Do cold Temperatures Reduce Electric Vehicle Range?

Cold temperatures reduce the electric vehicle range due to battery chemistry; the energy-producing reactions in batteries don’t work as well in cold weather.

In tests conducted last year, temperatures in the 0° F to 10° F reduced the range of a Tesla Model 3 and a Nissan Leaf by roughly 50 percent from their advertised maximum range on a full charge.

Extreme heat can also take a toll. Owners can mitigate some of that temperature-related loss by keeping their car in a garage (if it’s at least semi-heated) or warming the battery.

EV owners manuals have specific instructions for this, such as running the climate control system when the vehicle is plugged.

In that way, the power is coming from the grid rather than your battery.

Having the cabin heat on can also cause a significant battery drain.

You can help conserve the battery charge in cold weather by selecting a lower climate control temperature for the cabin, say 66° F instead of 74° F, and relying

on seat heaters and heated steering wheels for your comfort.

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