Top 10 Best Triathlon Suit for Beginners Men and Women

We have reviewed the top 10 best triathlon suits for beginners Men and Women review and best tri suit for half ironman 2022. These tri suits are for men and women including big guys.

With a big boom in tri-suit tech, many of this year’s race kits have more features than a luxury car. We take a hands-on look at six of this season’s most notable offerings.

List of Top Rated Best Triathlon Suit for Beginners Men and Women

  1. Castelli PR Speed Suit
  2. Zone 3 Aeroforce X
  3. Runderwear Men’s Triathlon Suit
  4. DeSoto “Sneak-A-Poo” Riviera Flisuit
  5. Dixie Devil Christine One-Piece Aerokit
  6. Decathlon Aptonia Team Trisuit

Best Tri Suit for Half Ironman

#1. Castelli PR Speed Suit

Castelli PR Speed Suit

If Castelli’s new aero-at-all costs one-piece tri suit looks familiar, that’s because you might remember überbiker Cam Wurf sporting it during his fifth-place finish at Kona last year.

This supersuit has a very cool two-piece/one-piece hybrid construction that allows you to completely open the top up wide and even drop it down with no tugging at the sides.

The PR Speed Suit has a very snug fit through the elbow-length arms that boasts silicone “speed ribs” to create turbulence and increase aerodynamics, and silicone grippers that are almost too grippy.

Two very deep diagonal pockets live on the back of the ultra-thin upper fabric (so thin, it’s nearly see-through), so Castelli suggests to wear this suit with a wetsuit or speedsuit during the swim.

Best Tri Suit for Big Guys

2. Zone 3 Aeroforce X

Zone 3 Aeroforce X

Even in the stock version of this supersuit, Zone3 has pulled out all of the stops in creating an all-day aerodynamic monster.

Using a variety of fabrics throughout the suit—from the arms with aerodynamic trip dots, to the underarm, to the back, to the legs—Zone3’s partnership with Nopinz has resulted in a suit with nearly excessive details.

The custom-tailored version is like no other suit we’ve tested. With no pulling or binding in any direction, it feels pretty much like you have on nothing at all. This is a big deal for those of us with an oddly proportioned lower to upper body.

Zone3 claims to save between 2–4 watts on the bike, and the two covered medium-sized pockets in the back indicate that you should be fine wearing it alone in the swim.

3. Runderwear Men’s Triathlon Suit

Runderwear Men’s Triathlon Suit

This suit definitely falls into the no-frills, fit-above-all category of tri suits. Using an old-school shoulderless construction, this simple suit does a great job of mapping to the wearer’s body—no surprise given Runderwear’s background in amazingly well-fitting (and chafe-free) running underwear.

This suit has a very minimal pad in both thickness and in coverage and two medium-sized back pockets for storage. Consider this suit if you’re looking for something that falls more into the budget category, yet is successful at getting out of your way and simply doing its job.

Best Tri Suit For Women

4. DeSoto “Sneak-A-Poo” Riviera Flisuit

DeSoto “Sneak-A-Poo” Riviera Flisuit

This suit is nowhere near as lightweight as the Dixie Devil and definitely lacks its style and “pizzazz,” but for anyone who’s ever been stuck in a one piece trisuit when nature calls, you’ll be extremely thankful for the aptly-named “Sneak-A-Poo” zipper that runs around the butt (from right hip to left) and affords you the opportunity to take care of business at a moment’s notice.

It’s something that female triathletes all over the globe have been calling for for years. The suit has a compressive “next-to-skin” fit, and the paneling helps keep you feeling aero, compact, and snug with three pockets—a deeper one in the rear and two shallower ones on each leg. The chamois is a little chunkier than usual, so be mindful of this if you prefer a lighter-weight pad.

5. Dixie Devil Christine One-Piece Aerokit

Dixie Devil Christine One-Piece Aerokit

If you’re looking for a one-piece suit that’ll help make you feel fast and look good, then you’ll love Dixie Devil’s Christine One-Piece Aerokit.

It’s comfortable while aero, functional, and also “boho chic.” The Christine ticks all the boxes from a practical perspective as well: long aero laser-cut sleeves with internal gripper tape, a neatly hidden zipper, three deep rear pockets, and a fully unzippable, partially detached top that allows for an extremely easy and speedy on/off.

It’s this top that actually helps make the suit feel like a two piece—but with the snug fit and feel of a one piece. The chamois offers just the right level of comfort while in the saddle, but feels almost invisible once you transition to running. Be aware that sizes run slightly larger, so if you’re looking for a super-aero fit opt for a smaller size than usual.

6. Decathlon Aptonia Team Trisuit

Decathlon Aptonia Team Trisuit

The Aptonia suit is a “no fuss, no frills” trisuit that’s a great option for the beginner triathlete racing shorter distances.

The suit is made from tight-fitting yet comfortable, breathable material that moves with you—and it feels and looks good.

While it lacks the bells and whistles of more expensive suits like the DeSoto and Dixie Devil options, it has plenty of basics: a full-length front zip, a thin-yet-comfortable chamois, silicone grippers on the legs, and a small “energy pocket” on the right leg.

As it’s a suit that’s designed specifically for short-course racing, there’s definitely not the pocket/storage capability for more than a gel or two. However, its jaw-dropping price is perfect for the budget-conscious novice.

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