Top Rated Best Women’s Electric Razors Buyer Reports & Ratings in

Read our detailed reviews of the best women’s electric razors buyer reports & ratings in 2021. To have smooth and hairless skin, several solutions are offered to women, among others, razor, wax, tweezers, epilator. Shave and electric razors are one of the efficient devices usually used. In this guide we offer you the best electric shavers for women and we also give you some criteria to make the right choice.

Our pick of the best women’s electric razors buyer reports & ratings in 2021

Our list of best women’s electric razors buyer reports & ratings includes from top rated brands i.e. emerson, philips, remington, braun, vogue, and panasonic etc.

  1. Philips SatinShave Prestige BRL170 / 00: The best electric shaver for women in 2021
  2. Remington WDF5030 Rechargeable, with Sweet Almond Oil Moisturizing Strip: The Best Entry-Level Electric Shaver for Women
  3. The Philips HP6341 / 00 women’s electric shaver
  4. Vimc Electric Shaver for Women,6 in 1 Lady Electric Wet/Dry Shaver for Legs & Underarms
  5. Braun Silk-épil 9 9/890 SensoSmart: The efficient and cordless electric shaver for women
  6. Panasonic ES-ED96-S503 Wet & Dry Normal / Soft: The 8 in 1 electric shaver for women

1. Philips SatinShave Luxury BRL170 / 00

Philips SatinShave Luxury BRL170

This ultra-equipped electric shaver for women is easy to use and ideal for shaving all parts of the body.       

Thanks to its ergonomic handle, this Philips electric shaver is very comfortable. It is lined with a flexible head provided with pearl teeth. This device is very flexible using its various accessories. In addition, its head is mobile and adapts to the shapes and to every corner of your body. Flexible curved blades make shaving easy . To ensure optimal comfort, small pads are placed on each end of the head.

Note that this model has a trimmer mode, a special bikini function and a comb to better maintain this more delicate area . This razor is perfectly waterproof. You can rinse it under water and complete the cleaning with the small brush provided for this purpose. In addition, it is easier to store and transport, thanks to its protective cover and its storage pocket.

The Philips SatinShave Prestige is battery operated . It is also equipped with a fast charge mode of 5 minutes in case of urgent need (normally, it is full in 1 hour). It has three battery indicators to tell you the state of it.

2. Remington WDF5030 Rechargeable, with Sweet Almond Oil Moisturizing Strip

Remington WDF5030 Rechargeable, with Sweet Almond Oil Moisturizing Strip

This chargeable electric razor allows effective shaving thanks to its moisturizing strip. It comes with a special jersey cutting guide.               

Cordless, this electric shaver from Remington provides unparalleled comfort. Because of this, you can maneuver it freely around your body. The composition of sweet almond oil brings out the hairs in their interiors, which allows the razor to remove them effectively. In addition, the hydrating strip integrated in the pack nourishes the skin and leaves you with a feeling of freshness and softness . Its new design, thanks to its protective grid against the slats, limits obstructions.

So that you can take it everywhere and use it anywhere, the manufacturer has anticipated the setting by equipping it with a long-lasting battery. As a result, this electric shaver can work efficiently for forty minutes at a stretch and you can charge it as you like . Finally, it is also supplied with several accessories, among others, interchangeable double blade and washable heads. Its hypoallergenic floating grids prevent you from having irritations. 

3. The Philips HP6341 / 00 women’s electric shaver

The Philips HP6341 / 00 women's electric shaver

The Philips HP 6341/00 is a versatile electric shaver for women that can shave the bikini line, underarms or legs. It is an electric razor that is part of the Ladyshave range. This is a stylish pink and white electric shaver that works on batteries (2 x AA batteries included), so you don’t have to worry about an often overgrown wire. The Philips HP6341 / 00 electric shaver for women also has a small shaving head and a floating foil, which allows a quick cut while protecting the skin from any irritation or cuts but also provides a feeling of softness afterwards. use.

Its shaving head being removable, it is also easy to clean and its small size will allow you to have no problem to take it in your hand and to slip it in your luggage on all your travels.

Its handling is also improved thanks to a non-slip grip. Moreover, it is completely waterproof and can be used on dry or wet skin and you can even use it in the shower. In addition to the razor and batteries, you will be delivered with a protective cap, which prevents particles from depositing on the blades, and a cleaning brush perfect for the maintenance of the razor.

