Best Tablet With DVD Player (Android, Samsung, Cheap)

The best tablet with DVD player is perfect for those who love to catch up on their favorite TV shows. You can watch anything from Netflix and Amazon Prime Instant streaming services, as well as play whichever DVDs are lying around in your house! We have selected the right type of devices for the users who still love the old-school DVD system.

You can play videos, music, and games from your digital library. The screen sizes of the tablets in this category are ranging from 10 to 17 inches. It is up to the user’s preference if he wants a large screen or a small handy one for portable purposes. Several formats like MP3, CD, DVD, and more will be playable on these products.

It is a great buy for those who like to watch movies or TV shows on their own time without having an actual television in sight! Add space to your system besides internal storage up to 64GB through a MicroSD card. Store all your favorite videos in one place; it also comes equipped with WiFi, so streaming services like Netflix are at your fingertips!

Thanks to powerful chips like Adreno or intel and cortex, the speedy quad-core processor can do wonders. You will be able to work your way through with a smooth transition in your system. Connect these tablets with your car to entertain you on long road trips with an adapter in the kit.

Speaking of entertainment, battery life is also an important factor that cannot be ignored. For non stop power usage, battery life varies for users and ranges from 5 to 13 hours of average output. So keep everything at your fingertips, from apps to movies and more with vibrant and HD screen quality with these products.

List of Best Tablet With DVD Player

  1. DBPOWER 11.5″ Portable DVD Player
  2. WONNIE 17.9’’ Large Portable DVD Player
  3. Sylvania Touchscreen Tablet Portable DVD Player
  4. Pyle Portable DVD Player
  5. DigiLand Portable DVD Player
  6. SYLVANIA SLTDVD1023 Tablet/Portable DVD Player Combo
  7. FANGOR 10.1 Inch Portable DVD Player

1- DBPOWER Portable DVD Player

DBPOWER 11.5 Portable DVD Player

Brilliant in its simplicity, the DBPOWER DVD Player Tablet separates itself from other portable devices. By harnessing the best of both worlds, portability and convenience with an incredible image quality is the priority. The versatile tablet shape is perfect for movies on the go.

To convert a standard video player into multiple other things effortlessly is possible with this device. So enjoy what you want at home or in your car through this versatile tablet. This model features an 11.5 inch swivel screen that rotates 270 degrees and flips 180 degrees so you can get just about any viewing angle you want out of it.

Its lightweight frame makes it easy to carry around anywhere while providing efficient battery life that will last up to 5 hours. Before fully charging again if needed! Combine that with 4 different ports of USB slots. This high quality portable DVD player tablet will provide hours of entertainment for you.

With a sleek, lightweight body that can be flipped to tilt 180 degrees or by reversing its screen, this device offers the ultimate convenience! Use your headphones to watch movies on your couch without interrupting others! If you are traveling halfway across the country with kids, use car headrests during long road trips.

We know every parent would love to find these at their lost-and-found rooms anytime they go out. It is the perfect family friendly digital product for all your entertainment needs.

Connect with any TV or home sound system to enjoy HD movies, music, and pictures in high quality resolution. Let your travel memories come alive again!

2- WONNIE Large Portable DVD/CD Player

WONNIE 17.9 Large Portable DVD Player

With a 17.9 inch screen and other features come with the WONNIE portable DVD/CD player. You can enjoy great movies right from your DVD by connecting to your laptop, iPad, or other devices, as well as playing CDs for hours. Without having to worry about running out of space on your device, this system is up for all the fun and games.

With its 5000mAh battery and built-in speakers, this is one experience that can not be missed! The WONNIE Large Portable DVD/CD Player tablet is an ideal partner for you to share your memories from vacation, sports competition, or any other moment. With a resolution of up to 1366 x 786, a clear screen will make up for the visuals you deserve.

The storage can go as high as 32GB to support various multimedia formats and conveniently have a parental control function. You can put it in the car as an SPB player and enjoy music anywhere you go! It adopts PU leather material and metal exterior, which provide high quality materials and a long life span.

Thanks to the wide range of multimedia capabilities integrated into it, including AV OUT/IN Function. Select from content via its menu button or enter text searches using its large QWERTY keyboard and access diverse genres right away! Get more entertainment wherever you go with WONNIE when being so compact but so convenient in design!

There are 2 speakers which are powerful enough to fill the room with high quality audio but can also be convenient. Listening through headphones makes watching not only convenient but also peaceful to stay in your zone.

3- Sylvania Touchscreen Tablet Portable DVD Player

Sylvania Touchscreen Tablet Portable DVD Player

Sylvania SLTDVD9220-C is a 3 in 1 touch screen tablet that is the perfect bundle for travelers, families on vacation, and everyday city dwellers. Show your kids their favorite cartoon in the car with Sylvania’s DVD player! No matter where you are, this product provides easy entertainment for all ages.

