Best Tablet For Interior Designers (Android, iPad, Cheapest)

We’ve found some high performance and best tablet for interior designers, iPad, android.

Interior design is a creative, technical field were functional and aesthetically pleasing interior solutions meet the client’s needs.

Interior designers solve problems like getting people through doorways without bumping into them or having their heads knocked off while maintaining an aesthetically pleasing environment for all who enter so that they may feel at home with what surrounds them each day.

When it comes to interior design, inspiration is always just around the corner. A tablet can help you find that next big thing and innovate your way into an amazing space for any number of industries or fields in which creativity is needed.

A world without imagination would not add anything new each day; we need someone willing to explore what others might think has already been explored!

When you are looking for the perfect tablet, there’s one important thing to consider: performance. A quad-core processor will ensure that your apps launch faster and provide better responsiveness than if they were running on something with less power, like an Atom or dual-core chip. 

If memory isn’t too much of an issue, then 2GB is sufficient. Still, four gigs would be preferable so that nothing slows down loading times in situations where intensive work needs to be done, such as graphic design software programs.

Which drawing tablet is best for interior designers? Let’s take a look!  Creative, informative article about the different types of tablets available.

List of Best Tablet For Interior Designers

  1. Apple iPad Pro
  2. Microsoft Surface Pro 7
  3. Samsung Galaxy Tab S6
  4. Google Pixel Slate 2 in 1 Tablet
  5. Microsoft Surface Go
  6. Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e
  7. Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE

1- Apple iPad Pro

Apple iPad Pro

The sleek and elegant tablet is the best option for interior designers as it supports gaming keyboard attachments. You can use this to work on your task quickly, without feeling like you’re working off a desktop computer with an external gaming mouse or trackpad device.

The Truetone P3 is a 12.9-inch screen instrument that offers clarity and vivid colors for interior design projects through its large size. In addition, it features retina display technology which delivers accurate representations of color as well!

Fast Processing speed due to A12 Bionic chip with neural engine and large RAM means you can store a plethora of data on your device. No worries about storage as it has variants 128GB, 256 GB, or 512 Gb to choose from!

This Tab is both entertaining and educational. This program will keep you busy with design projects all day or help for when the workday ends!

This Tab has all the features you could want in a laptop. The camera is high-quality and can take clear pictures that stand out from other devices, but it’s not just for show! You’ll also have access to LIDAR scanning, so your work isn’t interrupted by moments of silence between scans–and if 10 hours worth of battery life weren’t enough already, then get this.

There are two separate batteries which mean no delay when working on long assignments or projects requiring quick reactions time during emergencies.


  1. Retina display screen of 12.9-inch
  2. Excellent 10 hours of battery time
  3. LIDAR scanner
  4. Face recognition feature
  5. 1Tb storage capacity

2- Microsoft Surface Pro 7

Microsoft ‎PUV-00016 Surface Pro 7

The Microsoft Surface Pro is a sleek and stylish device that can complete any interior design coursework. It features an innovative design with keyboard connectivity, making it easy for medical students of all skill levels to get work done without hassle!

The 10th generation machine is best for interior designers who need the power of a Core i5 processor with 8GB RAM and 12.3 inches screen having Pixel Sense display technology to get their creative juices flowing!

The kickstand is a great way to keep your tablet stable and in one place while you work. You can use it for drawing, designing interiors on any solid surface – even the ground!

With a Surface pen, the device enables you to do drawings just like on plain paper. In addition, working gets entertained by capturing photos with an 8MP rear camera and 5 MP front-facing cameras for selfies! 

The tablet comes with sensors that will allow it to have incredible 8-hour battery life. It also features USB type C and A ports and an accelerometer/ Gyroscope sensor for more accurate navigation in games or using apps like Google Maps! Furthermore, the interface is designed to easily plug your device into any computer thanks to its small size – making this perfect for work too!


  1. 60HZ Refresh Rate
  2. 8 GB of RAM 256 GB of Storage
  3. Corei5 processor
  4. Kickstand for easy placement
  5. 12.3 inches display
  6. Affordable

3- Samsung Galaxy Tab ‎S6 SM-T860NZAAXAR

Samsung Galaxy Tab ‎SM-T860NZAAX

Samsung is one of the top popular trending companies in the business of technology. Just like its predecessor, this tablet is an efficient tool for interior designers and architects alike to use when they need a powerful yet portable device that can be used on the go!

