Best SSD for Mining (Hard Drive, Chia, Crypto Mining)

The users who are worried about the speed that generates slow data analysis can rely on the best SSD for mining. These bad boys are in it for quite some time now and the only down size of them is that they often use flash memory. If you write them more than usual, it might wear out but other than that, it is every miner’s first choice.

Considering the features that will help you do better, there is the read and write speeds for all that matters. These numbers can go as high as 560Mb/s of read and 535MB/s of write speed in most of these devices. The inclusion of 500Gb to 8Tb capacity will allow us to add more applications, and save more data in the blink of an eye.

Being as quick as a fox is one of the qualities we use to describe for an SSD. In case you want to mine Chia on the rocks, it can cause you great taxing on this drive. Because this coin gathers more hard drive space than others, it is more suitable for this purpose while the rest of rigs can go for SSDs since they are faster.

Furthermore, some brands have added 4 times faster intervention of an NVMe SSD than SATA interfaces. This will also be highly influential and beneficial for many users. Not to forget about the durability option that will create a leverage for the power spiking or any data loss.

Working on the go with the compatible devices such as PCs, macs and laptops with Windows and Linux, you only need to access the right paths to keep all the coins coming.

List of Best SSD for Mining

  1. SanDisk Ultra 3D NAND 500GB Internal SSD
  2. Crucial BX500 1TB 3D NAND SATA 2.5-Inch Internal SSD
  3. PNY CS900 1TB 3D SATA III Solid State Drive (SSD)
  4. Samsung SSD 860 EVO 1TB SATA III Internal SSD
  5. Seagate BarraCuda 8TB Internal Hard Drive HDD
  7. Western Digital 1TB WD Internal PC SSD – SATA III

1- SanDisk Ultra 3D NAND 500GB Internal SSD

SanDisk Ultra 3D NAND 500GB Internal SSD - SATA III 6

Your system deserves a better chance at thriving in this fast paced era with the incredible devices that are known for the fastest speed. One of these products include running an SSD to keep the volume up and the numbers keep growing. When it comes to mining and a solid state drive, you have a better chance at saving than with an HDD.

For more tangible results, an SSD is recommended rather than any other drive due to numerous reasons. SanDisk ultra 3D NAND has created a drive that will resolve most of your storage and speed problems in an instant. Being compatible with the servers that accept 2.5 inches and 7mm SATA drives, this is your best mate.

With a form factor 2.5 inches, you can accelerate your PC through the faster booting system and other tasks in the blink of an eye. You get to see sequential read and write speeds of 560Mb/s and 530Mb/s respectively. Although the performance can vary depending on your usage of applications and such, you will not be disappointed.

Your hosting device also has its own importance as well as the running time of 1000000 MBs. Another feature of 3D NAND might surprise you with better endurance than ever. This factor allows you to have longer usage and lesser power consumption for the longevity of the device.

Consisting of 500Gb of space to serve you well enough for most of the mining needs, you can rest assured about the blistering fast speed.

All of this is possible with the help of NCache 2.0 technology that leads on this powerhouse performer. It has a better chance of gaining the user’s trust because the 2.5 inches HDD, the speed of this one has a fair cut.

2- Crucial BX500 1TB 3D NAND SATA 2.5-Inch Internal SSD

Crucial BX500 1TB 3D NAND SATA 2.5-Inch Internal SSD

Faster booting and amazing speed will keep you updated on the enraging yet overwhelming field of crypto mining. You get to load files faster and improve the overall system’s running capacity when it comes to storage. Having an SSD is surely a better choice because it is typically 300% faster than a traditional HDD.

This next device by Crucial comes with 1Tb of capacity that is far too enough for your mining rig. The BX500 brings the flexibility in the responsiveness of the system with the features it has to offer. Even the battery life is improved when you put this powerhouse in a Laptop.

Being as energy efficient as this one is, BX500 is 45 times more appropriate for the job you are looking to do than any other drive. As one of the largest manufacturer’s worldwide, the quality cannot be compromised on any of Crucial’s products. So the user can rely on this one since the company has advanced their memory and storage technology.

