologies. One of these technologies is the solar cell that allows the pool skimmer to collect and use the sun’s energy efficiently. 

The solar cell and allied battery depend on the photovoltaic influence–the formation of voltage, plus an electrical current when exposed to sunlight to collect and store the energy. Then this cell provides power to the skimmer’s motors for its function. 

The solar cell joins the sun’s energy and transforms it into the electric current. This functions as the solar cell is prepared by silicone layers and particular chemicals that produce voltage through alternating compartments of positively charged as well as negatively charged electrons. 

Once energy waves from the sun hit these electrons, then they are released from their places and moved into the positively charged places of the cell, ultimately generating an electrical current. 

Similar to dominos, the primary electrons flow down the electrical ramp activates a chain response–electrons handover their energy to each other down the gradient. The solar cells conduits this prompted current by wires attached to a battery. 

The solar powered pool skimmer uses the stored energy from battery to power the motors that permit it to move backward and forward on the surface skimmer of the pool, and he ultraviolet sensors that let higher end replicas to identify debris, walls, and pool hindrances.

Difference between skimmers and ionizers

Usually, solar pool skimmers work by skimming rubbish from your pool’s surface before it goes down to the bottom. A lot of higher-end models deliver add-ons that let you consider the solar powered pool skimmer to screen the chemical balance of your pool. 

On the other hand, solar ionizers utilize energy from the sun to pass an electrical current via a copper bar, terminating bacteria and fungus in your pool and decreasing the quantity of chlorine you require to retain your pool rock clear. 

Thus, an ionizer is not an alternative for a solar powered pool skimmer; however, it can be a good acquisition to consider as well.

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Top solar powered pool skimmers 

If you are fatigued of the persistent hand skimming to retain your pool fresh throughout the summer days, a solar powered pool skimmer is the best solution for you. It can be a good idea to reduce the time you devote to upholding your pool. 

List of Best Solar Pool Skimmers

Finding a top rated solar-powered pool skimmer can be a difficult experience, as there are a few options. Here is a list of good quality solar powered pool skimmers to choose from.

  1. Solar Breeze – Automatic Pool Cleaner NX2 Cleaning Robot
  2. PoolSkim Pool Skimmer and Pool Cleaner
  3. SkimmerMotion The Automatic Pool Cleaner, Skimmer & Clarifier – Suction Floating Skimmer
  4. SkimDoctor 2.0 Pool Skimmer Basket TURBOCHARGER with Non-Corrosive Fittings
  5. Dunnrite Hydro-Net Remote Controlled Pool Skimmer
  6. SolaSkimmer Robotic Pool Cleaner Solar Powered – Pool Skimmer
  7. Remington Solar Chlorine-Free Sun Shock & Water Purifier

1. Solar Breeze – Automatic Pool Cleaner NX2 Cleaning Robot

Solar Breeze NX2 Pool Skimmer

Solar Breeze NX2 Pool Skimmer is one of the best solar powered pool skimmers. One of the most noteworthy benefits of this pool skimmer is that this pool skimmer is solar-powered, and you do not need any battery to charge it. 

It also contains a chemical distributor appropriate for chlorine-based three-inch tabs; thus, you can make your water germ-free while skimming. One more significant benefit of this pool skimmer is that it can be operated in any pool type.

You will love the big collection bag that won’t get blocked, and the solar charge allows your skimmer to perform well at night during summer, and it will not affect the filtration system of your pool. 


  • It is solar-powered
  • Chemical distributor
  • Big collection basket
  • Runs well in any pool


  • Gets trapped in skimmer

2. PoolSkim Pool Skimmer and Pool Cleaner

PoolSkim Pool Skimmer and Pool Cleaner

If you need a best automatic pool skimmer for your cash, go for the poolskim pool skimmer and pool cleaner. This device attaches to the inlet jet on the pool and generates a whirlpool force that picks leaves, germs, and other rubbish in a net. 

As the skimmer performs with the return jet, so it takes loads of the draining off the pool filter. This pool skimmer will operate for both above ground as well as in-ground pools; however, it will need extra connectors for Intex and Coleman pool categories.

It has a simplistic design; besides, the only issue you will face is that the smaller particles might go through the mesh.


  • Simple design
  • Reduced strain on the filter


  • Some pools need extra portions
  • Small particles may go through the net

3. SkimmerMotion The Automatic Pool Cleaner, Skimmer & Clarifier – Suction Floating Skimmer

SkimmerMotion Pool Skimmer

The SkimmerMotion Pool Skimmer is the top rated option of the automatic pool skimmer. SkimmerMotion pool skimmer performs in combination with the vacuity to double the cleaning. It needs the acquisition of a pool vacuum; thus, it can be costly instead of others, but it is very useful. 

You can connect it openly into the pool’s output route; however, it will substantially decrease its effectiveness.

The SkimmerMotion whirls, generating a whirlpool stroke that pulls in adjacent rubbish as it is pulled around your pool through the vacuum. Additionally, it can help decrease the rate at which you have to add substances in your pool.