You can change the tab into gaming Pc by connecting it with your computer using a wireless mechanical keyboard and S pen. The lightweight, thin design will allow you to work on artwork for hours without getting tired in both hands!

This touch screen tablet arrives with a 10.5 inch OLED display and the Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, which helps in multi-tasking; launching apps quickly is no problem because there are none of those pesky delays like on other tablets!

This tablet comes with 6GB of RAM and an internal storage capacity of 128 GB, also compatible with Chromecast. However, if you want to have the best experience possible from using your device, adding another MicroSD card can help improve things!

The tablet has a nano sim slot that allows you to connect through WIfi as well as data. Moreover, this device is equipped with an S pen for better functioning for marking documents and taking notes or doodling!

Why not take pictures that are as special and unique-looking to you with an 8MP rear camera? The T successor also has some onboard sensors, including a gyroscope and RGB light sensor geomagnetic sensor hall effect meter. With everyone these features combined into one device, this will be the best investment ever!

The tablet offers a battery time that is much more than the average, at 15 hours. This suggests you’ll be able to complete your task without interruption and with comfort!


  1. 10.5 inch OLED display
  2. 6GB of RAM & 128GB of Storage
  3. Micro SD card support present
  4. Sensors present

4- Google Pixel Slate 2 in 1 Tablet

Google Pixel Slate 2 in 1 Tablet

Introducing the Google Pixel Slate. The incredible power and portability of Chrome OS with everything you love about Google for how you live and work, now in tablet form. From the instant pen input that recognizes pressure to smart multitasking via split-screen, nothing will keep you from completing tomorrow’s big task.

The Google Pixel Slate is a well-known device for graphic designing. There’s an assortment of models to pick from, but this particular slate has been proven useful by the prolonged demand it received since its release last year.

The device with Chromebook OS has a fast-speed processor that allows you to do multi-tasking, quick launching of apps, and perform interior designing tasks quickly. You can use your creativity by using the S pen for convenience’s sake!

This tablet is perfect for the multifaceted user. It features a 12.3-inch touchscreen with pixel book pen support, an Intel Core M processor that can range from I5 or I7 depending on your needs, and a 4GB ram to hold up all of those tasks swarming over this device at once!

64GB and 256 GB of storage capacity for your interior designing needs, as well as available variants that will be perfect to meet those requirements.

The tablet offers Wi-Fi, Bluetooth connectivity, and a camera to supplement your work as well as play. It’s also got dual mics, so you can enjoy music privately without bothering others with background noise!

There are several different sensors in your tablet that you might not have been aware of. Some examples include the magnetometer, ambient light sensor, and antenna proximity sensor, just to name three!

We use things like Bluetooth keyboard shortcuts or USB compatible wired keyboards so it feels like home; plus access to thousands of apps on the Play Store means every job is simpler. All this fun creativity has just one objective maximize your uptime.


  1. 12.3 inches good display
  2. Fast core I5 processor
  3. 64GB storage
  4. Sensors present

5- Microsoft Surface Go (MCZ-00001)

Microsoft Surface Go (MCZ-00001)

The Windows surface Go is a portable and versatile device that comes in at the smallest size yet still packs some serious power. With its enhanced processors, it can be fast for you when on the go! The sleek tablet also makes this great to take with us while exploring or even working inside buildings as an architect/designer looking for something lightweight but powerful enough.

The Microsoft Surface Pro has the power to go wherever you do. With a dual-core Intel Pentium Gold processor, it can meet any task thrown at it with ease, thanks in part to its 10-inch tablet display enabled with Pixelsense technology that works together for precision accuracy when working on projects or just surfing the internet. This Tablet is also compatible with Under $700 laptop and game development laptops.

For those tough times where durability might not be an option due to either time constraints or physical obstacles alike, this device comes equipped with storage options including – 64GB eMMC and 128 GB SSDs, which will provide more than enough room whatever life may throw your way!

