20 Best Touring Motorcycle Helmet Review Buyer Reports & Ratings (Lightweight & Cheap)

Here is the most awaited best touring motorcycle helmet review buyer reports & ratings 2021. Finding a lightweight best motorcycle helmet for touring is a difficult job.

We have prepared a list of features, which will help you to understand what makes a top rated best touring motorcycle helmet with bluetooth.

Best Touring Motorcycle Helmet

Schuberth C4 Pro Carbon

For ease and all-day comfort a flip-front helmet is worth a look. The SCHUBERTH C4 PRO Carbon keeps the appearance of the C4 PRO along with its big visor with great vision.

However the C4 PRO Carbon uses a full carbon shell, making it super light. It has a new interior made with a soft comfort lining resulting in an improved fit and a thicker neck roll makes it a quiet helmet (bike dependent).

It’s also optimized for use with glasses. It comes with an improved visor mechanism with a Pinlock 120 insert and reinforced pins.

The C4 PRO Carbon comes with built-in speakers and microphone; the speakers are smaller and deeper-set while the microphone has moved to a new location.

The new C4 PRO Carbon is available in XS – 3XL with six graphics to choose from. It is also covered by a five-year warranty when registered online.


For cool looks with modern design, a street fighter helmets is the way. The EXO HX1 is completely new from Scorpion. It comes with a peak and a visor in the box for the ultimate choice of configurations, a Pinlock as standard and has carbon side shields.

The shell is fibre-glass construction, making it lightweight and safe. There’s a ventilation point on top that’s really easy to use with a gloved hand, an exhaust vent on the back and a large vent on the chin.

The EXO HX1 has a pull-down sun visor, a removable chin curtain to reduce wind noise and a quick release Micro-Lock strap for ease of use when taking the helmet on and off.

A fully removable KWIKWICK lining is fitted to the inside of the helmet with reflective point on the underside for added safety. The EXO HX1 comes with Scorpion’s five-year warranty.

Fancy a change from the ‘bandit’ look? The HX1 comes complete with a detachable peak, which enables you to wear it without the main visor and create a more ‘scrambler-style’ version.

The latest helmets bristle with modern features and that’s no less the case with the HX1. There’s an integral smoked sun visor, adjustable chin and top ventilation, removable lining and even a Pinlock anti-fog insert for the main visor.

SHARK Spartan GT Carbon

Sports touring helmets are Comfortable, light, protective and well ventilated, these do it all.

New for 2021, the SHARK Spartan GT Carbon features an outer shell made from a combination of fibre and carbon layers with Multi-Density EPS, offering superior levels of protection and comfort.

The exposed carbon fiber offers a modern and streamlined look complimented by its aerodynamic shape optimized by Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD).

Externally, there’s a fully adjustable ventilation system with dual air-intake chin guard as well as upper ventilation.

With a class-1 optical rating and variable thicknesses, the visor offers unrivaled optical quality.

The helmet features the new SHARK SKIN side plates that reduce noise by removing aerodynamic disturbances like wind buffeting.

Internally, the Spartan GT Carbon contains 3D cheek pads that offer optimal fit. SHARK Emergency Release System allows for easy and intuitive removal of the neck and cheek padding.

SHARK Evojet

Multi function helmets or Full-face helmet or stylish open ‘jet’ style — you can have both. Joining the SHARK EVO range for 2021 is the brand-new Evojet.

Homologated as both a full-face and jet helmet, it means riders don’t have to compromise on choice and is backed by 30 years of SHARK expertise and innovation. The field of vision is huge — around 50% more visibility than a conventional full-face.

The Evojet is the perfect choice for urban and suburban users looking for a jet, modular and full-face model all at once. The mechanical system has been carefully concealed behind the side plates for a modern look.

The helmet guarantees rider comfort with an optimized ventilation system and features a MICROTECH lining, composed of AEGIS-labelled recycled fibers. There’s also an internal sun visor. The Evojet isn’t in dealers yet but keep your eyes peeled over the next few months.

Unlike flip-fronts, where the chin bar is raised to the top of the helmet, or ones where the bar rotates to the rear, the new Evojet’s visor and chin bar are integral and rotate to clip into place on the top of the helmet and is safe in both positions.

Helmets are homologated in three different ways: Open-face-only helmetsare ‘J’ rated; ones that should only be used with the chin bar down are ‘P’ rated and those which are approved for use up or down, like the Evojet, are dual homologated and marked ‘P/J’. A tag on the helmet’s chin strap should be marked accordingly.

Clever design means the Evojet’s chin bar neatly locks onto the helmet shell via a secured hooking system and, in reverse, clicks into its lower position. Both movements can be easily done using just one hand for complete ease of use.

What To Look When Buying Best Touring Motorcycle Helmet

Flipping Brilliant

Flip-front helmets combine the benefits of open and full-face helmets, with full coverage on the move then, at the press of a button, an open-face for easy chat or a drink. Most, like here, also have integral drop-down sun visors. There’s now a huge variety of flip-front helmets available, of varying price and quality. Budget versions are usually in injected thermoplastic but this top-of the-range Schuberth is extremely light.

Sun Block

On helmets with integral drop-down sun visors, such as here, it’s important to check that the visor’s position, both in its closed and open format, suits your head shape and eye-line and that you’re also happy with the position of the visor control.

Comms Ready

Tourers are most likely to use comms equipment, such as Bluetooth which carbon can disrupt, requiring external fitment. Schuberth has got around this with its SC1 intercom system, which neatly clicks inside and has antennae and mic pre-fitted.

Handy Operation

A big part of the appeal of flip-front helmets is that they allow you to easily uncover your face — but that’s not much use if you can’t operate it with a gloved hand. So, before you buy, try one on and, wearing your thickest gloves, check you can easily operate the flip, the sun visor, the main visor and any vents.

Silver Linings

One of the biggest advances in modern helmet design has been the removable and washable linings. Not only do these help keep your helmet fresh by cleaning the lining but they extend the life of the helmet by ensuring the liner doesn’t compress and keeps fitting

Quality Composite

Most budget helmets are made from injected thermoplastic but more premium designs, such as the new GT, use a composite of fibres and carbon fibre for extra protection and low weight. The new GT is also available as a full carbon version.

Get the Right Fit

Correct helmet fit is crucial. Helmet sizes and shapes vary so it’s vital you try before you buy. If, with the helmet on and chin strap secured, you can rotate the helmet sideways or move it more than an inch up and down, it’s too loose. Keep it on for ten minutes to check for discomfort. High-mileage, all-day riding requires optimum comfort so 3D removable cheek pads, anti-odour and anti- bacterial interior, removable breath guards and adjustable, effective ventilation systems, all of which feature on the new GT, are particularly important.

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