From the past 40 years, this experience has gained the brand something that is creative liberty. They have been using the Micron quality in many of the SSDs produced that also pass most of the qualification tests. Yes, you read right, they are tested to ensure the heritage of this award winning name that stands tall.

Its 2.5 inches form factor comes with 540Mb/s read and 500Mb/s write speed especially for value conscious customers. You do not want to wait after a website is opened even after getting a high speed internet connection. Thanks to the micron 3D NAND technology that makes every use as elite as possible.

3- PNY CS900 1TB 3D SATA III Solid State Drive (SSD)

PNY CS900 1TB 3D SATA III Internal Solid State Drive (SSD)

Coming with 1Tb of drive capacity, PNY CS900 makes it to the top list of the drives that most of the miners suggest. There are many reasons as to why this happened and all are pretty justified. The feature list of this product is no less than the others with less risk of errors and technicalities.

Being used in compatible devices such as laptop and desktops, this drive contains SATA technology for connection. In a 2.5 inches form factor, the read speed involves 535Mb per second and 490 Mb persecon is the write speed. This allows you to notice the measurement of the performance on the device as well as the quickly open and saving of a file.

You can clearly feel the difference when you boot your device and it does not take forever to load. Upgrading your device to the fastest yet stably working drive on the planet. You get to keep the speed and efficiency in the process where it takes less than usual to load or turn on your system.

You all have to keep it real when it comes to the performance that comes with an increase of write speed up to 515Mb per second from 419 Mb/s. Any traditional HDD will not match the liberty of having this quick responsiveness than another SSD. On top of that, you have the safe side of lower power consumption that will really save you a lot on your bill.

Unless you want to mine Chia, you are in good hands with PNY’s CS900 that is also backward compatible through SATA II connections. The average speed it controls is 3Gb per second.

4- Samsung SSD 860 EVO 1TB SATA III Internal SSD

Samsung SSD 860 EVO 1TB SATA III Internal SSD

Having more than a miner needs from an SSD, this electronic storage device comes with 1Tb of capacity. Compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems, it has a hard disk interface SATA 6. Not only does it include 6Gb per second speedy transfer, but it is also known for the flawless working capability.

Samsung is the name that all users are familiar with and so is the quality that is promised. This brand has their own V-NAND technology that serves as an optimization bridge when it comes to overall performance. The EVO 860 SSD is capable of holding up the size of 4K videos and any other large size content.

Even the applications that are known to use more power, storage and working capacity, this drive can easily handle it all. With the utmost intelligence of turbowrite technology, you will be able to get 520Mb/s of write speed. Whereas the read speed goes as high as 550Mb/s and keeps getting reloaded.

Even the buffer size is increased from a basic 12Gb to 78Gb so that there is no waiting on your part with this solid state drive. After the boost in endurance of this capable device, you get to store more data than ever before. There are many deciding factors for this drive to become your new bestie.

One of them is including a slim form factor with M.2 2280 or the mSATA inclusion. In addition to this, Samsung also adds the management software for the ease of the user. Magician software allows you to manage your SSD without the help of an expert and with an intuitive interface.

5- Seagate BarraCuda 8TB Internal Hard Drive HDD

Seagate BarraCuda 8TB Internal Hard Drive HDD

Seagate brings one of the high end drives of all time in the market by a clear distinction. You get to store more, work fast and prove you are a liability to the world without any hassle. BarraCuda by Seagate comes with 8Tb of internal hard drive. This mechanical hard drive will keep the user busy through its incredible feature list.

If you are a fan of Chia coin mining, a hard drive with this much capacity can benefit you to a great extent. A cost effective and dynamically versatile drive like this one will upgrade your rig for future proofing as well. It comes with superior capacity that will lead to more storage options available for the user.

You get to enjoy a 20 year history of giving the users a proven durable service as it works for years to come. Through the multi layer caching technology, there is a safe and secure way to erase and self encrypt the drive whenever necessary. This cache is measured to be 256Mb with 5400RPM speed.

With its SATA 6. Gb per second hardware interface, this drive is leaving a lot of others behind its fastest transmission. You get to build a powerhouse of a system with the help of Seagate that is capable of a variety of options that are not found on anything like this.

Moreover, it offers 190Mb/s sustained transfer rate so that you can depend on this internal hard drive without a worry.