4. Vimc Electric Shaver for Women,6 in 1 Lady Electric Wet/Dry Shaver for Legs & Underarms

Vimc Electric Shaver for Women,6 in 1 Lady Electric Wet/Dry Shaver for Legs & Underarms

Here we’ve reviewed the best electric shavers for women with a model from the brand Vimc. It is a multifunction device, perfectly efficient, running on battery. Its epilator has a comfortable handle and makes its use very easy. 100% waterproof, you can clean this razor by running it under the tap.

I found it rather effective, especially for sensitive areas. It has a head for all areas of the body. In addition to the epilator, we therefore have a head to remove dead skin from the feet, another to massage the face, one to clean it and finally an epilator more suitable for the arms.

The Vimc electric shaver for women is therefore both very complete and efficient, although I regret that there is no kit to store it after use.

5. Braun Silk-épil 9 9/890 SensoSmart

Braun Silk-épil 9 9/890 SensoSmart

Thanks to these multiple features, this electric shaver for women, with a swivel head, can easily access remote areas such as the armpits and bikini line.               

This model of electric shaver from Braun is very powerful because it combines both artificial intelligence and ingenuity in favor of women’s health. If we are used to seeing electric razors followed by a long wire, our selection totally stands out from this image by offering you a cordless device . In addition, thanks to its Wet & Dry option, you can use this device without worry in the shower.

If you are looking for precision and fast results, go for this Silk-Epil 9 from Braun because its large head allows you to cover your whole body in less time. This electric razor from Braun promises an extremely tight cut and you won’t have to shave as often. 

6. Panasonic ES-ED96-S503 Wet & Dry Normal Soft

Panasonic ES-ED96-S503 Wet & Dry Normal Soft

This electric razor is equipped with 2 discs and 8 tweezers to ensure an ultra-fast shave, reaching the shortest and finest hairs.

This Panasonic electric epilator can be used dry or in the shower. The 60 ° swivel head conforms to the contours of your body to ensure an optimal shave and very soft skin . In addition, sonic vibrations gently remove dead skin , while massaging the skin. The LED light illuminates your skin to show you the smallest and finest hairs . Equipped with 2 speeds, this razor has an operating mode passing in the order of NORMAL to SOFT, then to OFF each time you press the on / off button.

This electric razor for women also features a brush with 37,000 straight and beveled bristles, optimally combined. This high density structure captures the foam for deep make-up removal , promising a soft and silky end result.

How to choose

In order to better choose an electric shaver for women suited to your needs, it is important to know the essential criteria below.

Versatility and tightness

In general, the models on the market come with accessories to perfect specific types of shaves. The razor can then shave all parts of the body, even for bikini waxing. Most often, razors are equipped with Wet & Dry technology which, as the name suggests, allows you to use the razor in dry or wet conditions.

The head and the blades

It is best to choose a razor with a head that will adapt perfectly to the area to be shaved. The efficiency of the razor greatly depends on the number of blades placed at its head. Comfort is ensured by the presence of a grid.

The accessories

This criterion makes all the difference between several models. Some shaver models only have one shaving head, while others have multiple shaving heads. These heads will be used to facilitate access to several parts of the body and to adapt perfectly to the task. In addition to the different heads, one can also cite as accessories cases or cases or devices protecting the razor and the user during transport.


For excellent freedom of use and also for comfort, electric shavers are powered by batteries or batteries. This power mode also allows the shaver to be used while traveling or on the go. On the market, battery-powered models provide fairly good range. Some battery shaver models have the fast charge function and are ready in 5 minutes after charging.

The interview

In order to have a perfectly functional, durable and also hygienic razor, it is essential to opt for a model that is easy to clean and maintain.

The different types of electric shavers for women

There are 2 categories of electric razors for women: razors with rotating heads and razors with grids, also called “razors with vibrating blades”. Let’s see the details of these products.

Razor with rotating heads

Usually razors with rotary heads have 2 or 3 circular blades. These heads put the hairs back in a straight position to cut them well from the root. This type of razor follows the shape of the area to be shaved. As a result, it performs a close shave. This type of razor has excellent maneuverability and is suitable for shaving most places on the body.

Who is it for? This type of razor is ideal for women who want to shave delicate areas of their body.

Razor with vibrating blades or grid

This type of razor is equipped with screens where the hairs are retained before being cut by tiny blades, making movements up and down. This razor is ideal for shaving the face, legs and armpits. It shaves very close to the skin and is very soft. You will not feel any pain while using it.