Play games from your library or download new ones from Google Store on Android OS. You can watch videos with a vibrant 1024 x 600 pixel resolution as perfect as a high definition monitor. Such a touchscreen interface wakes up from sleep mode in less than one second to provide access even quicker.

After closing the cover to charge the battery, it will stay charged for 4 hours of use before needing another opportunity at a power outlet. With a built-in micro HDMI port and 8 GB memory, expand your horizons to a great extent. This 9 inch screen has a large panel for watching videos.

Its fast dual core processor and 1GB DDR3 RAM are ideal for playing mild games. Thanks to the Bluetooth connectivity for emailing on the go. Plus, it can connect to Wi-Fi and lets you watch Netflix with newly released offline viewing through 32GB storage. Play Spotify or Pandora music with its speaker.

View all of your apps right from the home screen without having to boot up! It even includes HDMI & USB ports so you can attach other devices like a camera, sound bars, headphones, and more. You have never seen anything so sleek, so high tech until now.

The engineers are the best in the business and have outdone themselves with this amazing tablet. Pair it with your car’s audio system for wireless use while you drive. Or connect it to a big screen TV for jaw dropping entertainment at home!

4- Pyle Portable DVD Player

Pyle Portable DVD Player

The Portable DVD Player by Pyle is great for people on-the-go, while still wanting to watch their favorite movies. This product has a 15 inch swiveling display that is adjustable according to your need.

You get to enjoy USB/SD card readers and long lasting rechargeable batteries. For non stop fun and entertainment, this device comes with a stereo sound and remote. Allowing you to play several formats like audio, image, and video files from your computer’s media. The size makes it easy to take on the go with your laptop or tablet device within its convenient carrying bag.

It absorbs shocks via its unique built in technology and comes equipped with preloaded entertainment, including 3D content. Store and charge other devices like smartphones and tablets using the external battery port.

The Pyle PDV156BK is a nifty portable DVD player. It is just about as portable as you can get, weighing in at 2 pounds. This funky little guy will play any kind of media from your computer or flash drive.

Plus, it has a built-in rechargeable battery, so there are no worries about power outlets while traveling. The ultra convenient swivel adjustable display screen allows easy viewing and a button control center with a top loading disc tray.

Make this unit perfect for watching movies anywhere; you can select between full range stereo speakers or private listening via headphones.

Enjoy movies, videos, music, or other media on the go with your Pyle PMV156BK portable DVD player. The convenient 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio allows you to view in both landscape and portrait modes for optimal viewing.

And when you are done watching a movie, use this device’s USB/SD card readers to upload all of your favorite memories onto an MP3 player or mobile phone!

5- DigiLand Portable DVD Player

DigiLand Portable DVD Player

Meet your new best friend! The DigiLand portable DVD player offers an easy way to entertain the kids in any environment. Paired with Android 9.0 OS, there are plenty of apps for everyone to enjoy together. This tablet has Wi-Fi capabilities, Bluetooth technology, and digital file compatibility.

So you can load up the movies before your next long road trip or holiday. You will be able to walk around while enjoying HD content. On the large TFT LCD touchscreen without hurting your neck, thanks to its 1024×600 resolution display! The 16GB internal memory provides up to 4 hours of play time when used correctly.

There is plenty of room for web browsing, light reading, and studying, or casual gaming. This device is equipped with a Micro SD card slot to increase storage up to 32GB and transfer files. Tired of lugging around your laptop, TV, and DVD player? Our DigiLand Portable DVD Player provides the ultimate entertainment experience on the go.

Weighing in at only 2 lbs., it is one of the lightest, most portable DVD players you can currently buy! Ideal for camping trips, family sleepovers, or college dorms. You will never have trouble finding something good to watch ever again!

This device has been designed to allow you to enjoy any video content from your Android tablet onto a larger screen.

DigiLand offers Android 9.0 support plus Wi-Fi capability to browse your favorite content. With the added ability to access the internet and Bluetooth capabilities, this gadget provides an easy way of enjoying movies on a bigger external display. So, if you are looking for something handy and versatile, then take a look at this beast.

Coming with a headrest strap, an AC charger adapter will be required to use this tablet in your car. This tablet runs on quad core 1.3GHz speed to run the task you require daily.

6- SYLVANIA SLTDVD1023 Tablet/Portable DVD Player Combo

SYLVANIA SLTDVD1023 Tablet Portable DVD Player Combo

Experience the next level of entertainment with this Sylvania SLTDVD1023. This 10.1 inch Quad Core Tablet is a sleek device. It lets you enjoy your favorite DVDs, CDs, and MP3s on the go. The built in DVD player means you can play all your discs without carrying around a separate DVD player.