  • Proficient cleaning
  • Whirlpool deed
  • Enjoyable to watch


  • Needs well-suited vacuum

4. SkimDoctor 2.0 Pool Skimmer Basket TURBOCHARGER with Non-Corrosive Fittings

SkimDoctor 2.0 Pool Skimmer

This pool skimmer is another category of above ground pool skimmer that utilizes a whirlpool action to draw rubbish into your skimmer. You can install this pool skimmer in some minutes without any tool.

Furthermore, you can clean the net without placing your hands in water. This skimmer contains a skimmer sock located over the basket that can decrease the rubbish in your pool, and the system can be washed down. The collection carrier is big and can sieve for numerous days, deprived of the water pump’s action.

This pool skimmer performs well; however, it can be used with inground pools only. It also requires a little longer time than other products to remove debris from your pool. 


  • Easy fitting
  • Clean the filter without placing your hands in water
  • Big debris bin


  • Only performs in inground pools
  • Operates slowly 
  • Regular cleaning

5. Dunnrite Hydro-Net Remote Controlled Pool Skimmer

Dunnrite Hydro-Net Pool-Skimmer

This pool skimmer from Dunnrite Hydro-Net is functioned by remote control. It can be operated from 100 feet length, and it will perform well in any category of the pool. All debris is taken in a basket when this pool skimmer moves around your pool. 

You will find that this device will collect even golf balls. You will notice that it runs slowly that can cause the device to get trapped.

Unfortunately, this device is also very inexpensively prepared, and the plastic material feels very weak. The remote looks like a toy and the propellers can stop working within a few days, making it to whirl in circles. Moreover, water can go into the battery section and make it to oxidize and disintegrate.


  • Performs in any pool
  • Remote control


  • Runs on batteries
  • Can move out of range
  • Inexpensively made
  • Water can go into the battery section

6. SolaSkimmer Robotic Pool Cleaner Solar Powered – Pool Skimmer

SolaSkimmer Robotic Pool Cleaner

Between solar-powered pool skimmers, the SolaSkimmer is one of those brands that are famous for their elegant design as well as performance. This device has four ultraviolet sensors that permit the robot to sense the existence of debris. 

This prevents any chance of this device from getting trapped in any place or corner of your pool, vital for its automatic performance. Furthermore, this robot has a wire protector that blocks ropes and tubes from getting into the device’s paddles. 

As the robot sieves the water of your pool, the collected rubbish, leaves, or fungus is kept inside a detachable tray. As a result of this, the pool skimmer can decrease pump flow times. This lessens electricity usage and energy charges.

The product performs with water jets that are driven by a group of solar cells situated on the upper side of the system and can continuously work above 8 hours to clean your pool with a single complete charge.


  • Four incorporated infrared sensors
  • Dual charging selections
  • Needs at least 4 hours


  • Smaller particles can pass through the net 

7. Remington Solar Chlorine-Free Sun Shock & Water Purifier

Remington Solar Powered Pool Ionizer

This device has received numerous positive reviews that easily eliminates microorganisms and algae from your pool water. Using a group of solar cells produces a low electrical current, which generates copper ions in the pool water that removes germs and algae.

You will drop this skimmer in the pool water for its automatic function. A small quantity of chlorine will be required for disinfecting purposes; however, the chemicals required will be decreased up to 80%, dropping charges for pool upkeep as well. It is appropriate for the above ground as well as in-ground pools.

This device can manage pools equal to 25,000 gallons signifying a valuable substitute to the characteristic chlorine choice. If your pool contains a bigger volume, you will add one more Sun Shock to do a full cleaning method.


  • Decreases filter deterioration
  • Easy to clean
  • Contains brush for the cleaning process 
  • 90-day warranty


  • Needs extra sun shock if your pool has a larger volume 

Solar Pool Skimmers Black Friday Deals 2021

We have created a list of the most discounted cheap and best Solar Pool Skimmers Black Friday deals and Solar Pool Skimmers Cyber Monday deals for this year’s holiday season 2021.

Important features of Pool Skimmers

You have recognized the kinds of skimmers; now, you should know the characteristics to search for in these pool skimmers. Some of these features are given below:


Apparently, the price is the most important feature for pool owners. You will not spend more money on a device than you should. Thus, when excellence is not negotiated, it is suggested to look out for the cost.


Obviously, all pool skimmers are not made equal; therefore, make sure that the material of the device is durable or not. You do not wish to purchase a product that contains countless negative appraisals from former customers

Easy to install 

A thorough examination is suggested for pool skimmers to know how the device is fitted before you buy it. If you know how to install a complex unit, it means you can install any of the pool skimmers available in the market. But if you prefer ease, then you must consider this option.


For most individuals, it is recommended to consider Solar Breeze NX2 pool skimmer moves around your pool without the need for batteries and needs very little conservation. The chemical dispenser lets you maintain your chlorine stability, without adding extra flotation tool to your pool.

If you need a pool skimmer that moves around to the side and gathers pollutants, then you should go for PoolSkim Pool Skimmer that does not add strain to your water pump.

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