Who is it for? Since this device provides a very close shave, it is suitable for shaving visible parts such as the face, legs and armpits.

The benefits of an electric shaver for women

Electric shavers for women guarantee a quick and simple shave. Most often, this type of device can be used in the shower. In addition, this type of device is easily transportable and you can take it with you wherever you go. In addition to these undeniable advantages, find below other advantages of electric shavers for women.


Compared to several other shaving solutions, the electric razor provides great user comfort. This device allows you to shave painlessly and without any risk of injury.

Simplicity and speed

Electric shavers guarantee faster shaving, thanks to their ease of use. They are also more precise because of their advanced cutting technology adapted to each area to be shaved.

Skin protection

By using an electric razor, the skin is preserved and protected effectively. Indeed, protective grids are placed between the skin and the blades. There is therefore no contact between the blade and the skin.


Electric razors for women are very practical. For waterproof models, they are able to perform the shaving process even in the shower. Appliances with self-cleaning plinths are themselves capable of removing the remaining hairs on the plinth. And finally, in terms of energy, they benefit from an autonomy capable of correctly shaving.

The economy

Electric razors are an economical solution thanks to their long lifespan. Unlike manual razors, which incur more long-term expenses with the purchase of disposable or refill blades, electric razors preserve your wallet better.


Take good precautions before shaving 

To eliminate or effectively limit the pain caused by shaving, it is preferable to take a hot bath. Indeed, the hairs will be less tight and your pores are no longer blocked. The skin is also less irritated when using the razor after this practice.

Gently shave the bikini line with an electric razor

To get rid of bikini hairs, it is advisable to use a suitable cream or shaving foam to avoid possible injuries or micro-cuts. Shaving should be in the direction of the hair. Abundant rinsing should be done after the session.

Gently shave your legs

This area of ​​the body is less prone to injury and sensitivity during shaving. Women’s razors have been designed to adapt to this area. Apply shaving cream or just a little soapy water before you start to shave. Constant pressure is to be exerted on the device while directing it towards the upper part of the leg. For this practice, shaving is advised towards the opposite direction of the hairs.

Favor after-shave care

Take good care of your skin after each shave. It is for this purpose that after shave lotions have been designed. But there are also alternative solutions such as applying sweet almond oil or also baby talcum powder on the recently shaved part.

Anticipate regrowth

Electric razors are known to accelerate hair regrowth faster than expected. The hairs which come out are also more and more rigid. To remedy this, it is important to shave at least twice a week. Contrary to popular belief, care creams and body milks are in no way responsible for abundant hair regrowth.

Things you should know

To help you get a good shave, here are some common questions and the answers to them that can help you.

Q. Which women’s electric shaver should I choose?

A. In our opinion, the best electric shaver for women for most people is the Philips SatinShave Prestige BRL170 / 00. For more information, read our buying guide.

Q. Which razor is right for my skin type?

A. Each person has their own skin type. This characteristic differs from one individual to another. Opt for a good quality electric razor to preserve the skin. Consulting a specialist is also a good idea to determine the appropriate razor for your skin type and also to know the important things to do.

Q. How to maintain your skin after shaving?

A. To preserve your skin, it is essential to maintain and care for it. Each shave should be followed by an application of aftershave lotion. In fact, it improves the hydration of the skin and keeps it in a smooth and pleasant state. The use of essential oils also contributes to the protection and preservation of the skin, but also attenuates or even prevents irritation in the skin. Daily shaving is possible thanks to the ability of electric razors to cut even the finest hairs. However, it is strongly advised to have the opinions of specialists to ensure products suitable for your skin type.

What is SensoSmart technology on electric shavers?

A. This technology is recent. It allows the shaver to detect if the pressure exerted during the shaving is too great. If this is the case, the shaver warns its user using a red indicator light. The razor using this technology includes sensors, helping to guide the user for a more precise and efficient shave.

How to maintain and clean an electric shaver?

A. Protecting your skin is also related to the condition of your razor. The latter must be constantly clean and cleaned after a shaving session. The head is easily removed and the blades located inside can be cleaned with lubricant. The grid and parts of the blade should also be sprayed. To know the kind of lubricant to use, it is essential to refer to the instruction manual that comes with the electric shaver. Note that this type of device requires less maintenance and cleaning than manual models.

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