Experience the next level of entertainment with this Sylvania SLTDVD1023. This 10.1 inch Quad Core Tablet is a sleek device. It lets you enjoy your favorite DVDs, CDs, and MP3s on the go. The built in DVD player means you can play all your discs without carrying around a separate DVD player.

More impressive is that it comes loaded with an ARM processor providing great performance speed at 1.3GHz. Android 8.1 support lets you access all the apps and compatibility with other devices when pairing.

With even the most demanding apps, 16GB storage is quite enough to keep the storage available. For all your files, including live TV Shows to binge watch anytime, anywhere, video chats over Skype are no sweat. Thanks to the beautiful 10 point Multi-touch screen that keeps you busy for as long as you desire.

SYLVANIA SLTDVD1023 is a sleek tablet with the latest processor speeds. The DVD player allows you to watch your favorite shows, play games, and listen to music on CDs and DVDs too. Its 1024 X 600 IPS resolution provides crisp images everywhere. In this day and age, there are devices available for virtually anything.

You can hook your phone up to a television and watch Netflix with no problem. It just needs a plug-in at the back of it! This is not a problem that you have to worry about when looking into this capable tablet. Formats like DVD, VCD, CD, MP3 compatible discs are all accepted by this device.

Because it has plenty of shelving space to hold all your favorite media, so you never miss out on an episode or show again! The device comes equipped with 16GB OF onboard storage and 1GB of DDR3 RAM. Support for the graphics coprocessor ‎CORTEX A53 makes the performance even better when looking at the screen.

7- FANGOR Portable DVD Player

FANGOR 10.1 Inch Portable DVD Player

This tablet will help you navigate and educate with ease. You can use it as a portable DVD player or as an all-in-one time management tool. With the ability to stream movies from Netflix, Hulu Plus, and YouTube. Includes WiFi capability so that you do not feel left out in this era of social media.

Introduce your child to the world of discovery like never before! With this device, they will have access to the learning that might be beneficial for them.

Fandor offers the 10.1 inches portable DVD player with Android 8.1 OS. Its 1.3GHz Quad core works wonders with 1GB RAM. For storage, you get to keep 16GB of internal memory. So it has you covered at home or on the road with wireless entertainment anywhere!

Download software and move files between Bluetooth devices hands free with ease utilizing the micro SD slot to expand up to 32 GB. Or just connect wirelessly to your Google App Store for all your favorite films. Use it in conjunction with any projector mac style for that perfect party event without having to worry about cords.

Ten one inch diagonal LCDs ensure crystal clear clarity. FANGOR is the perfect tool for business and personal use. Fill your bag with this versatile 10.1 inches portable DVD player. Keep it in your car or nightstand drawer to stay connected on the go, and store it securely at home with all its convenient protective wear.

And do not forget the Google App Store compatibility, which allows for games, movies, music downloads. When it is paired with crisp 2-watt dual stereo speakers, the sound will blast your room with fun. You can also plug in your headphones to tune out surrounding distractions.

Best Tablet With DVD Player Buying Guide

Any user who is looking for a tablet that supports a DVD player is in luck. If you cannot find your required device in the list above, other features will help you guide through. Before making any serious purchase, one should look into the facts and figures of such tablets.

There is no doubt that DVDs or CDs are not used much today, but the classics can never go out of fashion. So for the love and desire of the users, here are some features to consider:


The size is an important factor, as well as the resolution of your tablet selection. It must be portable enough to carry around easily and slim to be defined handy.

On the other hand, when a DV player is involved, it can range up to 17 inches as well. This size enables a wide view through HD resolution for clarity in each frame to be seen.


Quad-core processors from Intel or other chips allow you to surf and use the device smoothly. It can enhance the user experience and improve the system overall through snapdragon, Adreno or Cortex, etc.


Its storage must be expandable even if the internal is not large enough. This is possible through a Micro SD card slot which enables up to 64GB storage. The DVD itself has the content in it so that this storage will save apps and other files.


Saving temporary memory for the commands in your computer must be more than 4GB. This is how your tablet will not slow down unless it has a load of more tasks on its RAM than it can carry. Up to 16GB of this feature will do great for you from gaming to reading and surfing etc.


When you are choosing such a tablet, make sure it has a surreal audio system. An average of 4 speakers will offer you great sound quality to blast the room with fun. You can enjoy a theatre-like experience without putting your ear near the tablet.


You should be able to connect your tablet with your car through an adapter or other devices via Bluetooth. The wireless connection also includes Wi-Fi support for networking with the world.

Format Support:

Several formats are a must for such tablets with a DVD player option. It includes DVD, VCD, CD, MP3.


The battery of your tablet should be long enough to not interrupt you during work or play. It can range from 5 to 13 hours of usage to be productive or have fun.

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