Intel’s Intel HD 615 graphics are perfect for designs and layouts that demand high quality. It can hook up with the Surface Go Signature Type Cover, which features a backlit keyset as well as a large trackpad or an S Pen that lets you capture your thoughts anywhere anytime – all without virtual lag!

The Microsoft Surface Go is a mini-tablet that packs in powerful features to make your life easier. Thanks to its catchy, sleek design, long battery life, and a wide variety of apps, it’s the perfect work companion!


  1. 2W stereo speakers
  2. Excellent Performance
  3. Built-in kickstand and type cover
  4. Switch into a laptop or portable studio

6- Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e ‎SM-T720NZSAXAR

Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e ‎SM-T720NZSAXAR

The sleek metal design of this tablet makes it a perfect accessory for your on-the-go lifestyle. You can perform your interior design work with ease on this tab. With moderate to good power, this device can be used in any space and is great at drawing 3d work and graphics or browsing while doing so!

This tablet has a lot of connectivity options, including Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 5.0. Still, it also includes four speakers from AKG that can stream your favorite tunes in perfect clarity when you want to enjoy some entertainment time! In addition, the 10 inch AMOLED display makes sure everything is easy on the eyes, so interior designers will love using this device for their projects too!

This tablet by Samsung is a lightweight, portable device that can be used anywhere. The eye-catching metal design and sleek lines make this an appealing purchase for anyone who wants to catch their work with them on the go! 

You’ll instantly get more done when you convert it from touch typing into something easier using one of many keyboards available in stores or online at sites like Amazon Prime Now. It also runs Android, so nothing stands between your productivity here.

This tablet has a battery that lasts up to 15 hours of video playback, so you’re able to work the whole day without being connected.


  1. AMOLED display
  2. AKG 4 speakers
  3. Fingerprint and facial recognition
  4. Excellent 15 hours battery time

7- Samsung Electronics Galaxy Tab S7 FE SM-T733NLGAXAR

Samsung Electronics Galaxy Tab S7 FE SM-T733NLGAXAR

Samsung Galaxy Tablet S7 FE is an excellent choice for interior designers. This tablet comes with all the features that you need in drafting or drawing applications without sacrificing performance, and power efficiency like newer models can sometimes do.

In addition, the high-quality screen makes it easy to view details clearly no matter where your work takes place. Whether on-site at night when visibility needs are low due to discharge HLB lamps (which use less energy than traditional light sources), indoors during daylight hours because artificial lighting isn’t available.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE is the tablet that can handle whatever you need it to. With a big screen and more workspace, you’ll have plenty of room to get things done, including flying drone. The vibrant colors make a bold statement, and the S Pen lets you write, draw, and clip what you need quickly and easily.

Plus, with speed to move and space to grow, this tablet has everything you need for an amazing experience. The large 12.4-inch display on Samsung Galaxy S7 FE makes for a great tablet to use in study time or as an entertainment break, especially with its brilliant color options that will make any content come alive!

Make your notes stand out in class with the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE. Featuring a responsive design that feels closer to pen on paper than ever before, the included S Pen* lets you sketch out an idea, doodle, or take notes with ease.

Galaxy connectivity unlocks more productivity for work and play. Expand your workspace to take advantage of Galaxy’s cross-device experience with dual gaming monitor support, or use a touch screen tablet-like I would!


  1. Big Screen
  2. Fast Processor
  3. Speed to move, Space to Grow
  4. Powered to Do More
  5. Long-lasting Battery

Buying Guide for Best Tablets for Interior Designers

The Processor And Internal Specs

The best machine is one that has the latest internal specs. It’s important to check your processor, RAM of at least 2 GB, and run multiple apps with ease. The tablet must be running quad-core clocked in at 2000 MHz for optimal performance!

Display Quality

Display quality is the next factor to consider when designing an interior. The tablet with a high-quality display and large screen ensures consistency in your design. All elements are easily legible on both screens no matter where they’re placed or what aspect ratio you choose for each viewport size setting across different devices.

Build Quality

A lightweight tablet is important to avoid fatigue. You can continue doing your work while holding the device, and it has a good storage capacity so that you don’t have trouble running out of space or losing anything important. In addition, consider checking if there’s enough battery life before making this purchase!

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