Best VR Ready PC (Oculus, HP Reverb, Valve Index, HTC Vive Pro)

Find a compatible best VR ready PC? In this buying guide, we’ve reviewed 7 different models custom PC builds and pre-built systems recommended for VR gaming.

You want to experience the reality of the whole world on the screen of your computer. Someone will take it as a joke. The other will say it’s not possible. But, not anymore because technology gifted us with virtual reality. Now, with the help of only virtual goggles, you can experience reality on your screen or desktop.

Some people call it an artificial environment, but it is a blessing for others who want to experience it. It would help if you bought a cheapest VR-ready PC first, which is different from other PCs in having the fastest graphic processing unit and in other things. Is it worth buying a VR-ready PC. Trust me, it is worth your money.

If someone asks what is VR? It is like stimulation that you get through your computer, and in that environment, you can interact physically using VR goggles and other similar devices. This stimulation in your environment is produced by using the two senses of humans, which are sight and hearing.

In the VR environment, you can perform many different tasks like interacting with your computer as you do in the real world or talking to the other virtual person; you can play many different games as you play in real life. VR-ready PC build can be found in the market; different brands manufactured these VR-ready PC.

All the brands have some characteristics which are unique only to them. To make VR ready PC build, many components are required like the best GPU, maximum RAM or at least the RAM of 8GB, VR headset, Intel core of i5, or better than it. We provided some generous reviews on this topic which are as follows:

List of Best VR Ready PC

  2. CUK Stratos Gamer PC



In the hunt of budget VR compatible PC, the ROG Strix GA PC looks very stunning with its black color. It is a blessing in disguise for black color lovers. This PC will change the look of your room with its beauty. You can also display your stylish personality with your stunning PC. It also has a transparent side, and you can see all the components of your PC without opening it.

As we all know, a VR-ready PC build requires the best graphic cards of all time. That’s why the ROG Strix GA15DK is equipped with the NVIDIA Geforce RTX. This will give the best graphic effects. There will be no buffering on your screen. The graphic processing unit plays the most important role in playing the virtual reality effects on your computer.

Gaming computer processing units require RAM of 8GB or more. So, the gamers can install games having heavy software in the computer processing unit easily. VR ready build PC also requires 8GB RAM or better. So, if you want to play a game interacting virtually with your computer, you do not need to worry about its size.

ROG Strix gaming desktop PC has top-notch ventilation or a cooling system. It is also laced with the high-quality technology of cutting-edge cooling. This also enables the computer to give high performance overall. This is required for the heavy-loaded grames. In addition, it has a gaming CPU made so that all its components are present in separate compartments, so it does not cause any heat issues.

It is also equipped the different color lighting with its ASUS Aura sync. Or you can also make it compatible or connected to other such devices and make your experience more pleasant. It also has all the personalization options which we all require.

2- CUK Stratos Gamer PC

CUK Stratos Gamer PC

Mostly, all the computer processing units are assembled by automated machinery. But this is not the case with the CUK Stratos gamer PC. Because in this gaming PC, all the assemblage is done by the hands of one person to pay extra attention to all its parts. Because their company has some different kind of slogan which is one man one machine.

Its quality is top-notch. It will give you the highest speed and power performance. All we all know is that gaming PC must have speed and performance at a high level. So, it has the next generation Inter core i9 processor. Hence, it is the ultimate gaming PC.

CUK Stratos does pay extra attention to the detailing. It also has seven different RGB lighting fans. You can change the color of the desktop whenever you want. Or you can match it with the color of your room lighting to look more aesthetically. You can also take it to parties, and it will look more stylish with all the lighting.

As the designers are also gamers, they know the mindset of a gamer very well. So, they build it with very strong material and of the best quality. They also test it at 40 different checkpoints. And they also took its heat test. Then, after passing all these tests with the discrimination, they released it into the market for sale.

CUK Stratos gaming pc is also labeled with superior cooling. It tempered glass also does not allow it to heat up. As we know, it also has 7 RGB fans, which increase its airflow to cool it. Its front fans provide the cooling effects to its most heat-up components first.

It also has 32GB of RAM. Mostly other gamer pc does not have this much RAM. So it shows that this gamer pc is truly designed by the gamers.



Skytech Azure gaming branch also claims to be the best gaming gear because they have the NVIDIA Geforce RTX 3070 graphic card and AMD’s 6-core Ryzen processor.

A wide variety of popular world games like PUBG, free fire, the league of legends, the world of craft, grand theft auto v, battleground, night watch, Roblox, apex legend, Fortnite, etc. and many more can run like smooth silk on the desktop of your gaming pc desktop without any delay. 

As we know, there are two types of cooling processes in the computer processing unit. One is with the air, and the liquid or water does the other cooling. So this gaming pc uses the AIO liquid coolers to cool off the different components of the computer processing unit. In addition, these liquid coolers help to dissipate the heat from the gaming pc.

To fight the problems of slow running or the shortage of the memory of the gaming pc, they promise us the 16GB of RAM. So, with the help of this much RAM, you will be able to install all the games and play with your free mind to avoid any stressful conditions while playing your games.