ADATA SU800 512GB 3D-NAND SATA III High Speed Read  Solid State Drive

There is a whole new generation of advanced drives to keep you running in this fast paced world. When you think about speed, what better thing could come to mind except an SSD that is manufactured by world’s renowned companies. One of those devices can now be in your reach if you stretch your reach far enough.

ADATA SU800 is responsible for the quick overdrive response and comes with 3D NAND flash. This feature will enable the storage density to become higher and more accommodating than ever before. Its efficient and reliable performance has been improved since the traditional 2D NAND.

An addition of the smart technology known as the SLC caching will create a DRAM cache buffer so that the read and write speed can be boosted. Through various supporting features, this drive is programmed to increase the durability and efficiency of your notebooks and PCs on the go.

On the other hand, SU800 utilizes only 8% of your system’s battery even in idle mode as there is an 80% decrease in regular operation. The people who are always on the go will notice a great change in their battery optimization as it will run longer hours. Plus, it easily fits in a laptop or desktop without any expert’s help.

With a 512Gb of total capacity, it contains a sequential write speed of 520Mb/s and read speed goes as high as 560Mb/s. Being in the 2.5 inches form factor, the interface is of SATA III to make users familiar with the technology.

7- Western Digital 1TB WD Internal PC SSD – SATA III

Western Digital 1TB WD Internal PC SSD - SATA III

Western digital is a leading industry that has created its name by struggling for years. Today, it is paying back its loyal customers by providing one of the competitive and incredible devices of the century. Working with all the compatible devices like MAC and PC Windows, you have all the charge in your hand.

Coming in the form factor of 2.5 inches of size, Western digital introduces its 1Tb of WD blue internal SSD. running for almost 1.75 million hours, there is no change of failure that can withstand 600Tb written run time. It is quite obvious since the word itself says MTTF that stands for meantime to failure based when it is undergoing internal testing.

There is an active power draw up that can be as low as 25% if you compare it to the older version of WD blue SSDs. So in this aspect, this a great change or evolution in the technology when it comes to revolutionizing. You can monitor the performance of your drive and keep a check on its working status through downloadable software.

Such software addition will help you to backup the data or even clone the whole drive through it. Thanks to the WD F.I.T lab certification that it gets you a list of compatible devices and computers that will work great with it. You also get to stay beyond the SATA restrictions through this NVMe SSD.

Giving you and your rig the confidence and efficiency that it so badly needed, you get to see the cutting edge speed as well. Since speed is everything these days, therefore, this device is designed to perform 4 times higher than the SATA SSDs.

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Best SSD for Mining Buying Guide

Anyone who is concerned about the storage used for mining must not ignore these factors. They will help you determine the right type of devices for your mining system either PC or laptop.

Read and write speeds:

This feature implies the measurement of performance for all the storage related devices that are connected. On the other hand, the read speed will determine how long your SSD is going to take for opening and saving a file or application.

The numbers of these features can go as high as 560Mb/s as Western digital 1Tb supports. Oit can also go as high as 3470Mb/s in the NVMe SSD.


After getting the competitive edge on speed, this feature holds the utmost importance. Although many mining rigs can work with 60Gb in the linux operating system and 120Gb in the Windows system minimum.

But on the other hand, you can also increase this in number to 8Tb of Seagate’s BarraCuda, 1Tb as in western digital or 512Gb as in ADATA SU800.


Even the SATA and NVMe can be in competition sometimes as some brands have focused to go one step forward. Some believe that NVMe is 4 times faster than the SATA III or generally SATA interface. 


Getting the right compatible devices like PC, MAC and laptops with the accurate operating systems is important. These factors determine the speed, accuracy and working capability of your mining rig.

Energy consumption:

If you are someone who is constantly complaining about the battery dying since you started mining, this pointer is for you. A lot of manufacturers have added energy saving features into their SSDs that will consume 8% less of it in idle mode. One of the examples is ADATA’s SU800.


Many of the users and tech experts have suggested the use of SSD when you are a crypto  mining enthusiast. The reason is that this drive will create less fuss but the only downside is that it uses flash memory. This might cause the drive to dry out but HDD is slower and is more appropriate if you want to draw out chia coins only.

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