It is equipped with three different RGB fans to assist in the cooling mechanism. These RGB fans also display different colorful patterns, which overall lift your mood while playing games. By the look of the Skytech Azure gaming pc desktop, everybody will be very impressed. And you can also change the lighting of the RGB fans with the built-in options.  



New Alienware Aurora R10 gaming desktop has the AMD Ryzen 7 3700X processor. It is specially designed for gaming purposes. To make it intelligent and efficient in gaming, they pay extra attention to all its processors and internal components. So, develop new things and explore the whole world with its help.  

It has a characteristic unique design. If you want to be different from others or want your gaming pc to be different from other such pc, buy the New Alienware Aurora gaming desktop. It is different from all the gaming desktops out there. Its curve-like design at the front of its body makes it different and elegant from others.

By looking at it, we know all the ports present on the front of its body. This is also the property that makes it special. Because in all the computers of the world, ports are present on the back of the body. To attach something you have to turn your pc to find the very hectic port. But New Alienware gives us easy access as its ports are present on the front.

Its iconic central loop is an innovation to the technology. And its beautiful body will make you stand out from the crowd. And its pretty lighting also provides you the aesthetic looks. Its hexagonal shape is not only for beauty, but it also maximizes the airflow to reduce the heating. It is like killing two birds with one stone.

It is also equipped with a PSU-swing arm. This arm contains the graphic card. gaming Graphic card increases the speed of the computer. This PSU-swing arm does not let the other parts of the computer heat up.



In all the other gaming desktops, we get the lighting from the RGB fans, or the AIO liquid coolers provide the lighting effects. But it is at net level technology, and we get the RGB lighting effects from our case. So the case of the iBUYPOWER elite gaming pc gives us the pattern of beautiful lights that will lighten up your mood.

Dust is a very big problem for the computer processing units. And you might have to open all the systems and clean your computer with the blow dryer. So, it does not affect the speed of your computer or processor. But you can be tension-free with this gaming desktop because they have a magnetic filter that will trap all the dust.

AMD Ryzan 7 2700X (8-core) processor and GeForce RTX promise us maximum performance, which is the key point of the gaming desktop.

To perform all the different tasks, it has 16GB of RAM. It also has an internal memory of 240GB SSD and a 2TB HDD to store all the important data in your computer.

As in other gaming pc you have to connect additional drivers and install many other things like software which is quite very hectic. Sometimes even after studying the manual carefully, and you weren’t able to start the gaming PC.

But this is not the case with the iBUYPOWER elite gaming pc. It comes with the motto that plugs in your gaming desktop and plays with all your heart. It also comes with additional accessories: an RGB office mouse and an RGB gaming keyboard.



Ryzen 3 (quad-core) is the technology at the next level. It satisfies all the needs or requirements of the gamers. It is also a blessing in disguise for the content creators because they can create anything with their help. This Ryzen 3 also promises us the quad-core performance of our processor.

With the VR gaming stimulation, you will feel like that you are playing the game by yourself in the gaming world. It is a feeling that cannot be expressed in words. To play in such a way, it is upgraded to the AMD Radeon RX 580. You will get an excellent frame with it for VR gaming.

It has an ultra-performing graphics setting that ensures the smooth running of all the games on the screen and ensures high speed. Some of the games which smoothly run are overwatch, Fortnite, PUBG, Apex legends, GTA vice city, all the editions, and many more.

It is also made up of excellent quality material and has passed many quality check tests. Due to its blaze quality, as shown by the name, it provides many contrasting colors. Its red and black color schemes make it especially unique and eye-catching. Skytech ensures the quality to fulfill customer satisfaction, and they also have high standards.

Skytech blaze VR-ready gaming computer desktop comes with a gaming keyboard. It also contains an RGB mouse and three different RGB fans, which remove or take the heat away from the components of the computer processing unit. These RGB fans also display color and can be changed with the different options.

Best VR Ready PC Buying Guide:

Before buying the cheapst VR ready pc, carefully examine the following qualities:


You should carefully check the price of the VR gaming desktop. Then examine the qualities and all the components that it is worthy of your money. And try to compare it with the prices of other brands also. And check its affordability.


It should have a sophisticated design. So, you can design the table corner of your room with its design. And its design should also be eye-catching. It should not be much larger to take all the space on your table, or it should not be much heavier, so even you cannot even lift it. 

Graphics card:

It must be laced with a high-performing graphic card or graphic processing unit. We all know that the speed of all the games running depends on the type of graphic card we use. Therefore, the best VR Graphics cards should be of next-generation technology.


As gaming requires a lot of RAM and gaming SSD space and on the hard drive. SO, carefully check the space or memory offered by the desktop pc before buying that whether it is suitable for your games or not. If it has enough space or memory for all your work, then buy it.

Cooling System:

A cooling system of the VR-ready desktop pc should be very efficient as we all know that we do not face heat up. It should have a maximum number of fans and AIO liquid coolers to remove or take the heat away from the important components of the pc like graphic cards. 

Types of games:

As for gamers, their VR pc must run a lot more games or as many games as they want to play. That’s why before buying, check the number of games offered by the gaming pc of different brands present in the market.

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